One Good Thing

(Eric) #181

I grew up in Winter Park Florida and when they were testing the saturn 5 rockets that eventually sent us to the moon. The first saturn 5 was to lift off early in the morning, like 2am. So mom woke us up and we set up telescope to see it from our yard. We listened to the radio and when it launched we had to wait for it to rise above the curve of the earth. And when we could see it we did not need a telescope. It was lit up from the flames, and slowly rotating. We could read USA of the side of the rocket so clearly.

Totally cool. Seeing the mercury and apollo mission launches from my front yard. My wife and I did see a shuttle launch from about 2 miles away from the launch pad once. Totally awesome.

(Sophie) #182

Still noshing on Xmas leftovers so no need to cook anything, just heat 'n eat. :smile:

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #183

Went in for a fitness class I like but don’t go to on Fridays, as it is a mob scene. There were 32 others, but at least we had some space between us. Enjoyed it and got to wish a lot of my fitness buddies a happy new year.

(Take time to stop and eat the bacon!) #184

Finished giving the pellet stove a good clean, and the family room is all nice and toasty again!

The water pot on top of the stove is more decorative than functional, since the surface of a pellet stove doesn’t get nearly as hot as a wood stove does.

(Regina) #185

Out of curiosity - how much room between the wall and the stove? Reading about pellet stoves in my RE continuing ed. They say the inspector should just make sure there is a certain clearance.

(Take time to stop and eat the bacon!) #186

My handsome boys, a great source of joy:

This is Aidan:

Chad is a lovely color:

Edmund is what we call a mismatched hooded color (ideally the stripe should go all the way to his tail):

Lastly, we have Giles, another lovely color:

Aidan is a few months older, the other three are littermates.

(Take time to stop and eat the bacon!) #187

This stove is nine inches from the back wall, to make room for the 6" diameter exhaust pipe. The manufacturer requires a minimum of two inches, since the hopper is back there, and it doesn’t get hot.

(Janelle) #188

I have 4 days off in a row and 4 days to spend with foster, Minnie. She has hit 2lbs so she will go in to Atlanta Humane Society Weds for her spay and quick adoption (hopefully). This one is a bottle feeder so it’s taken some extra TLC. Today she fell asleep in my arms for the first time - and now she’s addicted. Bottle fed cats have a bit of trouble just being cats because they imprint on humans without the benefits of the tutoring they get from their mamas.

(Carl Keller) #189

Everyone in my house had the stomach flu this week and I thought I was going to avoid it. Yesterday, I started feeling achy and chilled so I knew something was on to me. I took a hot shower and a 3 hour nap and I woke up feeling lousy (same symptoms + a tiny bit of stomach rumbling). So I took another hot shower and turned in for the night and slept 11 more hours.

The next morning (today), I woke up to zero symptoms and realized I was well into a 36-hour unintentional fast, if you don’t count two cups of salted bone broth. I called work yesterday and told them I was not coming in today, because I honestly didn’t think I would be up to it. Instead, I got an extra day off this week and didn’t have to feel miserable to get it, had a thoughtless 36hour fast and beat influenza in record time with electrolytes and rest.

(Regina) #190

Cool. I credit keto, but also the hot showers. Years ago when I had stomach flu the only time I felt good was under a hot shower. (Bummer when the hot water heater ran dry…)

(Ellen) #191

Lovely boys.

(Ellen) #192

Re-watched The Imiation Game, truly inspirational tale of human ingenuity, even if the absolutely barbaric treatment of Turing (one of the best minds of the last century; seriously read up if you don’t know) makes me furious & sick.

(Sophie) #193

All of the Xmas stuff is packed and ready to go back to the attic. Now, we can start the New Year with a fresh slate.

(Doug) #194

And slate is very low-carb. :sunglasses:

(Now known as "DR JUICE" - it's just that easy! JUICE DC (Doctor of Comedy)) #195


(Steve) #196

Stays crunchy in milk. :slight_smile:

(Now known as "DR JUICE" - it's just that easy! JUICE DC (Doctor of Comedy)) #197

But milk isn’t low-carb :slight_smile:

(Steve) #198

Ok…HWC. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Now known as "DR JUICE" - it's just that easy! JUICE DC (Doctor of Comedy)) #199

“Yeah? What’s your breakfast on keto?”

“Oh, just a bit of slate with cream on it…”

(Sophie) #200

Here’s my second good thing…finally got this (over 5yds) finished!