October 2022 IF/EF Chat Thread (All welcome)


Time for a new thread.

My timed eating window is working well. I am finally within my goal weight range. As long as the scale is within 3 lbs. + or - of my goal weight, I am happy. Glad to be back here and hoping to stay put. The last two+yrs of the pandamnit resulted in me going way higher than I wanted to be. Glad to be back in my comfort zone again.

Hope others are doing well too.

September 2022 IF/EF Chat (All Welcome)
(Michael) #2

I quickly changed to ADF last month, and I am planning on the same this month. Fasting M, W, F and eating the other 4 days with flexible eating windows other days. Seems to be working on keeping my FBS lower and back within a healthy range from the pre diabetic range. I will not bother posting often but I will check in semi regularly to see how other fasters are faring.

(nutmegs) #3

October will be my return to IF for the first time in almost two years. I’m very quickly remembering how difficult the first few days can be, but also reminding myself how great it feels once you’re back in the habit.


I’ve long been doing TRE (usually skipping breakfast or at least pushing it way back, 14:10, 16:8, 18:6, that kind of thing), but I’ve not pushed myself out of my comfort zone in a loooooong time.

My goal for October is to get some 24ish-hour fasts in, and then be consistent with them, working up to a regimen of OMAD a few times a week (say Mon/Wed/Fri which are my longer and busier days at work). Once I’ve established that habit and feel comfortable with it … well, I’ll see how I feel (and what results I’m getting) and take it from there.

Wish me luck, fab fasters!


Good luck, @buxomlass!!!
I would have a similar goal as it’s realistic to me - when I don’t have carnivore easy satiation. I do have that lately so I just do my natural, effortless IF with a huge eating window. Like 6-8 hours. I barely could do more regularly if I wanted, it’s so big for me already. I may eat 5+ times but it’s nearly always under 8 hours, I even lost my weekend early hunger recently, YAY! I still have my night eating here and there but that’s usually still IF as I don’t start to eat early. But the time of my first meal varies now, it’s sometimes 3pm, sometimes 5-6pm.

I try to do 2MAD now (I can’t really control it, I eat when my body wants but there is some wriggle room), OMAD seems unrealistic but maybe eventually I go back to it? But 2 is fine, I just want to lose these unconvenient 3-6 meal days already.

(nutmegs) #6

I’m also trying to work towards getting some 24hr fasts in. So far I’ve been doing 16/17hrs (which I think isn’t bad after a couple of years of no IF at all). The hardest part for me, I find, is that I work shifts, so my daily routine gets turned upside down quite often, and it can be a challenge knowing when best to eat to ensure it fits when I’m working days or nights.

(Bob M) #7

This is an interesting study on shift work, where people who ate during the day and fasted overnight, even when working overnight, were better off:


Good luck to all. Last week, I made OMAD on a day, but I didn’t go longer due to a cold, which is still lingering. This week, I’m going for a 36 hour fast. Will report back.

(nutmegs) #8

Thank you for that link, I currently try to keep my eating window for the evening as this seems to work for when I’m working day or night, but am keen to try switching it up if it seems better. I agree that fasting through the night, even when working is a lot easier.
Good luck for your 36hrs!

(Central Florida Bob ) #9

Hi, all.

My last fasting day of September got run over by Tropical Storm Ian (it was TS and not hurricane by the time it got to the east coast where I am). With so much unusual and especially frantic activity going on, I didn’t fast last week. That was enough stress. Back to it today - I’m at about hour 16 of a 40 hour fast.

Debating with myself if I extend to more than one day/week to try to turn the weight curve downward.

(Robin) #10

Love those turn-around. We learn from them all.

(Bob M) #11

That hurricane was brutal for the parts of Florida that got hit hard. Even in CT, we’ve been hit by a tropical storm, and it cause so much damage. Trees here seem to come down at any higher wind, and all of our electrical wires are in the way. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been on a generator for a week or longer (though some of those were snow storms).

