On Coconut yogurt

(Eve) #21

… who knows when we will be boarded …:rofl:

(B Creighton) #22

I’ve bought it because I basically have yogurt every morning, and want the MCTs. However, I can no longer have reg dairy yogurt, and goat yogurt can be hard to find. So, in a pinch I know I can get coconut yogurt. Don’t know if there are tons of recipes but Youtube does have videos on how to make it, although I haven’t tried making it yet. Supposedly, thick canned coconut milk/cream works best.

I mix xylitol and/or erythritol/monk fruit sweetener and some kind of fruit - normally berries. It’s almost always good.

I have tried making goat yogurt several times from raw goat’s milk, and it doesn’t want to thicken. Probably most people will boil the milk first, as that makes it thicken better. I have found adding a touch of xanthum gum, and two tblsp of tapioca powder worked. I think it gives the bacteria the extra food it needs to grow well. I was just going to give up and use raw A2 dairy milk until I found this trick.

(Rossi Luo) #23

If I remember correctly, stabilizers are quite bad chemicals to your health. And some thicker agents are made of plant-based sugars, also bad to health, I would choose food without these chemicals if I was you.