OMAD + KETO extreme caloric deficit

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Hi all,

I have started my keto journey exactly 1 week ago, on the 21st of may 2020. The results have bee astounding by now having lost 5.5KG in 6 days. with my starting weight being 91.8 kg and my current weight being 86.3kg and being 5’10" tall.

My main concern is that my caloric intake is too low, I’m also doing OMAD with keto and my daily caloric intake is rarely exceeding 700.

I’m 21, started doing cardio almost daily, having never really done it before and I do feel quite weak sometimes. I do supplement with Creatine, Bcaa, vitamins and sometimes a protein shake with my meal to minimize muscle loss.

My current goal is to achieve 65kg by the end of the summer, I believe at this current rate it is more than possible, but my concerns are with my overall health and muscle loss will take a huge hit. My cravings are minimal and so is my hunger(late at night it does increase), I’m usually full by consuming half the meal and end up cramming down the rest.

Would you guys consider it safe to continue with this rate or should i attempt 2MAD (one protein shake and one meal separate) with a higher caloric intake? Your experience and suggestions are greatly appriciated!

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Eat real food rather than supplements (apart from electrolytes), and eat enough to keep yourself fuelled, especially given you’ve just started both LCHF and exercise. It’s going to take a while for your body to learn how to start utilizing the fat inside your fat cells as a fuel source. It’s a long journey, don’t go crazy at the start (and don’t get too tied to the scales, especially as you’re basically just dropping easy fluid weight currently).

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Ofcourse! My meal is mainly a variety of vegetables and meats with the highest caloric intake usually being cheese(with lean meat) or the meat itself, I only supplement during workouts as to reduce fatigue, dizziness and help with endurance.

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What you describe is a recipe for failure. Keto is a metabolic normalization process, not a fast weight loss diet. A lot of stuff happens when you start keto and you have to give yourself enough fuel to let it happen. You do that by restricting carbs not calories. Learn to swim before jumping into the deep end.

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Thus indicating that you’re not eating enough (of the right foods) at meals.

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I am restricting myself to <7 net carbs a day, but my current problem is that when I attempt to increase my portions size I can not eat it. I find OMAD very convenient and effective, and I do feel more energetic during the day in my current state. The only time I feel any discomfort is when I’m working out, which I believe that even on a normal diet I’d be in the same situation due to never having done any Cardio, and just weight training in the past. As I always found cardio to be a very difficult task for me. Would you suggest going 2mad and increasing my caloric intake that way? or just trying to cram more caloric dense food in my only meal?

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Start here:

There are several links in various posts to other forum topics. It would be a very good idea to check out those as well. Best wishes.

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And this: