Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet

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@VirginiaEdie Actually, that makes sense!

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Makes sense. If the blood levels are elevated, they are not being used for energy.

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I am not finding that video…

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There would have been several videos.

The most recent I see is 2018

Low Carb Breckenridge 2018

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I looked through them but I was hoping to see the one on PKD…? Was there one that talked about that topic specifically?

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My guess is that @Matamoros had seen a Ron Rosedale video and was interested in what Paleo-Medicina’s thoughts were on the merits of such a low protein diet.

My own thoughts are that Paleo-Medicina are getting the protein cocktail just about exactly correct. Ron Rosedale’s amounts are below the WHO recommendations of 0.8 g/kg body weight and while 0.6 is probably enough for most people it won’t cover close enough to everyone. The 0.8g/kg recommendation of the WHO is intended to cover very nearly the entire population.

Paleo-Medicina’s recommendation put people around 0.8. At 300 g of meat a day my own protein macro is about 1.3 g/kg of my total which is squarely in between what the WHO considers healthy protein levels (top end is about double the lower bound, so 0.8-1.6 g/kg).

And before people start questioning the WHO report on protein I recommend reading it in its entirety. I doubt a more complete review of the existing protein literature exist. It is surprisingly complete and whoever complied it has an excellent understanding of the relevant science.

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I am on my third day of incorporating PKD type protocols into my diet. I’m not exactly measuring quantity, but it’s got to be somewhere around 10-12 ounces a day which I need to up a bit. My ratio of fat to protein is definitely over the 2:1 ratio.

My fasting ketones are slowly creeping up (I’ve never had high ketones), but it takes hours.
If I test glucose and ketones when I awake, the blood glucose pushes 90 mg/dL and ketones are around 0.4 mmol/L. After an inadvertent 19 hour intermittent fast today, my glucose was 70 mg/dL and ketones were 1.3 mmol/L. Omg! I was soooooo hungry. I could not stop thinking about food. I definitely ate my lunch with gusto! :yum:

I do have to admit, my bowel movements are much improved. The first day not so much, but much better already by day 2. I’m sleeping well.
I do feel like I have more energy, than when I wasn’t adding extra fat.

I went to the orthopaedist today for my back. There’s not a lot of arthritis that he could see in the X-ray, but a narrowing between the L2 and L3 vertebrae which does explain my symptoms. I was in a car accident back in November and I’ve been having problems since then. This might not be something that will get fixed by my diet. I’ve been avoiding NSAIDS unless absolutely necessary, but they will probably be part of the initial “conservative” treatment. I’ll know more after I have an MRI.


Any PKD videos from recent conference talks?

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Checking on my PKD ladies… @Ilana_Rose @VirginiaEdie @ReneeRC

Curious if you all have any updates?

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Hi Kristen,

I gave up on PKD when the pandemic hit and everyone went crazy with the hoarding. I have joined the Slaptember carnivore challenge this month. I’m hoping that will be good enough to help with arthritis inflammation.

How are you?

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Understandable. I’ve seen some improvements with doing OMAD on carnivore and finally started incorporating beef liver in diet. I’m still chasing remission from my autoimmune and mitochondrial issues but am hopeful. For the first time in >8 years, I igured out I do better with more activity as long as I’m in a fasted state. I’ve learned a lot this summer, and am leaning to leads the PKD diet. Next summer I will be backpacking in the Wind River Mtns for work. All the work is between 9,000 - 12,000 ft in elevation. It’ll be the hardest work I’ve ever experienced so I’m trying to set myself up for success-- whatever that entails.

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I never imagined I would eat carnivore let alone beef liver. Desperation is a great motivator :wink:


I also found that I moved to OMAD when focussing on a carnivore challenge. But I need to temper the meat intake with 1) fat, and quite possibly 2) eggs. The fat of choice at the moment is suet (high long chain saturated fat content) and butter as a condiment on beef.

Great to see you are discovering and improving Kristen.

Have you had @Fangs coach you yet?


no way. I am not a PKD person. they are the experts on that one, not me


This (below) Fangsy, this.

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Hi Kristen,

What’s been happening with you? I have been considering shifting my carnivore in the PKD direction after the holidays… I’m still trying to see if diet solves my back issues.

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I haven’t made the shift yet, but am still considering it. I’m still doing the carnivore thing, though I do occasionally cheat with keto ice cream. I can tell my stomach is not fond of it it though… I think fasting and keeping my ketones high is important for my health issues, but I’m struggling to do OMAD regularly unless I’m really active throughout the day. Then my hunger disappears (and ketones increase) and can easily do OMAD.

I’ve been fighting with Covid the last 8 days and interestingly the first several days I wanted to eat a LOT of beef steak. Now my appetite is barely there, but when I do want to eat… it’s beef steak. It reminds me of when my coworker’s wife was going through chemo for cancer and she would only eat rare steak while going through the treatments.

I’ve had an interesting 24 hours in Covid quarantine. My symptoms got worse yesterday with coughing and tight chest. A bad snowstorm came in, wiped out my power, phone lines, & internet. I don’t live in cell phone service. My truck’s 4WD isn’t working, I didn’t have weight in the back of it yet, and couldn’t open my garage door manually because my truck is so large it blocked the manual pull. Luckily I didn’t need to go to the hospital because I literally had no way to call 911 or to drive myself there :laughing: Eventually my byfriend drove 2 hours on ice to make sure I was ok, and was able to get my truck out and in 4WD so I can drive to the hospital if needed. I have no idea how he doesn’t have Covid so he just yelled at me through my doors for shoveling snow and going awol lol. After 20 hours or so the power came back on. So I’m feeling relieved.

Once I get over Covid, I have an elk ready for me that I’ll add to my diet. I’m a little worried that I’ll get burnt out on only on ruminant meat… but maybe some day I’ll go PKD. I think the next steps for me is to eat liver more regularly, try to keep fasting and workout in a fasted state. I’ve stopped tracking food intake and keep telling myself I should start again to see what my fat:protein ratio has been. Do you know if PKD diet suggests aiming for a particular blood ketone:glucose ratio?

Are you still carnivore? I like your idea of waiting until the holidays are over… that may give me time to wrap my head around PKD more.

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Kristen Ann, yikes! I’m glad your boyfriend was able to come to the rescue. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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I’m sorry to hear things have been so rough.
and I would imagine frightening. I hope you feel better soon.

I do think PKD has a certain ketone level to strive for, but if I try it, I’m not going to bother testing.
After the holidays gives me two more months of giving plain old carnivore a chance. I don’t want to have to obsess over quantities like PKD requires, but I was reading on another forum where a couple of people felt PKD was a real game changer for them. That’s what got me thinking about it.

Feel better soon.

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I am so sorry to hear that you got Covid, Kristen Ann =(. Take care I hope that your recovery goes well and your health issues will all improve.