October ZornFast 2019

(Susan) #42

Exactly!! I totally agree – life can certainly de-rail our plans at times, and we are all cheering you on for phase two of your Fast =)).


@collaroygal what’s really amazing is you restarted. It’s such a great reminder that berating ourselves when we struggle DOES NOT HELP. Keep Calm and Fast On.

Oh, with regard to the KetoAid, has anyone ever used Lite Salt instead of straight salt to get some potassium in with the sodium? If so, did you use the same amount as the sodium (i.e., 1/8 tsp) or did you use more to get the same level of sodium? The Lite Salt container says table salt has 590 mg sodium per 1/4 tsp where as Lite Salt only has 290 mg sodium per 1/4 tsp. But it also has 350 mg Potasium and 60 mcg of Iodine. Thoughts?

(KCKO, KCFO) #44

I think you can play around with it. I personally use powdered Magnesium Citrate and Potassium Citrate with pink salt in my ketoaide. I also like to melt chunks of pink salt under my tongue when fasting so I get lots of sodium :slight_smile:

(Susan) #45

I set my LIFE app for 72 hours. started at 10 pm Thursday. Water, black coffee and electrolytes. My grandson will be away for a few days so that will make it easier.

(Susan) #46

That is awesome, Susan, best wishes for the 72 hours =).

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #47

I do not supplement potassium nor recommend it. If your sodium is on point, your potassium will be on point. The reason it is not recommended is this: it is too easy to over-supplement potassium and the effects can be life threatening. Potassium affects the heart, specifically the heart rhythm. There are certain people that can be unaware of a condition to which supplementing potassium can be dangerous.

The company I work with, IDM (Intensive Dietary Management, foremost on fasting in the world) does not recommend potassium supplementation for this reason. Matter of fact, we only recommend supplementing sodium and magnesium.

When I was in my first year or two of the ketogenic diet, I was very serious and enthusiastic about it. I am not sure why I started supplementing potassium. It may have been simply because I knew it was an important electrolyte, and having figured out how to hack supplementation by using Lite Salt, I made it an ingredient when I decided to develop an electrolyte drink for fasting. I know better now and have since removed it from the KetoAide recipe.
Be sure and do some research and look into the sodium/potassium relationship and you will see that supplementation is not necessary. If you are still certain you must supplement it, have your physician do some lab work to check your potassium levels. You are likely fine.

Have you ever wondered why potassium is not available in tablet form at your local drug store? And why you can only get potassium supplement tablets by prescription?
This is why.

Natural ways to obtain potassium would be avocado or red meat on your eating days.

How Much Potassium From Supplements Is Too Much?
(KCKO, KCFO) #48

Well so much for my original plan. I had another OMAD experience so I will just keep doing this. Fasting is not eating and OMAD really limits how much you will eat in a day. Over a span of days you end up not eating a lot. Since I have done it for two days already, I will continue into next week, ending on Monday. So I am just rolling with this. Found this video that is interesting about OMAD.

Interested to see how everyone else does.

Remember, fasting is fasting, doesn’t matter the protocol, it is good for you.


Thanks for the info @Brenda! And thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule. Good luck at the conference! I also posted a similar question to the Supplements section. I’ll copy your response and post it there.

(Susan) #50

Yes, it is and it is better not to stress over it, and life situations can always alter our plans for sure!

I did a 48 hour, had supper and now back to fasting until Sunday at supper time.

Best wishes to all the people currently fasting =).


28 hours into 72 hours fast and so far rockin’ it. Decided to try doing it without Bone Broth this time and supplementing with KetoAid but if it becomes between a cup of BB and succumbing to hunger I’ll pick the BB. But feeling good so far. Staying busy helps. Luckily tomorrow is a busy day. Hope everyone else is doing well. @collaroygal good job redesigning your fast when your original plan was not working out. It’s a good example for me about not just giving up.


Finished my fast after 43/4 hours. Wasn’t actually as hungry on day 2 as I was the first :-/

(KCKO, KCFO) #53

I am happy to say, I am losing on this fast at almost the exact same level as a regular fast with just coffee/tea/water and salt. I am also feeling better in general. I am starting to understand why Megan Ramos recommends OMAD for those who have reached goal and want to maintain.

It is easier to delay instead of deny yourself something. I will be pushing further into next week if I continue to feel as good as I do now.

Hope everyone is keeping busy and enjoyin some good autumn weather. We went to the Denver Art Museum yesterday for a wonderful exhibit of Monet’s works. It was a lovely exhibit and I was so glad to realize I was seeing several paintings I had viewed in other museums around the world.

Susan, I always enjoy my back to back fasts.

KCKO folks :slight_smile:

(Susan) #54

Well done @Mekkins, @Amanda and @collaroygal

I have 22 hours more to go -breaking tomorrow night at 5 for two 48’s and one meal inbetween the two =).

(Marc SW129.4 SD07/19) #55

So this isn’t about food but it’s about the bathroom so I’m going to hide it for people who don’t want to see.

Is this normal?

So I’m 62h into my fast and I’ve lost 3kg so far. A weird thing happened, I just had a bowel movement. Is this just the remainder of stuff from my feast 2 days ago or is this the stuff that my body is clearing out. Fellow fasters who have done this more than me does anybody know if this is normal?

(Trish) #56

This Clark protocol could be a great December and January protocol coming into and going out of the Christmas (over)eating time frame starting the protocol each month on the first. The timing would be spot on. When is thanksgiving in the US? Might time well for November also?

(KCKO, KCFO) #57

Marc, BMs are totally normal. Might not be as much as normal, but your body is processing the things you ate earlier.

(KCKO, KCFO) #58

USA’s Thankgiving is 4th Thursday in November.

That new protocol sounds interesting and you have a good suggestion about using it to recoup from festive meal season.

(Marc SW129.4 SD07/19) #59

So I hit my 72h at 11pm last night and decided to get one more sleep in before breaking it. Just finished breaking it with somebacon eggs and sausages feeling pretty full right now . Whoot I completed my first 3 day fast!

Thanks for that I thought that might be the case but as this was only my 2nd extended fast and I didn’t have a BM during my 1st I was a little concerned.

(KCKO, KCFO) #60

Well done, great that you delayed the break because you could just get some sleep.

Glad you feel good about it all.

(Susan) #61

Congrats Marc, that is great =).