Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet

(mole person) #262

I’ve come up with something that I’m enjoying quite a bit and really helps increase my fats.

I rendered a bunch of beef fat for tallow a couple of weeks ago and hesitated to throw out the crackling from it and so I put it in the fridge. A few days later I was a bit peckish but didn’t want a full meal. My rule when that happens is just to eat some fat. If I don’t want a full full meal and I don’t want just fat then I ignore the signal as just a momentary craving.

Anyhow, when I looked in the fridge I saw the crackling which is still nearly all fat so I took it out to try a few bites. It was surprisingly good. Light and flavourful but not heavily beefy. More than anything to me it tasted like that old fashioned lardy pie crust that people made way back in the day.

So, I tried a random experiment of grinding it up and using it as a crust, which was predictably an epic fail as it rendered in the oven. So I was back to not knowing what to do with it other then snack on it straight up.

Almost daily for lunch I eat a hearty meaty, marrowy bone broth soup. I usually add about a tblsp of tallow to increase the fat content. So I thought, why not throw in some of of the ground crackling as well. Big, huge win. It’s absolutely delicious AND it has a crouton texture!

Every day this week I’ve been excited about this fat source. It’s hard to come up with new things to spice up a beef and salt diet, but it’s not impossible. And this one, I think, will be a stock part of my PKD repertoire.

(Andrea) #263

I did something similar. Cooked some beef fat very slowly in a pan and used it to cook my liver in and the wee crunchy bit that was left was delicious.

(mole person) #264

I’ve been having a conversation with @Matamoros on my accountability thread on how to keep food quantities and lean meat lower without hunger.

After yesterday’s post about my daily meat and marrow soup I became curious about what the macros were actually like in it since I find it incredibly satiating and if I have about a cup and a half of it at 8 or 9 AM I won’t be hungry again until 4 or 5 pm at the earliest.

So today I strained out the meat, which is extremely fatty already as it’s both a fatty cut from the rib and filled with marrow. That meat was a mere 60 grams. To that I added 30 grams of fat; a mix of my beef fat crackling and tallow.

All in all, my breakfast, which fills me up completely until supper, comes in at less than 100 grams with a ratio that probably tops 3:1 fat: protein in grams. This leaves me more lean protein at my supper meal so that I can enjoy a decent sized steak, or whatever.

@ReneeRC, Oh, and while doing this I realized that I AM having more rendered fat than I’d realized. I’m actually adding at least an extra tablespoon to my soup every morning. I find that if I add cold tallow to a hot soup and stir until it melts it actually gets a creamy quality that I relish rather then the more unappealing oil slick.


It’s amazing how creative you can get on your pretty restricting diet! I can get very creative too but I never even plan to limit myself this much as I simply don’t need it. But it’s very interesting to see what you folks do!

If I had to raise my fat intake, I would snack on lard and eat more very fatty ham.
I like my soups not very fatty but I used fatty ham today so the liquid is just as fatty as I like and I had tasty meaty but mostly fatty bites (I don’t have proper meat so I make my broth from smoked pork now). I don’t know if smoked pork is fine on PKD (I was never even close to PKD, I am just a curious outsides as I wrote before) but I love it, even when it’s fattier than I prefer.
But I probably could eat a lot of lard all alone, with joy. Tallow (I baked mutton ribs and now I have a lot) isn’t as tasty so I usually fry things in it but if I had to, I could eat that too. My body seems to be ready for a fattier style, it will be interesting to try that. Carnivore is still quite new to me, 1-2 months ago I could imagine how you can stand eating so much fat, now it doesn’t sound that impossible to me but I am glad I have other food items if I need them. But an odd day with only meat and lots of fat? Sounds possible now.


@Ilana_Rose My bone broths are full of fat because I leave it all in when I make it and it’s soooooo good. Your soup reminds me of my bone broths. :+1: I would say that right now, I’m also around a 3:1 ratio and I’m liking it so far. I’m just trying to follow what it seems like my body is asking for.

