One Good Thing

(Eric) #141

I can wish this is the last snow of the season but I don’t think we will be so lucky.

(Sophie) #142

Wow! That reminds me of my 7yrs in Chicago…no thanks! But if we do get snow here, it’s no issue for us since we work from home. It makes life a hellova lot easier to only commute to the living room, it’s a good thing! :smile::+1:

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #143

My good thing is today is the second day of a string of days in the 55-60F range, and the skies are so blue and sunny, ya gotta wear shades.

All to often it looks like daddyoh’s pic above during this week.

(Janelle) #144

Ha! My one good thing is that Atlanta rarely gets snow because I when was living in Spokane, WA, this happened. I see your snowy table and raise it - lol. image

(Eric) #145

You win!

(Sophie) #146

One good thing: A loooooong winters nap!!! :sleeping: :sleeping_bed:

(Ellen) #147

Just watched the devil rides out; not a great film but the late great Sir Christopher Lee is always amazing. Oh and it tried to snow today but gave up after about 6 flakes.


I just cleaned out the clothing closet and found “too smalls” that fit now and there’s a gal my size(ish) who is really excited to take what I’ve got for herself!

(Sophie) #149

Got my house cleaned top to bottom…'nuff said.

(Laurie) #150

Today my boyfriend offered to do the dishes.

(Sophie) #151

I took deviled eggs and my keto cole slaw to our Xmas party and everybody loved them. One friend even ran to the store to get me some pork rinds because I forgot mine so I could try some of the dips goin down. :blush:

(Janelle) #152

Even though it seems like the political world in the US is falling down around our ears, I get to keep Miss Minnie through Christmas at least. She’s growing but hasn’t hit the required 2 lbs for spay surgery and adoption.

(Sophie) #153

Love those white whiskers, especially the two above her eyes! :heart_eyes_cat:

(Ellen) #154

This utter bastard of a day is over (airport & port closures do not a happy freight forwarder make), but best of all, tomorrow am off to spend the weekend with friends & their wonderful little one.

(Sophie) #155

Yet another cold, rainy type day but I didn’t have to go out and hubba-hubba made a wonderful fire for us! I feel like I’m weaving in the comfort of a warm, dry cocoon. Life is sweet! :blush:

(Ellen) #156

I don’t have to brave the shops until after Christmas :grin: drove past 3 on way home and all had queues to get in.

(Sophie) #157

Just back from the grocery for a few last minute things and that’s it for me until after Xmas! Neighbors over tonight for wine and whatnot. Let the festivities begin!:wine_glass::clinking_glasses: :smile::+1:

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #158

I’m back into my smallest pair of pants, size 4 comfortably, over the summer I couldn’t button them, my weight hadn’t gone up that much but these just didn’t like that extra padding. Odd thing was my size 6 pants were getting bagging while I was at my high end of goal range. Now I can fit into those with long underwear with a tiny bit of extra room too. So body recomp is my one good thing today.

Happy Hollies everyone.

(Janelle) #159

I think the last time I wore a size 4, I was ten years old. Congrats! :champagne::tada:

(Becca) #160

@Elle79 glad I got all my shopping done too! :sweat_smile:

@JustPeachy I actually went to the grocery store first thing when they opened this morning to avoid a crowd :joy:

@collaroygal that’s awesome, congrats! What an accomplishment!

My good news for the day:

  1. When I started Keto (9/9/18) I was a size US 16 (probably pushing an 18 If in being realistic). Now I fit a size 12 :smiley: hoping to get down to a 10, but I feel great! Time to buy new clothes.

  2. My girlfriend asked me and my daughter to move in with her and her kids when my lease ends at the end of May :grin: it’s a big step, we’re really excited.

Happy holidays everyone!