October ZornFast 2019

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I did the 2 -48’s with that one meal of 1000 calories on Friday for supper and broke a bit after 5pm tonight. I am going to take a break off fasting for this week, and do my normal TMAD at 1pm and 4:30 for this week and then starting next Monday, I am planning on following this protocol until November 30 and also omitting all dairy except for butterduring that period, as I think it might be causing issues for me with weight loss.

@Ilana_Rose was mentioning this on a thread so this is her post:

This is what it looks like to figure it out easier, that she posted for me too:


I think that the protocol that Brenda posted looks awesome too but that this one will currently work better for me personally. I posted about it on my thread too; and I think that @monsterjuice (Ashley) and some others might be interested in trying it as well.

I want to do the November Zornfast as well; though so for that week I will incorporate that into my plan above, by doing the Thursday after supper until Sunday after supper that week =) for a 72 hour Fast.

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I am on for fasting this week! My last meal was yesterday evening at about 7. I would like to go all the way to mid day Friday and ease myself back into eating for a social event Saturday evening. It will total less than 5 days, about 110 hours. I will do water, herbal teas, & electrolytes. My main goal is to bring my fasting blood glucose down. This morning it was 145.

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That is great, Robin, Happy Fasting. Maybe try and get your sister to join in too!! =).


@Shallimar, where can I find more info on the Clark Protocol?


Thanks again y’all for the support while fasting. I completed a 72 hr fast last weekend but ran out of time to post then. This fast was harder than last month. There may have been several confounding factors besides that I previously had done 72 hours with Bone Broth twice a day. So I will test out a strict water/electrolytes fast again in November and see if it was the BB that made it easier or something else.

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I just finished a 74-hour fast.

CGM: 51
BG: 45
BK: 5.2
GKI: 0.48
Boz: 8.65

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@Mekkins -Congrats on your 72 hour fast!!

Below is the Clark Protocol that Brenda posted earlier in this thread:

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Congrats that is great =).

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Post 26 in this thread by Brenda. .


Thanks @Momof5. :man_facepalming: I actually did see that post but somehow did not connect the title of the fast. Looks interesting. I may try it.


Thanks @collaroygal for unthawing my brainfreeze.

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Hoping to see this month’s thread soon. I’ll be starting Zornfasting after dinner tonight.


I’ve been watching for it too. Same for me. Starting 72 hrs after dinner tonight.

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Also waiting for the November thread :slight_smile:
Starting a 5 day fast.

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