On Coconut yogurt

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Right so I have noticed that one store where I live has coconut yogurt on sale for a good price and I’m thinking of buying one package. Now I have tried coconut yogurt once in the past and did not like it very much but I am thinking about giving it a try again. Does it seem like a good idea? I mean I guess Coconut yogurt should be more safe then regular Yogurt (which i dont like very much)? I

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Is it Full Fat? … Check the contents on the back for carbs/sugar if your follow a Keto diet.
I enjoy yogurt and kefir but you do need careful reading of ingredients

(Oliver ) #3

It does not seem to have any added suger or carbs no (only things like stabilizers and thicker agents). Which I think most store bought ones have.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #4

Can’t say I know much about those additives … My yogurt is just fermented milk. But then it doesn’t have coconut

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A quick glance around the U.S. Department of Agriculture food database shows that coconut-milk yoghurt contains 9-12 g of carbohydrate per 100 g; and a bit more, of course, if it’s reduced-fat or fat-free (12-13 g/100 g).

By comparison, the unflavoured full-fat Greek cow’s milk yoghurt by Chobani that I buy contains 3-4 g carbohydrate/100 g, and about 4 times that if it’s flavoured with anything.

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I think our Coconut milk has emulsifiers, I guess thats’ the thickening agent mentioned above


I have never had coconut yogurt. I am a big fan of coconut milk, the really thick, solid kind. That is decadent. I once mixed two teaspoons of thick coconut milk with one teaspoon of pure almond butter - I was going to have it as snack. It was so filling, I ended up skipping dinner and didn’t eat anything until the next eve.


I love coconut and I love yogurt. I do not use coconut yogurt because of the carbs and it just doesn’t taste “yogurty” to me. I get plenty of coconut oil from other sources.


You probably still won’t like it much but who knows, sometimes it’s all about the brand, people change too…

It’s probably too carby like others said (and not all of us want our yogurt to be sweet and coconutty anyway) but if you like it and can afford the carbs, why not?

I see no problem with normal, real yogurt (as long as one isn’t allergic to it or some other simialr problem… it’s just pointless to me as it’s mostly water except 10% fat Greek yogurt, that’s nice but I still choose sour cream, even better ;)) but if you do, just - don’t eat yogurt? I almost never had any in my whole life. (Never believed in low-fat dairy and we probably didn’t have Greek yogurt in this country when I was really young.)

(Edith) #10

If you can find this brand, I think it is delicious.

(Oliver ) #11

So I tired like 1/2 cup of it this morning. OMG. The taste very good. It very much feels like eating coconut cream which I guess can both be a good and a bad thing. I feel super lucky for the almost unbelievably good price I for the package (1.5$ for 14 onces) Iam actually very surprised that not more articles, recipes and information are available about coconut yogurt (should be a huge opportunity to do cool things).

Now just as with consuming coconut milk, consuming coconut yogurt feels very satisfying (and well quite heavy honestly, again to similar to eating coconut cream so you dont need a lot to get satisfied). Now there is at least some form of yogurt that I can consume with joy again and not feeling to guilty… If the expiation date was not only like a month away I would probably buy many packages of the stuff hehe. I post soon post a picture of a coconut yogurt bow soon. But I provide a picture of the package now if someone is interested to have a look. Just need now to buy some suger free syrup (ate it basically plain plain today).


(Oliver ) #12

Although I have not been eating much coconut yogurt lately. I still very much thinking about what either coconut based products such are milk and yogurt in general are one of more healthy things we can consume (the right quantities) What either ever that is…

(Oliver ) #13

Its interesting because I have not seen much literature digging in about the science of coconut based products more then just a few articles touching the subject very briefly…

(Robin) #14

Just be sure to read the label carefully. o added sugar means cane sugar, but there are a multitude of other sweetness that might as well be regular sugar.
I’ve no idea about your coconut question. Except to say most of us do better with no processed food.

Pirates wiser members will chime in soon.
Good luck

(Eve) #15

To be a purist regarding clean food, we shouldn’t be consuming anything with stabilisers, emulsifiers, thickeners etc. as they are all chemical additives. It is hard to find alternate yoghurts however, which do not have a least one of two of these in.

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That was a great typo. As far as I know we have no pirates aboard our forum.

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AARG! I stand corrected.
Such diversity on this forum!
We have carnivores already. Can cannibals be far off?

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Even the goat’s milk yogurt I eat has “Non-GMO Modified Tapioca Starch, Pectin” added:

Not sure why it’s added.

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We’ve had this discussion before. “Long pork” is definitely keto. :rofl::rofl::bacon::bacon: