Omega 3 from sources other than avocado or fish

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They are glorious, eh? Just wanted to put out there that any sushi place worth it’s salt will have some sashimi fish that don’t taste fishy.

Edit: and it doesn’t hurt that they’re chilled, on ice, which will also tend to keep any intrinsic smell muted.

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Hi @corduroyew, and sorry I’m late to this discussion.

There is some mixed research on ALA vs. EPA & DHA. In animal studies where they sampled EPA/DHA in the brain (you really can’t do that to humans) they found normal levels of EPA/DHA in animals fed flax/ALA as their source of omega-3s. The blood EPA/DHA were lower and blood ALA was higher.

Fish oil supplements haven’t been shown to be beneficial for most medical problems. Only eating whole fish.

I’m not a physician, or health researcher, but I’ve seen several friends and family benefit from adding ground flax or flax oil to their diet. Flax products are sensitive to heat and going rancid, but they are much better than fish in this regard.

I have a number of the studies referenced here:

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You have two choices: either love omega-3 vitamins or love omega-3 foods. Fish is not so bad, if it is tasty to cook.

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That looks amazing!

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Done right, it tastes as exquisite as it looks :partying_face:

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For me it’s the rancidity of flax that bothers me. Same with hemp. You don’t know how fresh it is or how it’s been stored. If I do get some it’ll be whole seeds.z

I had high hopes for hemp but found that I gradually came to loathe the taste


I am a vegetarian so I don’t eat fish and I don’t even eat avocado because I don’t like their taste so for omega 3 I eat flaxseed and walnuts.