Personal Goals n = 1

(Jordan) #1

Started last Saturday, 18 January.
Goal is to be able to fit into a waistcoat I had when I got married twenty years ago. Not because it’s stylish (of course it was, then!), but so that I am back to that weight. That will be the @Richard and Carl 80 pound weight loss in seven months.
My wife and I also intend going to Fiji in November and it would be nice to fit into an economy seat without the extra belt. Small things for me for my NSV.
I have been listening to the podcast for the last two weeks, starting from the first podcast, and it’s been fascinating, and I wonder how the hell the whole carb thing just passed me by. Talk about sleep walking through life, rather than taking responsibility.
We are both going keto - we did the Michael Moseley blood sugar diet and it worked well for me, not so much for my wife. That is how I got my blood sugar down to a good level. My main goal is to get off as much as of the medication I am on, under doctor’s orders of course.
Type 2 diabetic but blood sugar under control at 5.5%
Starting Weight 170.2 kgs
Current Weight 168.3 kgs
Ultimate goal weight - under 100 kgs
It’s taken me 52 years of crap habits to get here, so the goal stays for as long as it takes.
Thanks for reading and wish me luck!

(Susan) #2

Welcome to the forum, Jordan.

I wish you and your lovely wife all the best in your Keto journey --if you have any questions for us to help guide you along, just ask away =).

(Jordan) #3

Thank you! Trust me - I shall ask as needed!
Like, how do I avoid making such a mess with chaffles (first attempt this morning…) :slight_smile:

(Susan) #4

I spray my waffle maker with my Avocado Oil spray -then make sure I only pour in enough to just fill it in, not over fill it (like I did at first, I learned my lesson) -there is an entire thread on the forum called Chaffles that has great ideas and recipes too =).

(Jordan) #5

Yup - overfill was my disaster on the first attempt. Learnt by the second.

I will definitely try with the avocado oil spray - nice one!

Take care, Susan!