One Good Thing

(Carl Keller) #121

This is progress… the world’s first keto friendly vending machine. They just need to add pork rinds, pickles, low carb nuts and cans of sardines.

(Sophie) #122

Agreed, but at $1 per stick of bacon, my southern, penny-pinching sensibilities are screaming that’s monetary rape, even if it is pre-cooked! Puleese! Or maybe I’m just getting too old. :persevere:

(Carl Keller) #123

lol, getting old means being sensible. Wisdom is what keeps us from making dumb choices. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of emergency situations… like you left your lunch at home or you’re stuck at work for longer than you planned and you haven’t eaten all day. Just a little something to get us safely to our kitchen at home.


I started reading Harry Potter today!

(Regina) #125

My mammogram turned out to be normal today!

(Laurie) #126

No cooking, no cleanup, sounds okay to me.

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #127

Don’t forget individual serve size pull top canned tuna and salmon. :+1:

(Sophie) #128

@Elle79 & @collaroygal Mustard Updation: Not impressed with the performance of the brown mustard seeds. I subbed out half for the yellow and my batch didn’t thicken like the previous one did. The only thing I can think of is it has to be those seeds. I did reduce it longer than necessary but after I took them out of the SV, they still look a little loose. We’ll use it anyway and I’m curious if the brown is spicier.

One Good Thing: Even though I used my cutsie jars I won’t be able to gift them now, but I can reuse them in the future on better batches and a more refined recipe! :+1:

eta: All of my jars sealed, so I think I’ll can in the SV at 145F/3h seems to be magical for me.

(Regina) #129

Just bought a 2014 Toyota Tacoma - too excited to eat!!!

(Sophie) #130

Sweet! Take the Scenic Route to Everywhere!!! :smile:

(Becca) #131

Best college football team in history, but being a native Ohioan I suppose I’m biased :wink:

That’s great news! And congrats on the new car!

Today I finally got my first chance to pay it forward! Someone asked me what I was doing to lose so much weight and I told them. They asked for more info, I gave them some resources, and they said they’re gonna try it :grin:

(Doug) #132

This is actually and specifically titled, “One Good Thing.” Written in the 1980s, and I put it on in November, 2016.

In the late 1970s, I was going home on a Friday evening,
and needed a little more fuel in my truck,
enough to get back to work on Monday morning.
I had $3 on me, pulled into a gas station,
told the guy who pumped gas to give me three Dollars’ worth.
Back in those days that was a meaningful amount of fuel.

After a short time, he shut the pump off, came back to me,
“That’ll be $10.35.” He’d filled it up.

“Well uh… Wow, man, I did say to give me three bucks’ worth…
Three bucks is all I got.”
I gave him the three $1 Dollar bills,
then displayed the forlorn and empty chamber that was my wallet.

Another blow, one more little stumble of existence,
yet again life had dealt with him harshly.
He dropped his head down and turned it to the side,
“Yeah, you did say that…”

This was before my bank had automatic teller machines.
You were out of money late on Friday afternoon,
you had to wait until the banks opened up on Monday morning.
Credit cards were not yet part of my life.
I told him I’d go to the bank on Monday and bring him the rest of the money.
Asked if he was working then.

“Yeah, I’ll be here. Okay…” He was shrugging as he said, “Okay”

  • he knew darn well I wouldn’t return.
    He was going to have to eat that $7.35.

He was an old-looking mid-40s, possibly 50.
He’d been close to the margins of society,
maybe even lived right on them.
He had that “hard look,” as if he was used to fate grinding against him.
He might have been too young for World War II,
but what about the Korean conflict, that strange proxy war?
Could be… No way to tell from his clothes or appearance.
He was getting by, but not in a good way,
and didn’t expect much else at this point.
Hanging on, a little bit haunted in the eyes.
Ex-convict? Maybe.
As I drove away, he tilted his head back and looked up.
Was he appealing to God, asking for mercy and better luck?
Or was he just staring at the roof-like canopy over the fuel pump area,
wondering what the heck he was doing there?

Monday came, I went to work, and at lunch got some money out of the bank.
Even got change for the 35 cents.
Later in the day, it was busy at the gas station when I returned,
lots of vehicles at the pumps;
so I parked around the other side of the building,
then looked for the guy.
He was bent over an old, low car, fuel nozzle in hand.
I walked up to him and was pretty close when I said, “Hey man…”

There was that haunted look again:
“Whoa, who is this coming toward me, is there a problem, what’s going on?”
He was thinking that, didn’t say anything, just looked at me.
Maybe he still had trouble with the law out there, somewhere,
thought I was a cop.

“I was here Friday, you filled my truck up and I didn’t have all the money…?”
I took out $7 in bills and fished in my pocket, got a quarter and two dimes.

A little bit of sunrise for him, right there, and he remembered.
Some light in his eyes.
I don’t claim an especially honest life, this was just one thing I did.
He nodded and said, “Hey yeah, buddy, thanks - most people wouldn’t have stopped back.”

40 years ago now.

(John Naab) #133

Gotta love it.
Proceeds go toward Ohio State’s meat science program. I just regret it’s too late for a road trip (last day for the machine on campus is today) especially since I could be headed to Columbus this weekend to help my goddaughter move!

(Eric) #134

Must be a land grant school. Just saying.

(Becca) #135

My good thing for today: I am officially no longer “obese.” I am now simply “overweight” :joy: hey, it’s a step in the right direction and I’m happy about it. I know that BMI isn’t really a great measurement, but still I was pleased to not be obese anymore :woman_shrugging:t4:

(Ellen) #136

It’s a great feeling isn’t it :grin:

(Ellen) #137

Not hungry at mo so will take a “late lunch” and leave the office early, so it won’t quite be pitch dark when I get home.
ETA good job I did get home early, housemate had put far too much detergent in washing machine then gone out, 1/4 of kitchen was flooded

(Sophie) #138

It’s another cold, rainy, dreary day here but I don’t have to go out, so I’m going to make a batch of Chili in the crock pot and play in the Studio most of the day.

(Eric) #139


It is dark here in Richmond, VA and about to rain for a day and a half. At least it will wash most of the dirty snow away. I work in a basement so I feel like a cave dweller anyway even if it is sunny out. I think I will turn on the sunshine light for a little UV.

(Sophie) #140

I’m in Chattanooga, so the same part of the front coming through. I’m just so thankful that we didn’t get all the snow you guys did!