OMAD reducing metabolism?


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Hi everyone! I’ve been doing OMAD for the past week (just lunch). I don’t count calories but I do eat strictly keto; usually something eggy and cheesy with lots of butter (I’ve been making up a keto quiche and having that for lunch). I eat to satiety during this meal.

I’ve just put it through chronometer and it turns out 1 slice is only 600 calories! I am completely stuffed by the end and not even interested in eating anything else for the rest of the day.

My question is; is this caloric restriction? If so how will it affect me when I begin to transition out of OMAD? I plan to do it for 1 more week.

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From what I understand as long as you mix it up your fine but two straight weeks of 600 cals might not be in your best interest. That being said it is a short period of time, what is your plan after the two weeks?

We are all different and in different scenarios and trying to achieve different goals so take this for what it is worth:

Personally I alternate a 20/4 and OMAD during the work week, on the 20/4 days I can get more in. I then feast on Saturday Sunday with a nice early breakfast and closer to a 16/8. I have done a 5 day fast as well and plan on one every 3 months or so.

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Are you at your goal weight?

Megan Ramos says OMAD is great for maintaining. But not for weight loss. If not maintaining, maybe switch to IF & EX protocols and take in more calories, you don’t want to drive your metabolism down. If you continue at only 600 calories per day, that is just calorie restriction and your body will rebel at some point, IMHO.

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Yes, for me this is why I mix it up
OMAD and IF…occasional EF

For me, if I go 3 days at OMAD. By that 3rd day, I’m stuffed around 1000 calories approximately
I believe my body starts to get in to CICO mode
My thermostat gets messed up😳

So, I no longer do the above. YMMV

mix and match :smile:

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I’m doing 800 calories lunch OMAD right now for 8 weeks, did a Dexa scan on before starting, Will get another scan after I complete this. Will let you know if I lose any muscle.

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Very interested!
Looking forward to the results😄


I still think this may differ from one to another. I’ve been mostly OMAD since I started, but as @Tmdlkwd stated, I do try to keep it mixed up some. This may be just adding a second meal once a week, or even once every two weeks? Plus, I do EF quite a bit, because I enjoy it. But even when doing just OMAD, I see losses.


I’ll be curious to see how it goes :slightly_smiling_face: Due to the fallibility/accuracy issues with dexa will you be using any other measurements? Might be a good idea.

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How long have you been eating a ketogenic diet? How much fat do you have to lose? Are you noticing any changes in body composition (i.e., are your clothes looser, even if your weight hasn’t changed)?

If you are really eating to satiety and not consciously counting calories, it’s probably all right, but keep an eye on things. If you stop feeling good or start gaining weight, it would likely mean that your metabolic rate has dropped. Otherwise, if it’s working for you, don’t worry about it. Don’t eat simply because the clock says to, but if you are listening to your body and truly don’t want more food, you are probably fine.

I’d be concerned if you said you were intentionally limiting yourself to 800 calories a day, but as long as it’s your body that’s limiting you, trust your body. Especially if you have a large store of excess fat to get rid of.

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I’m also type 2 diabetes, so hopefully my waistline will drop, and A1C will drop. Scale will go down. That’s all I can think of.


I’d be pretty surprised if that didn’t happen - best of luck to you :slightly_smiling_face:

This article gives a good overview of things that can confound dexa result & a few tips on improving the accuracy of your result.

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Thanks, interesting article! When I did the 1st one I did it in the morning on empty stomach and a glass of water. I plan to do the same 2nd time.


Sounds like a plan. Might be worth getting the tape measure out for more than just your waist too. Neck, hips, thighs, calf, chest, forearm & wrist measurements can all be entered into various online calculators to get bodyfat/lean mass estimates & track your progress.

I look forward to hearing your updates :slightly_smiling_face:

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Remember that if you are truly fat adapted, you are not getting too few calories because whatever you do not consume comes from your stored fat.

I did OMAD for over 6 weeks ingesting less than 1000 calories completely fat adapted and I’d have to say it’s when I got some of my best results before I started fasting.

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This short video explain so well;


I’m interested in your results. I have been doing OMAD (on advice from the forum) for 3 weeks on around 900 - 1000 calories/day, 7 - 11 carbs/day. So far I lost 5lb, 4lb and 4lb. Which is better results than the previous few weeks on 2MAD (not that those weeks were too bad!).

Good luck, I’ll be checking in for updates :slight_smile:

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Woohoo! Good weekly number!!


Well, it’s good until I try on my clothes. I’m dropping a size per 4 weeks roughly. I have just bought some work trousers and shirts AGAIN, this weekend. they are both 4 sizes smaller than when I started 14 weeks ago!

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Have you have a chance to listen to this podcast? Both of the hosts are OMAD, they have been living this lifestyle for years. Gin said she doesn’t use the scale but her clothes size does drop after a year after reaching goal.

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Good Article

Did this EXACTLY for my 1st DEXA
Will repeat again

“All of this research demonstrates how critical it is to standardize body fat measurements, including DEXA. That means having the same clothes, being rested (no prior exercise), being fasted, being tested first thing in the morning upon waking, being hydrated, and, for DEXA, standardizing the position on the bed.”