OctCarniFest :)


I really like that Azi

grazing is truly a ‘sign that something is off’ cause carnivores don’t graze unless something is a tad off :slight_smile: so you are real smart to make that call.

Most carnivore recommends is eat a big fatty happy meal and then second meal, where we truly ‘can control and find our next meal comfort level’ to be a tad less fatty etc. is what alot of us do just thru natural eating on plan with time as we do change… so yea…I believe you are finding a real good solution! Let us know how you do!! Might be a good spot for you!


I have meat just fine but I don’t eat that yet.
I have a pound of ready-to-eat pork chuck, more than 3kg thigh and some bony meat and meaty bone for a soup. And lots of processed meat (not a huge amount, actually but I only eat a little every day. possibly nothing on really meaty days)
But for today, 200g pork chuck with my other stuff is already easily over my energy need… And I don’t even have a workout day. It felt so odd, no lifting :D. I only do 2 full body workouts a week but I split them (I don’t want it but I can’t do my full workout on the same day. I just forget about it, even between reps, rarely but happens that too. my kitchen is very distracting) so I have 4 workout days.

So I have meat if I feel the need. Yesterday getting out my pork wasn’t planned but I had enough of my other stuff so I decided on eating 200g pork chuck, already fried. I couldn’t fit much more into my day. But I actually felt a little lacking at my satiation yesterday so today I eat well :slight_smile: But 200g pork chuck should be enough. But we will see, it depends on my liver consumption…

We plan to go shopping on Friday and I will buy meat if some nice will be on offer for sure! I don’t feel THAT comfortable with only 4kg meat in my freezer… But I can get some on any day in the nearby villages and town if needed so it’s not a worrying feeling, I just like to have more and the village shop has its bad moments with zero pork.
Having only 30 eggs when it’s Friday evening, that’s the scary thing. Or challenging. But it can be just fine if I have 3kg fresh roast and no desire towards eggs…
Whatever, I like to have enough food to be okay for 1-2 weeks (but preferably 4 when it’s right after shopping) on carnivore and having zero chance at dying of hunger for quite a few months - but that wouldn’t be “okay”, not even for the high-carber, of course. We just wouldn’t die without shopping for half a year, I guess. And it’s just our normal minimal food we like to have at home. We always need shopping, that’s why we go to do it this week despite it’s not our city visit.

So I am quite fine. I don’t even want much meat now, that 1000g day had some impact, I still like meat but in moderation while my passion towards eggs somewhat came back. It’s not huge and I don’t want boiled eggs or much scrambled eggs but 6-8 eggs is easy to eat and that’s a significant amount of nutrients.

Good luck! I only have fatty meal and very fatty meals. Low-fat carni meals are tiny meals, not everyone can function with them (or even eating them. my meals always end up fatty, no matter what I do, it’s a bit mysterious to me).

I plan a fattier day as I realized I miss fat very much… I was so, so okay for so long but it’s a serious longing right now. I just don’t know how to get off from the brake. I keep trying to keep my fat consumption back, probably since more than a decade now… And while I have wilder/totally relaxed days, carby off days aren’t good for a nice, fatty, enjoyable day. Or I don’t know but I never felt I had a luxurious, fatty but very nice, very low-carb day without using fatty but not so great items. I don’t want to eat much added fat at all. Or too much dairy. I had a fatty keto day once but it was with chocolate. It was nice though. But I didn’t feel I ate really much fat, just a bit more than usual…

It’s just some vague idea but I think I will try to relax just one day regarding fat…
We will see. Normally I can’t eat really much fat as satiation arrives earlier and it’s fine and right, I just want an extra day I feel… I don’t even know if this feeling is wrong and my overeating high-carb and very very high-fat past is to blame… But that has surely something to do with it. I ate so fatty food and it was so great… And then low-carb health-consciousness came and now I must be careful with my fat. I managed to bring it down on low-carb and it stayed there on keto… With some more relaxed days here and there but I couldn’t fully relax, my fat-minimizing habits stayed with me and it’s very good but I just want a single day when I do whatever.

We will see :slight_smile:

(Edith) #143

My goodness! I hope you are feeling better. That’s so nice that your daughter brought in food for you. You certainly didn’t need to flood your system with carby hospital food. That probably would have made you feel worse.

@SecondBreakfast, @FrankoBear, @Karen18, please keep us updated with how your doing.


Going OK. Very slow start today. It’s not a great day when the coffee doesn’t work. But I felt hungry after only a small meal of cold roast beef last night. So I had a good breakfast of 4 pastured eggs scrambled, bacon and chorizo. I needed a nap after that. Needing a nap is very strange. Lucky I could work from home today. Then took a painkiller and was able to get some work done. It’s 8 hours later and I’m heading over to Mum’s for weekly baked beef ribs.

Joint pains, itchy face. My right ankle is particularly sharp with pain, as is my left elbow. I had my COVID jab in my left arm. I’ll see the doc again next Monday.

(Karen) #145

Blimey we’re all in the wars aren’t we?. I am feeling a bit like a fraud taking up a hospital bed. MrI scan later this morning or early afternoon and all being okay will be able to go home later today. Yes my daughter has been a star and so on board with keeping me fed. She cooked and brought in some lamb yesterday with some hard boiled eggs. Cant say I have had much of a hunger since being in hospital as I am not using any energy but I am making sure I eat something to help the healing process. ,thanks to Sian… she would tell me off if I didn’t!. More updates later xxx
Brunch lamb


super happy you are doing better and released later today…I bet you can’t wait for that! Super cool your daughter is taking care of your eating needs. While not a ton hungry I am so glad you are eating to heal and keep up your strength, I like that but yes, it is time for home. Hey weirdo things go down for alot of us sometimes, hope this is a blip for ya and never repeated and away ya go dancing again soon!

Super glad to hear you are eating ok also! I know with my shingles crap I lost a little appetite but did keep eating some, and now Karen is eating too and you are eating SO THAT is always a good thing…means whatever it is we will get over :slight_smile:

Sorry on itchy now…my shingles this last week went weirdo little itchy and still my head and forehead is numby and sore like…a virus is a royal pain in the … as we all know…not sure if you got what you got but it does sound like something ‘settled in you’ and super happy you got bloodwork etc. to see what is going down…just fight fight fight is all any of us can do :slight_smile:

happy to see your delish rib plate Vic…glad you checked in and hope is going well for you!!!

-----------SO today is my chicken wings
what a friggin’ nightmare in the kitchen last night. So I get a ton of wings and kid says she wants her wings fried and then I called hubby at work to see if wanted fried wings and he said yes SO then I had to do their wings fried and ----since I had no big lard around, only that damn veggie canola oil for the family since they use it, I couldn’t fry mine, so I was gonna do the oven for me…SO I start all this work to fry these damn wings for family and get some roasted taters into the oven and ALL THIS friggin’ kitchen work ------that I forgot to put my wings in the oven. But family loved their dinner so that is good!


I tell ya guys I get frazzled in the kitchen anymore. Usually family meals I can do very simple, like a fast stir fry or meat and then they make the sides they want with it ya know…like I walked from kitchen duty mostly and this ‘big fry of the wings and taters’ etc just threw me into crazy land HAHA

so food was those thin cut Tbone steaks for first meal yesterday.
second after dealing with this massive frying of the wings for the family…I ended up with some salami slices, tin of sardines and 2 beef sticks.


So this is today for me.
wings in the oven…4 lbs
I got a small 1/2 lb NY Strip steak for any other meat I might require later–sitting for defrost now

I don’t know, yesterday’s wings fiasco got away from me but not today LOL

Ahhh, some days right? for me it is big cooking and I am so over kitchen duty I can’t even tell ya :wink:

Carnivore on all!!! We got the meats, let’s eat them up!


Something very very similar happened to me years ago on keto.

It might be different, but for me it was low blood pressure, super low blood sugar, and lack of certain electrolytes. That’s why you’re dizzy and sick feeling, and in the end, you pass out. Your body then tries to correct and kicks into overdrive by raising your blood pressure - that leads to high blood pressure, heartbeat being erratic etc.

The solution is to up your electrolytes in a big, big, BIG way - that should fix it. I was suspicious the other month when you were having issues with migraines, and I talked about upping salt - the only reason I was going on about it is because I have walked this exact path before.

If you get the feeling again (it’s happened to me once or twice since, but not since restarting keto/carnivore), lie down on the floor asap - even if you feel sick. It gives your body chance to correct your blood pressure and the feeling will pass. It might take 15-30 minutes to feel right again. Put a podcast on your phone and close your eyes and stay on the floor - don’t get up too soon.

Take all of this advice with a pinch of salt, of course - this is assuming none of the other tests flag anything else as being wrong. But reading your post was almost word for word with my experience, including the ‘fainting on the toilet’ moment.

(Linda ) #148

Yesterday’s 2nd meal I ended up eating 93% ground beef I took out ground turkey I didn’t want it in the end…

Todays 2st meal 2 small pieces of chuck eye steak about 360grams about 3/4 lb

Later I may have more ground beef and cook the ground turkey and freeze it.

I was really happy with my food yesterday I wasn’t snacking the 2 meals did me fine I wasn’t hungry. …since whole eggs are classed as "fatty " it also puts a limit on that too one cup per day of coffee since I add an egg to it, which is probably a good thing as well. I didn’t feel like I was over eating which has been the case alot the last 6 weeks…

@Karen18 good to hear you may be out today I hate hospital so getting home is always a good thing lol.
@FrankoBear I hope you get some answers soon nothing worse than pain stopping us from the things we enjoy doing.