I’ve been trying one 36 hour/week fast, but only averaging 1-36 hour fast per every two weeks. I did a fast yesterday though. Had a good workout this morning. Still getting over a cold, as was hoping that fasting might help (some evidence that ketones are not the preferred energy source for viruses, and fasting does raise ketones, even for me). Feel a lot better today. Feel great, actually.

Since I have a bottle of exogenous ketones, I’ve been trying them as a post-workout drink or to take during the fast. I can’t say there’s much of a benefit, but it’s hard to tell.

(Michael) #12

I am finding it easier to keep up this ADF schedule now. I am eating around 4000 kcal / eating days, with M,W,F still fasting days. My blood glucose is a bit higher this week, not sure if it is because I have not been exercising as much in general or eating a bit more or which. Still down compared to non ADF levels, so all good still. Holding firm on this routine for the required 3 months before re-doing bloodwork to see changes.

(Bob M) #13

Well, I had too much to do this week, and had to rearrange my workout schedule. So, no longer fast for me. Back to it next week, hopefully.

@Naghite That looks like a good schedule for now. I do think there’s a relationship between exercise and higher blood sugar, though don’t know of a way to actually prove this. Maybe no exercise for one week versus exercising a lot the next week?

(Becky S.) #14

Hello All,

I have a question about IF. If I am doing approx 20/4 on M/W/F, on the other days am I suppose to be feasting as if I was going to do a longer fast? I have been listening to the Obesity Code podcast and they talk a lot about feasting then fasting but I haven’t been able to nail down if that is what I am suppose to be doing regularly with IF.

The longest I have done is 44 hours (just last week) which I feasted prior to as best I could. I was pretty proud of making it that long but it was tough and I never got that energy kick everyone talks about, oh well…Keeping calm and Ketoing on…

Thanks in advance for any help/insight =)

(Tim Cee) #15

My third day back on keto. Didn’t feel hungry for lunch so de-facto fast.

(Tim Cee) #16

In this context, isn’t feasting just eating normally?

(Becky S.) #17

I don’t know Tim. That is currently what I do but I don’t know if that is considered feasting? It feels like feasting, but I just don’t know. I hear it referenced a lot on the podcasts and it is undefined, with the exception of when they are talking about prepping for a long fast, so I was looking for some possible insight.

Welcome back to Keto! So lucky you already don’t feel hungry, sounds like you just slipped right back in!


You can do whatever suits you. Not eating at all, eating once, eating in a bigger window… ALL may work, it depends on the person :wink:
A 4 hour eating window is normal to me (even if I often have a bigger one but I rarely need it, I am just that “undisciplined” and sometimes carni satiation is too “good” and I need more meals) so I wouldn’t change anything special on the leftover days… But I usually am good with bigger meals…

I don’t know what people consider “feasting”. I definitely should do my best to avoid “feasting”. Eating as little as possible and hoping for not overeating is my ideal attitude but it’s me. Feasting sounds serious overeating to me (or normal eating with a wrong label) but again, it’s me… What is barely eating to me may be eating until bursting point and force-feeding for some others…

I don’t even know how much you eat in your 4 hours. Little? Just enough for your goals? Much? :smiley: It’s a pretty important factor in deciding how you should eat on the other days.

I did some 40-48 hour fasts and one 120 hour long one. I never ever got energy kick from fasting, IF, keto or anything else. It’s not a guaranteed thing. I am a low energy person, it seems though I haven’t give it up yet…

(Bob M) #19

I think, though don’t know, that some of that energy is related to high ketones. Some people just feel better with high ketones. Others don’t. And I now no longer get high ketones. Even fasting 4.5 days gets them to only to above 2 mmol/l. And I have noticed that I don’t get the energy I used to during a fast. Coincidence? Probably not.

(Bob M) #20

Usually, the second day is the worst. The third day is better. The third day is often when you feel great. I have found this to be true many – but not all – times.