Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet

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For therapeutic effects higher ketones and lower blood glucose are the goals. It’s probably higher in the thread. I think 1:1 is mentioned?

I heard on a podcast that dove deeper into anti-epileptic ketogenic diets that ketogenesis is driven higher by using refined seed oils as the fat source. This was for controlling seizures and in 2020 we can see that it is a health trade off. I mention it to be wary of chasing ketones in ways that might have side effects, if chasing ketones to hit a ration. In the PKD diet the doctor talks a lot about using pork fat from a traditional Hungarian breed of pig. That also raises concerns with the difference between USA pork and Hungarian pork in terms of fat quality.

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I tried searching this thread for it because I thought someone had mentioned a specific ketone:glucose ratio. And I thought they were talking about not eating until their glucose got into the recommended range. But can’t find that convo.

Yeah, I wouldn’t be chasing ketones if I didn’t experience a benefit from it. That said, maybe the benefit I see is more related to doing exercise in a fasted state. Who knows. I sure as heck don’t :wink: I don’t want to be chasing anything quite frankly, I’m just trying to figure out what my body wants/needs. But definitely am not going to be adding seed oils to my diet.

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Not sure its the PKD guys but there is a ratio that people aim for when using keto as an adjunct to cancer treatment… I’m sure there’s a thread on it somewhere…

Likely this one

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Dr. Annette Bosworth’s site has more information about GKI and cancer. I don’t think she invented the GKI, but the recommendation to get it as low as possible when fighting cancer comes from her.


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Paleomedicina says ketones should be above 2mmol and BG below 4.5 all the time. Lower is better for BG, not sure if there’s a lower limit. I’ve seen mine as low as 2.5


Checking in to see if there are any practitioners still trying PKD.

An observation I make of n=1 of moving from a ketogenic diet that contains plant derived foods to a ketocarnivore way of eating where I avoid plant foods, is that ketosis is difficult to achieve and maintain. Often my blood ketones are just a trace at 0.1mmol/L, occasionally they are not detectable, despite eating less than 20g nett carbohydrates per day. This observation highlights the importance of healthy fat focus on PKD, and it would seem a focus on long chain saturated fatty acids derived from animal sources, more specifically. Hence the use of Mangalista pork as compared to the pork, bacon and ham we might eat in more western cultures. @Shinita what is the proper name for that pig breed, please?


We write the name as Mangalica but Mangalitsa has a way greater chance to pronounced correctly for the majority of English speakers.
I don’t know the right terms in English but using mirror translation it’s a “fat pig”, not a “meat pig” as many others so it’s more eager to gain fat than most of other breeds. And it’s fun looking with its curly fur. It’s hyped here since many years again but the local pig farm prefers selling mixed breeds for some reason where only one parent is this breed.