One Good Thing

(Sophie) #1

Sometimes all you need is one good thing…

Today the sun was shining making it relatively warm! :blush:

What’s yours?

(Heather Meyer) #2

I have a package of bacon jerky in my cupboard!
That is one good thing!

(Eric) #3

I just got my shipment of Earl Grey with Bergamot from Wilde Foods. I’m sipping a cup of tea on my fist OMAD day this week.

(Ellen) #4

Weekend just gone; spending time with mates & their little one, today, getting into the house about 20 seconds before a huge hailstorm.

(Janelle) #5


This guy (Sam, a foster failure from Atlanta Humane Society) hit 4 lbs this week. That and this time next week I’ll be in Greece (we have an awesome pet sitter).

(Stephanie ) #6

My work day is almost over!!! My eyes are exhausted from looking at court orders all day. :grin:


The smoke is clearing in Northern CA and I can walk my four-leggeds outdoors today!


I was able to get a 40 minute e walk in today before it got dark

(Laurie) #9

Adorabobble! In fact, I clicked on one of Janelle’s posts just to see the kitty. He looks just like the kitty in our house, who was tiny when we moved in 10 weeks ago and is now pretty big!

What’s a foster failure? A foster who became a fixture?

(Amy Ramadan) #10

Realizing that even as hard as life has been lately, I am truly blessed and have so much to be thankful for!!

(Regina) #11

My son volunteered to rake the mountains of leaves around the house. We are now ready for the next Santa Ana wind event!

(Sophie) #12

I wore a brand new pair of size 14 jeans today and after I got home and was taking them off, realized that I didn’t have to hitch up the britches once the entire time! My God what a feeling!

(Sophie) #13

LOVE! :heart_eyes:

(Sophie) #14

Awesomeness! :heart_eyes:

(Janelle) #15

Right. I foster for Atlanta Humane. I got him and his 3 siblings at 3 weeks old. You keep them until they are 2lbs for neutering and spaying. I lost a 16-year-old Persian two weeks before they were ready and so I decided he would stay. He’s fearless but sweet. His siblings were adorable fluffy, wimpy things - lol. After Greece, I’ll get another batch.

(Doug) #16

Embarking on my sous vide cooking adventure.


My dumb dumb housemate didn’t pay the internet bill but a nice neighbor is letting me piggy back off of hers until tomorrow.


My daughter who lives 500 miles away drove through a day-long rain to be home with us this week. She arrived safely this afternoon.

(Regina) #19

Wow. I am so stressed when my daughter has to drive in the rain - or worse, in the snow. Glad you guys are together, safe, and happy.

(Sophie) #20

Lovin all these Good Things!

Today, I finished my Thanksgiving holiday shopping and it went as smooth as glass. Everyone was pleasant and very helpful every place I went. Love it when that happens!