@Shinita I believe smoked pork is fine on PKD. I enjoy pork lard too but my favorite pork lard is now the Mangalitsa" pork lard. Apparently I’m not alone because I’ve been trying to order more of that stuff from US Wellness Meats and it’s always sold out. Anyway, like you, a few months ago the idea of eating so much fat was beyond my imagination but now my body is really enjoying it. :+1:


Oh. I never realized but I think I need to get some Mangalica (I am a Hungarian so I will use the Hungarian spelling :D) lard, Mangalica got popular again here in the last several years and a nearby pig farm raises Mangalica pigs among others, hopefully I will find some in their little village shop! If not lard, other items. But I love the lard I have now too.
Lots of fat was extremely easy for me before, I always ate fatty meals but after I skipped plants, I had some problems first. I was slightly nauseated in the first days and I really didn’t eat much fat then as I got satiated with little food… I just missed the other stuff, I always ate everything with vegetables before and carnivore felt a bit odd. I got used to it quickly but I still never went anywhere close to the 2:1 ratio, I am curious what would happen then.


@Shinita I’ll bet the meat from a Mangalica pig would be awesome. Just the thought of some pork belly from that pig or a ham…Y U M!

(Ruth Beardsley) #269

I want to find Mangalica pigs or pork in Australia! After an initial cursory search, I have not been able to find any. Would a wild boar or sow have a similar profile (fat:protein) as the Mangalica?


My fav meat is pork but I don’t really like wild boars as they are lean… Domestic pigs are usually very fatty, it’s a big part of their charm!

(mole person) #271

I got into the habit of removing it when rendered fats were giving me more troubles. But now I keep doing it for two reasons. 1. Depending on which bones I use the broth can run from massively fatty to not fatty enough. So by taking it off and then adding it back I get exactly the amount of fat that I’m craving. And this fat craving can actually vary from day to day. 2. As I mentioned above, I like adding the tallow in cold to the hot soup and then stirring it rapidly until it thickens up and gets all creamy…Mmmmmmm.

@ReneeRC I think that the marrowy soup may be the number one cause of my gut improvements. Everything seems to work and feel better when I’m having it daily. Have you noticed anything similar?

(Katie) #272

Do you mean that you did the walking and bath yesterday or today?

(mole person) #273

The extra walking and hot bath were on the day I tested poorly.

(Katie) #274

Poorly as in higher blood glucose? That makes sense to me, exercise naturally raises blood glucose.

(mole person) #275

Yes, higher glucose and lower ketones.

(Nopley) #276

This is very interesting. I would like to know more about it!


I was drinking high fat bone broth before carnivore and I saw some tiny improvements in my joints but the improvements were so slow to show up. Since going carnivore I believe the broth is able to work even better.


Welcome Nopley!

(Ruth Beardsley) #279

I have been PKD for close to 3 weeks now, and for the past week compliant with 400 g meat + fat (I add extra fat to this) and still Glucose 4.7 and Ketones only 1.5. Previously when fasting (2 years ago) I easily achieved K > 4 or 5 and G < 4.

How long did it take you to achieve ketone and glucose targets? G < 4.5, K 2 - 3

(mole person) #280

@Matamoros you’re having 400 grams of red meat and adding extra fat to that? Or you’re having 300 grams red meat plus 100 grams of fat + extra fat for satiation?

If it’s the first one you may still be having too much lean.

I don’t know. I was already very close to PKD for about a year before I began testing and keto for two years before that. As soon as I started testing my blood I was getting PKD compliant readings.

I haven’t tested in over a week. I’ve been being bad and eating chocolate and having some coffee with cream but it’s been catching up with me more by the day and last night my terrible abdominal pain condition had a massive flair up. Honestly, it’s been so long since I’ve had that level of pain that I’d forgotten how bad it really gets.

So I’m back to being a good PKD girl today and am interested to see what the baseline test will show this afternoon. Basically I’ve been eating 6 squares of 70% chocolate every night for 6 nights and for the last 3 days I’ve added a cup of creamed coffee into the mix.


@Matamoros It took me a few weeks of observing that 400g rule before my numbers were consistently good. I was surprised since I’d been strict keto 3 years prior.

@Ilana_Rose I’m sorry that your detour into ChocolateLand ended up bringing on that kind of pain. Something similar happened to me this week. Dr. Saladino was saying that PKD folks should add bone meal or eggshell powder for calcium to their diets. For “fun” I made the eggshell powder, ground super fine in my coffee grinder, and tried a mere 1/4 tsp. Oh boy!! My bowels let me know right away that THAT was a stupid idea, sigh. I hope you are able to get back to feeling better asap! I’m not really tempted by anything right now, but if I was going to go there, ChocolateLand would be where you’d find me, lol.