One Good Thing

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Thanks Janelle, I was almost 30 yrs. old before I shopped for pants in women’s dept. I was a girl’s dept. 12 because that was before vanity sizing in women’s clothes, no 0-4 stuff at all. Hadn’t been in 4s until Keto about this time last year.

I’m really loving this thread. It is good to come in and remind ourselves of the good stuff in our lives.

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Happiness is the Key to literally Everything. You have to find it within yourself first, then more will show up in your life. The better it gets, the better it gets, the better it gets. Just remember that a Belief is just a thought that you keep repeating. Personally, I’ve begun a reprogramming of shitty beliefs that haven’t served me very well. The results have been eye opening to say the least! :+1:

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Agree - I started reprogramming on my early thirties. I wish I knew how to help some close family members do the same. But they don’t seem to care what advice I give.

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I woke up thinking “it’s Christmas Eve” and the one good thing for me (it might be sacrilege for others) is that I erased any belief system long ago so it’s a wonderful day off without any stress. Tomorrow will be the same. I made and sent my gifts to those friends and family who put a different meaning to the day and now the day is mine. It’s lovely.

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Finally finished work, about to go home, get into pj’s and enjoy 2 days of peace & quiet :grin:

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Love this. It’s always just hubby and me for Xmas and I always look forward to the quiet, understated holiday.

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Yeah I don’t do it often enough, usually with Mum or friends but put my foot down this year and really looking forward to it.

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We have been doing it that way for a long time now. In fact, I told my family at the time that I would gift them when I found something I thought they would really like and wouldn’t be doing the traditional birthday and Xmas stuff anymore. So instead of holiday gifts I have ended up doing things like gifting them money when they had emergencies like helping one get her repoed car back so she could go to work, helped the other one keep her home while she was without work for an extended period of time. So happy I didn’t waste that money on silly gifts, and I could help them when they really needed help, I think that is a much better gifting idea.

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That’s definitely a much better idea!

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So much smarter. I have ignored those things for a couple of decades.

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I always figured you were a good man. Now I can put you on the top tier.
:+1: :+1: :+1:

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Been too busy to visit this thread for a while. What a great way to start my Christmas Day!

EEK! Hope nothing was damaged!

AND … pajamas!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Awwww, how sweet! THAT is a real friend!

For those who celebrate, A Merry and Blessed Christmas! Everyone else, have a great day off (if you get one), or just a superlative day in general. :+1:

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Thanks and the same to you. The house is very still this morning as my adult children are still asleep. Great time to talk with my lovely wife of 33 years about a wide variety of topics.

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Nope, thankfully just a lot of water & bubbles to mop up. Happy Christmas :grinning:

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Watching Apollo 13, an amazing tale of ingenuity over adversity. One day we’ll go back & go further.

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Love that movie. The company that I used to work for was VERY involved in that, they showed it to us, for lessons on leadership, team building, thinking outside of the box. I had seen it before but after that viewing I really appreciated everything that went into the project.

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Awesome, where did you work? Amazing what they did with so little, getting to the moon & back with less power than current mobile phones.

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This has been the loveliest, most peaceful day! I’m truly blessed.

@Elle79 @collaroygal A little story… Hubby and I were married almost a year when they announced the discontinuation of the Shuttles. I heavily insisted (because it was really for me) that we drive down to see one of the lift offs before it was too late being that he is an engineer and all. We witnessed the 3rd to the last lift off and it was a predawn one. I can’t even begin to describe the noise or the shaking of the earth as that thing slowly ascended into the sky, rockets blazing! A once in a lifetime event that I’ll remember to my dying day. I’ve always said that this is the best time in history to be alive and that cinched it for me.

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I love that movie because the heroes are the nerdy, pocket protector, slide-rule toting engineers!!!

And yes… I still have my slide rule from high school that I used for trig calculations. LOL