Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet


I’ve felt tired and my bowels haven’t been as good as they were a few weeks ago. I haven’t changed anything so I figured I’d just continue to press on and see if this resolves itself soon.

(mole person) #343

What are you eating these days? And didn’t you say you’ve cut back on exercise recently?


Press on i say! I go through phases where my guts feel a bit squishy and i loose my appetite, and then after a while they go back to normal.

I’ve just had a solid four days of feeling moderately euphoric, full of joy and of creative energy. Then today, after a night of not quite enough sleep I’ve spent the afternoon feeling totally flat and wiped out on the sofa and a bit nauseous. I seem to pass through these different phases in a very pronounced fashion on this diet.


I’m eating the same as I have been all along so I’m not really sure what is going on. I did cut back a bit on my exercise but I’m still exercising some and still having good readings on my KetoMojo. Like @Flub says, I’m wondering if it’s just some kind of healing going on that I need to be patient with? The foods/fats still taste good I’m just kinda feeling like I was early on on the diet. I have so much that needs to be healed in my body that I’m just trying to be patient and press on. I figure this will just be a passing thing. I hope so cause I’m sold on this way of eating. :smile:

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I advocate for pressing on too. I am still hungry on 400 g daily food. I woke up last night and had a meal at 2:30 am! I stupidly started drinking coffee again a couple of weeks ago and now have a blinding headache from yet another withdrawal. I believe the caffeine has interfered with my blood glucose readings and Ketones.

I have dropped weight and am very lean at 56 kg. So I intend to add 200 g meat/fat to my daily intake and monitor bloods.

Hang in there!

(Edith) #347

Ladies and gent,

I have decided I’m tired of my back trouble and I am going to see if heading in the PKD direction will help.

I upped my fat intake starting today to 1:1 fat to protein ratio in grams. I really can’t imagine doing 2:1. Are you all really eating the 2:1 ratio?


I felt exactly the same way when I started, lol. Now I’m addicted to the stuff? 2:1…sometimes 3:1 :slight_smile:

(Edith) #349

My, oh my. I took some ground beef today, added some of my organ mix, and then added enough fat to make the 1:1 ratio. My burgers look like wagyu beef burgers they are so pale.

I will be trying them tomorrow. :yum:

(mole person) #350

@VirginiaEdie yes, we all do 2:1 or more. You do get used to it. It’s very important for several reasons. First, you will end up too high on protein otherwise on carnivore. This will lead to elevated glucose and lowered ketones. It will also lead to eating more which will also result in higher glucose. Basically, it’s one of the cornerstones of the diet. That and no plants.

Do you have a blood ketone and glucose meter? You really want one for this project. It’s the only way to know if the diet you’re eating is meeting the “prescription”. Your ketones and glucose will tell you if you need you increase fat, decrease protein, etc.

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Wait… How are you measuring the fat to lean? Are you doing 50% grams of lean muscle and organs to 50% grams of ground fat trim? If so that’s probably a much higher ratio than you think and very likely already higher than 2:1 .

(Edith) #352

Yes, I was doing 1:1 by weight. How should I be doing it?

Also, yes, I do have blood ketone and glucose monitors.

(mole person) #353

It can be a bit confusing. 2:1 fat to protein refers to the macros not the amount of lean to fat trim. So 100 grams of steak is only about 30 grams of protein but also includes about 7 grams of fat.

To get the ratios right when just looking at meat Paleo-Medicina recommends adding 1/3 fat to 2/3 meat by volume. So your hamburgers sound like they more then fit this bill.


Whoa. 1:1 is so little, I started carnivore like that and still had slight nausea! But it changed quickly. I easily do 1.5:1 now and if I wouldn’t mind high calorie, 2:1 would be pretty easy too. I don’t do PKD, just carnivore on my good days. I needed some time to eat fat alone :smiley: And of course, very-very fatty meat helps. I am still unsure but it’s possible not rendered/added fat satiates me more. Added fat never satiated me well (not at all in the absence of protein).

I still don’t actually know my fat percentage, though. I look at a piece of pork hocks and say “it looks like my normal pork chuck… this piece is leaner so I add some fat” and hope for the best. Is there some site with pictures and animal parts? :smiley: Let’s say my guesses are better than usual and I actually know my meat has 40% white parts. But the meat part has fat too. And I have smoked, not soft pork too and it has less water… But maybe that doesn’t matter, I use data for smoked pork and the fat:protein ratio stays the same.
I could track my macros well enough when I barely ate meat but now… Mystery.

(Ruth Beardsley) #355

I eat 2:1 Fat:Protein and higher by eating 70/30 ground beef (liver and brains mixed in). I also chop up raw fat and mix it in or add an egg yolk or two to the hot ground beef. Delicious!

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #356

Not a carnivore, but I eat a ratio of 2:1 fat:protein grams and 4.5:1 fat:protein calories. I just recently changed my macros from 2.59:1 grams and 5.82:1 calories, which I used for a couple of years. It’s easy peasy to eat lots of fat.

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@amwassil I’m curious, what % of your total diet is coming from fats?

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #358


Fat grams: 240/375 = 64%
Fat calories: 2160/2700 = 80%

Current macros:

  • fat/protein/carb grams 240/120/15
  • fat/protein/carb cals 2160/480/60

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@amwassil Nice. That’s pretty similar to what I would target if I weren’t currently carnivore.

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Sort of a “hmmmm” update.

So I’ve been craving chocolate for a few days and last night I decided to just give in and get the craving behind me. So I had a full half of a 70% Lindor chocolate bar. I decided that it would be interesting to see what effect, if any, it would have on my ketones and glucose about 24 hrs later.

I ate normally today. I had my beefy, fatty, marrowy soup and a couple of cups of creamed coffee. My glucose was 61 and my ketones were a freaking 4.3. I really don’t get it. I’d have thought all that sugar last night would have had an impact. Instead it my highest ketone result to date!

(Edith) #361

I have a theory about that which is totally non research based: your body processes the sugar first leaving the ketones floating around in the blood, thus giving the higher reading. :woman_shrugging: Just an idea.