@Shinita yes i love fatty meat too but I don’t mind so much mixing it up to see if there is a way to combine a bit of both now I can have bacon and liver. And things like that… esp since for me I still trying to get my triglycerides to keep dropping they finally hit a normal range for the lab but Dr C wants them to drop alot lower lol…
I think these times I have had to. Mess with my fats prob has also been good for me mentally as well…
I’ve had to follow the drs plans that have made me gain weight …and so its forced me to re think how I view this …I think its too easy to let the scale to become a main focuss when ideally it should be about being healthy…
So I decided that I’ll follow this and see where it leads since my body is still healing…
This last week I’ve been watching a keto site on fb and the ppl there that are 4 years out are constantly saying to ppl watch your portions calories matter, portions are not very big!!
I dont want to go back to dieting that to me is telling ppl from now on you living on a diet …no thanks I’ll live with the extra 5-11 lbs (depending on the day) if I have to lol.
I dont want to go back to that…


Beauty Pic! YUM, truly that looks so darn great!


@VirginiaEdie Thank you for the shout-out! I’d not been posting much since I swayed a bit off course.
When one’s metal is being tested - as is my current status - I prefer to avoid posting/writing. I’ll be back when my metal has cooled a bit more.


The next days will be interesting… Yesterday I just couldn’t forced myself to eat my 200g pork chuck (I was hungry so I ate some but even with multiple attempts, I just couldn’t). But I didn’t want liver either. I think I have a very serious meat aversion right now. It probably won’t last long though.
It’s odd to look at meat pics and not liking them… So unusual.

But it’s 4:36pm with a soft hunger so I blissfully fast… I definitely can’t imagine eating anything. But will soon as my hunger progresses. Hopefully my appetite will climb to zero at some point. I think I should make soup, that always triggers a proper meal…

(Karen) #152

Hi, mri scan reveled i had a stroke in the cerebral cells which control balance. A lot to take in so if I get some of the medical terms wrong … anyway that was why I felt so dizzy and couldn’t stand up on my own. Waiting for the stroke team to come and have a chat.

I was adding salt to my meat well at least to the steaks lamb and pork. They taste so much better with the added salt. I may have to stop frying everything and start grilling. Not sure what to do because of course when you read up on how to eat (stroke related) it says not to fry too much and not eat processed burgers. Think I will have to make all my own burgers from now on once again.

(Karen) #153

Nope won’t be out today unfortunately atelier according to the senior doctor. Have to say the staff have been marvelous here and boy do I feel fortunate to be here in UK with our fab NHS

(Michael) #154

I am excited for this weekend. I am making beef tongue tomorrow, and I bought my first beef hearts (4 of them) and will be cooking beef heart and bone marrow for breakfast on Saturday with a beef Ribeye for dinner, and then, on Sunday, I will be having Ostrich sausages with Elk steak before returning home from a cottage party. I am long overdue for this weekend. I will post pictures of these things when I have prepared and eaten over the weekend!


Oh, I was hoping it wasn’t anything like that - really sorry to hear that it was something more serious, but glad they picked up on it very quickly for you.

(Edith) #156

Oh my goodness! That was the last thing I was expecting to hear! I am very sorry to hear that. I’m glad your neighbor thought to get you to the hospital.

I would be interested in knowing what the doctors think caused your stroke, if you are willing the share that information.

Also, what are processed burgers? Burgers one would buy via a fast food place versus cooked at home?

(Edith) #157

I had a friend that also had something similar with the dizziness, vomiting, and unable to stand, but for him it was vertigo. The little crystals in his ear had shifted. Now when he has an episode, he has maneuvers he has to go through that put the little crystals back into position.


Sounds quite serious, @Karen18 though I have no idea what it means for your future, I am bad with medical things in general…

My favorite softer sausage saved me, hopefully I could eat enough for OMAD! Maybe not, I lost interest in eggs too… But some forms are still okay like the sponge cakes I made today, again.
Tomorrow we get some more processed meat, I would be doomed without them now…
But my soup has turkey meat and it’s different and easy enough to eat to help as well.

I just can’t do what you guys that I just eat meat every day and don’t get turned off ever. Even with my several eggs, it happens. Today I ate a bit cheese and sour cream too as I needed all the food I could stomach. Not the most satiating stuff but maybe it will be enough.


so i’m wondering if this is salvageable…i added too much salt to my ground beef (before cooking) and when i take a small bite, my eyes start tearing up because of how much salt there is. i tried adding eggs but it doesn’t help. should i just toss this batch?


Add even more eggs?
(I would add much sour cream as well but that’s not ideal even for me…)

I surely wouldn’t throw out poor food unless it’s really insanely salty (but you had to have some vague idea about the right salt amount…). I don’t know such a thing as too much eggs in my food…

I am super cautious with salt, I usually add very little. My Mom always said it’s easy to add more salt but taking it out, that’s way harder.