One Good Thing

(Sophie) #81

I finished weaving the band for my back strap loom, Yay!

(Laurie) #82

My boyfriend went to a craft fair and brought back a little lavender sachet for me. Usually I don’t care for gifts, but he was so sweet about it.

(Janelle) #83

I am getting a new foster kitten this week (through Atlanta Humane Society). I’ll probably only have her for another week or so but I love helping the little ones on their way.

(Laurie) #84

We love our little kitty! Actually he’s the upstairs neighbor’s kitty, but my boyfriend is the pied piper of cats, so Kitty hangs out with us a lot. He’s only about 6 months old, but has already caught 2 mice and one rat–that I know of.


I’m fostering a brain damaged kitty who was thrown from a car, although he’s quickly becoming my foster-fail kitty because housemate likes him and housemate doesn’t “do” animals in general so this is good for him. I caught him playing cats meowing on his phone for Sebastian who was curled up on his lap watching and purring.

(Janelle) #86

Is the kitty with it enough to actually play? My fosters like the app “Mouse for Cats” on my phone and iPad. It’s so silly.


Yes, he isn’t falling over so much anymore and has some minor facial palsy so he has a squinted eye. He took a liking to a cat leash dangling from a plastic “cat toy” rod that I pull around for him. I bought him numerous other toys to work on coordination and brain repair but he carries that stupid leash-stick around and lays on it and won’t play with other things.

(Sophie) #88

Sooooo feelin the kitty love in here! Thank you guys for all your efforts on behalf of our furry friends @PetaMarie, @CatGirl, @islandlight !

My other good thing for today is that I noticed that my parsley plant finally seems to be happy! :smile:

(Regina) #89

It is cold and dark and my mouse died. We had one last battery in the house!!

(Candy Lind) #90

OK, I missed this - would you tell me what type of DNA test this is, and what it can reveal?

(Candy Lind) #91

SURE! I don’t use enough bandwidth on my own! :rofl: (I have no cable at the house, only a hotspot on my phone.) Can you see “Wall-e” in your future? :wink:

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #92 and can use the 23andme or Ancestry basic DNA tests, maybe some others but I am not aware of them. We used Ancestry results. If you want to use foundmyfitness, she worked closely with 23andme to develop her reporting tool. Both are having sales currently. So about half what it will be after Chrismas season.

You can find out what genes tend towards poor responses to drugs, foods, etc. Foundmyfitness does the heavy lifting for you, explains what the genes do, what foods and drugs are best for you to use, genes you have that support longevity and which ones hinder your fat metabolism, increased risks of diseases like various cancers, T2D, obesity, etc. She references the science for you, any studies etc. done on the genes. You can get similar data from but you have to use the filters etc and spend hrs. trying to gather the info you are looking for, but it is a good cross reference. So I favor foundmyfitness, but still go into Promeethease from time to time.

(Candy Lind) #93

Blurring this pic for the squeamish (no blood, just lots of stitches)

I am on the way to regaining full use of my right thumb. The ruptured tendon was spliced/woven with a piece of another tendon (that some of us have & some don’t; I was quite intrigued to find that I had a “spare part!). I will have to be quite careful for six weeks in order to preserve the weave. Hubby came home for Thanksgiving and my surgery, and has been helping me put up meals in the freezer that I won’t have too much trouble eating. :heart_eyes: I’ll supplement that with eating out if needed.

(Candy Lind) #94

AWWWW! He looks like my last cat “Rocky,” whom I lost to cancer. Hubby agrees he’s a “spittin’ image.” The only thing missing is the Maine Coon tufts on his ears. :heart_eyes::cry:

(Laurie) #95

I was never much interested in the DNA thing, until I heard something about my family that I had never imagined. Back in the day, people tried to cover up certain things.

I’d like to get my brother’s DNA done at the same time, as the male side is supposed to carry more information.

(Janelle) #96

Miss Minnie has come to stay for a couple of weeks. She was a bottle baby but her foster had to go out of town so I’ll keep her until she is ready fo her spay and adoption.

(Regina) #97

My husband remembered to light the Menorah - and he’s not Jewish! :heart::heart::heart:


My boss just sent a text telling me we’re slow and to take the day off tomorrow. Holy cow, what a treat!

(Regina) #99

Woo hoo!!


That’s verbatim what I sent back in a text to her! :rofl: