One Good Thing

(Regina) #101

Enjoy your day!

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #102

Yeah women’s test is just the mtDNA, maternal side only, we get genes from both. A close male is the best us ladies can do, I had male cousins only, no brothers. But still have gotten some results, distant cousins.

I am finding the census & death records to be very helpful. My maternal Grandmother, was a WPA sewing room worker who died young from an infection that penicillin could have cured but it wasn’t released to the public then, within a yr. it was everywhere for everyone.

I do like getting the genes info about what genes cause what issues for people. I am adapting my eating to help out some of them, and suppressing others. An interesting new hobby I have :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Sophie) #103

Yesterday, I made a nice dent in the handmade Christmas gifts I’m giving! It’s nice not to feel pressured at this time of year.

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #104

My one good thing for today. Yesterday I went shopping for new workout pants and a winter weight shirt at Costco, I just grabbed what I liked, in Small. Laundered them and when I put them on this morning, they fit perfectly. I am so happy and comfortable in this new outfit. .

(Ellen) #105

The gods of the m6 & m25 were smiling today, so only took 6 hours to get home!

(Ellen) #106

I checked the ingredients of the ghee that was on special offer, 1st one listed was rapeseed oil, so glad I didn’t just grab & go. Also, just spent the last hour prepping a beef madras so feeling relaxed.

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #107

Sad how companies try to fool you isn’t it. I did that with an olive oil mayo once. The olive oil mayo had soybean oil in it. I tossed it and started making my own mayo, haven’t looked at a store’s mayo jar since then.

My one good thing today is I have all I need to make dump ranch dressing in the house and I plan to make a big batch of it. I want to do Megan Ramos’ style fat fast and the greens will need a good dressing like that.


I put a new motor in my washing machine and it works! :sunglasses:

(Sophie) #109

My first batch of Dijon Mustard turned out so good, I’m tweaking the recipe on my 2nd batch today and lookin forward to the awesomeness!

(Ellen) #110

@JustPeachy, home made? Would you mind sharing recipe?

(Sophie) #111

I used Chef John’s for my first batch and doing some tweaks on this next one. I think it’s a nice base for a starting point. This batch I’m using half brown and half yellow mustard seeds to bump up the spicy zing, and less onion…

(Ellen) #112

Cheers Sophie, I’ll have a watch tonight.

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #113

I can eat Dijon Mustard with a spoon, will need to try this for sure. Thanks for the link. I’ll try your tweaks as well, I use less onion than most people that is why onion powder is my friend.

(Carl Keller) #114

An almost forever carb immune friend teased me last year about my “beer belly”. I, 30 pounds lighter, saw him, about 30 pounds heavier, yesterday for the first time since he teased me. It was sweet revenge telling him “I now know where the 30 I lost went”. :smiley:

Moral of the story? Karma loves keto.

(Eric) #115

Snowed 14" last night in Richmond VA. Very early for snow and we typically get 5 to 7 inches at the most. My keto daughter @Hopeoftheflame and I cleaned off 3 cars, the driveway and the snow mud from the plow so we can pull out in the street. Took hours.

The good thing is I never got tired. Three cheers for keto and keto energy.

(Ellen) #116

Ok @JustPeachy, you’ve sold me, that’s going on my (not at all long) list.

(Sophie) #117

You’ll adore it! We went through our first jar in rapid speed. I even ate it on stuff I normally don’t that much.

And I failed to tell you and @collaroygal that I deviated from Chef John and canned mine in 1/2 pint jars in my Sous Vide at 140/3h. I wanted the shelf life. I did have one jar that didn’t seal so it went into the fridge. Tomorrow I’ll can at 145 degrees and see how it goes…not that having to put one of these jars in the fridge for “immediate” use is a Bad thing! Also want to give a Shout Out to @PatNotFat for putting me on the trail of making my own mustard. Thanks again, and I’m still lookin forward to finding the perfect Posh Vinegar! :smile:

(Ellen) #118

Ah, sous vide, another thing on my wish list.

(Sophie) #119

I can’t say that anyone NEEDS a SV but it sure is a ton of fun and it constantly amazes me what can be done with it! :smile::+1:

(Doug) #120

Go Buckeyes. :sunglasses: