Plant protein just as complete as meat protein, according to front page Huff Post article


How is infant mortality rate between India and Iceland?


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We are not our body fat, but is our body fat part of us?


Functions of Fat in the Body

  • Vitamin Absorption. Some types of vitamins rely on fat for absorption and storage. …
  • Insulation and Temperature Regulation. Fat cells, stored in adipose tissue, insulate your body and help sustain a normal core body temperature

and so on and so on when one researches why WE MUST have body fat :slight_smile: now, not too much :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::unicorn: cause then we flip what it is meant to do in a physical healthy body and then we become the bad of what body fat is required for


True, lipohillic and lipohobic molecules and substances.

But how to optomise ingestion?


lipophobic,I’m going to buy a new keyboard!


Lipophillic…lipid (fat) preferring molecules

Standard pharmacology

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Back to the countries with high numbers of vegetarians:

If you look up the statistics for type 2 diabetes, 11.6% of India’s urban population has type 2 diabetes. 13% of the US population has type 2. Considering so many of them are vegetarian/pescatarian/ we are not that much different. :thinking:



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An excellent article.

The discovery of antibiotics and improvements in vaccines have eliminated most of the childhood scourges that used to kill our kids. If you took a walk through the churchyard of my old parish, it was distressing to see how many gravestones, even from the 1930’s, had single-day dates, or birth and death dates in the same year. My mother lost an older sister to whooping cough in that same decade. Such deaths are unheard-of, these days.

The new challenge to life expectancy these days is the chronic metabolic diseases. There is a fascinating talk on the Low Carb Down Under YouTube channel, by an executive at Swiss Re, the giant re-insurance corporation, about this, and the concern it poses for the life insurance industry. Swiss Re, Crédit Suisse, and other large insurance companies have started advocating a low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet, as a result.


I’ve visited both India and Iceland. Believe me, there are many differences between these two countries that can easily explain life expectancy. Within your first 1 minute in India after leaving the airport, you’ll get it.

Interesting and diverse culture, fantastic nature, fascinating historical sites.

But many live in extreme misery. Many don’t have toilets, clean water, safety. Working conditions are horrendous for many. You’ll see people sleeping on top of their bicycles at night. I didn’t know it was possible, before India.

Eating a variety of vegetables and eating only rice shouldn’t be compared.