Plant protein just as complete as meat protein, according to front page Huff Post article

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Arthur C. Clarke had a couple of science-fiction stories on this topic. In one, people of the future were ashamed of their ancestors for being so barbaric as to take the lives of plants for their food. Civilised people ate food made from nice, clean chemicals.

In another, the world has moved to eating synthetic or replicated foods, and a food manufacturer is explaining to a Congressional committee just what the problem is with a competitor’s wildly popular products, called Ambrosia and Ambrosia Plus. The former is a synthetic replicant of meat, and the latter, a synthetic replicant of, well . . . :scream:

(Hint: another kind of meat)

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The man was Nostradamus.


yea that would have been interesting to check for that comparison, I bet when one who is extreme plant based ‘needs to balance’ all nutrition and eat alot more of this or that to equal animal proteins/fat intake etc. it has to be crazy hard to kinda really find that good balance. Cause as we know too we are all so diff. in what our bodies need for healing and more and in the end I think many just come up short, but then again, doesn’t that realm buy tons of supps also? buy the supps and rely on those heavily to add.

I also did surprising well when I tackled LA Weight Loss back in the day but that controlled intake and rationing of every kcal eventually drove me insane :slight_smile: I sure got results, I sure could not maintain that long term.

I think so many plans start out so well intentioned but in the bitter end, the body just replies with NO WAY this is gonna happen LOL

in my years of researching plans and more I have to a more extreme lower carb menu, Keto Plan and ZC are kinda the only ones where everyone can really eat well and actually SAY they feel good about their plans. I used to B and M all the time on ‘my diet’ LOL but now I rave about what I eat.

I never tried Pritikin but I firmly know I wouldn’t have survived it :slight_smile:


I liked that To Serve Man movie.

all aboard…and then, IT’S A COOKBOOK!

I think I got the right movie here :slight_smile:


Yes, a teacup storm.

When we fast, we eat our self. Does that make us cannibals?


makes us a tad stupid if we do it on purpose kinda but mother nature allows that to happen for our bodies so we can kinda put it in a thought of ‘we got a survival method’ to do just that-- survive-- so we are not being cannibals for our own survival? who would cannibal themselves?
Hey wait, thru time bet that went down in real force for some poor souls…ugh…wow…huh, what did I just say in all that HA


No. We’re consuming stored fuel. We only ‘eat ourselves’ when we exhaust our stored fuel and then continue not to refuel.

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Which stored fuel? Glycogen? My understanding is when fasting it is all burned up within 18-24 hours so after that… aren’t we “eating ourselfves” aka autophagy?


Fat is stored fuel. Burning on-board fat is not autophagy.


I get what he’s saying about the pork and marbling.

However, after eating keto for a long time now and leaning increasingly towards high protein/carnivore, i find I’m selecting cuts of meat with marbling, thinking they are good for me.

I may be wrong, but he’s suggesting that pork that has marbling effectively had metabolic syndrome as they had certain amino acids deficiency? As I said, i may have picked that up wrong…

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Isn’t consuming our own fat also “eating ourselves” in addition to any autophagy that happens during fasting if the body needs to break down some protein? :wink:

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And also a certain irreducible amount of lean tissue. At least, according to data collected by George Cahill in a study that has never been refuted.

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As I understand his remarks, I believe the marbling is the result of metabolic syndrome in the animal, but I don’t recall his saying anything about the amino acid profile of the resulting meat. The body, so far as I know, can’t just substitute one protein for another, because each protein has a specific job to do. If there weren’t enough of the right amino acids available to make the necessary proteins, then the animal would show obvious specific signs of malnutrition, which is different from metabolic syndrome.

On the other hand, the fat profile and overall health of an animal can certainly be affected by whether the animal has metabolic syndrome or not.

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It’s a good point, and depends on how you define the terms. Is our fat part of “ourself”? People might consider that debatable, whereas we would probably all agree that our muscles and organs are definitely “ourself.”

Personally, since a healthy human being is always storing and releasing fat, I tend more to think of it as fuel in the tank, as it were. And I don’t tend to think of the fuel as an actual part of the machine.

But again, it comes down to how we define the terms.


It depends on the plant protein in question. Fresh hazelnuts, pecans, walnuts and other real nuts are examples of high quality plant protein.

The assumption that meat contains the perfect ratio of amino acids for perfect human health is not rooted in logic since muscle doesn’t equal brain, ligaments, bone, etc. and this is why animals who consume mainly muscle will have big muscles but not big brains or sexual organs.

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Diet Doctor had a good podcast last week on the nutritional picture of those pushing the plants-only idea as well as dietary guidelines and the big picture stuff. Definitely worth the time to listen to.


And we all agree that fat, particularly the fat cells around our midrif, release hormones, and store toxins, and basically are generally bad for our health.
Keto diet reduces this, with good fat and protein, definitely for many ‘ketoers’, me included.
Cardiovasculiar wise, gout wise, hypertension wise, asthma wise, type 2 diabetes wise, allergies wise, many types of arthritis wise, agility wise, longevity wise, mental health wise…and even immunosuppressant wise (keep up vit D and B12).,.

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No, but autophagy is autophagy and it happens during intermittent fasting and extended fasting, which I believe was @FrankoBear’s implicit point.

Burning the fuel in a gas tank = not autophagy.
Burning the rust off the gas tank = autophagy.


@Aqua_chonk Nice analogy however autophagy can be induced with high intensity exercise and/or with high quality autophagic vitamins during a short fast such as Vitamin K2 and/or CoQ10 without emptying the gas tank.

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True, and been there. Thanks for the note.