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how do we know which animal parts minimally provide the nutrients we require to survive? like i read somewhere that it’s impossible to live on just chicken alone, but how do we know that and if we don’t have access to the entire animal, how do we know if we are able to survive on it? e.g. if someone eats only rib-eye steaks for the next 50 years, would they still be healthy? i don’t know anyone that old who has only consumed rib-eye steaks for 50 years to ask.


here you can read about the Andersons, Joe and Charlene.https://www.ketoforhealth.org/articles/150-joe-and-charlene-anderson-more-than-20-years-eating-only-meat

they are over 20 years and not quitting.

Charles Washington (ZIOH, Zeroing in on Health) is near on 20 yrs at least now as are so many others truly. “The Bear,” was a Zero Carb Carnivore for 50 years. He participated in a low carb forum where he shared his experience with and knowledge about eating a diet comprised entirely of animal foods. (yes he has passed now but he did 50 yrs of eating carnivore and has alot of info out there you can research easily on the internet)

yes there is info out there actually to google and find out more…hope some of that helps.

and I am gonna be 60 in 2 mos…I am going into year 5 on carnivore, my mom is 93 now, so if I get, hmm, say 90 in life if lucky, then I can give you a 35 yr perspective on carnivore…but you have to do it with me and just tick off your own years and then we know right? HAHA


super happy the Doc gave you his first opinion and good chance that could be it and then you got a good idea how to treat and get thru this. Well, I researched it and being a darn virus, like my stupid shingles I just got, there is no ‘real treatment’ kinda thing I read, but it can be weeks to months to get over it, again, like the crud that got me LOL

I am happy you are getting all those tests but I hope it does come back with an easy diagnosis ya know, one you can handle and deal. :slight_smile:

So sorry on that darn commute and work stress week you got going down for you…when one is off like this fighting some virus or ? it helps so much to just stop and rest and nap and chill ya know, but darn life keeps us moving among med issues like this doesn’t it?

Got fingers crossed for you tho on your diagnosis and hope it is something you can get over faster than some bigger issue…all that bloodwork should nail down something for you!

-----------------today is drive mom home after her visit here so will eat when I get home, a steak. And for dinner another steak. I need simple meals point blank right now. Just defrost the meat, slap in pan, slap on plate, eat. Done.

Seems I am getting darn busy somehow LOL Seems like my days are getting away from me in a way…so best I just eat the steaks and don’t give it another thought.

Carnivore on strong thru Oct everyone!


do they not consume any of the organs? i’m not so much concerned about the eating only meat part, but rather which parts they are eating over those years


no, the Andersons don’t and I know Charles doesn’t and I don’t think the Bear did either, but I know all of them tried them, cause when ya read up with all these people everyone tried all kinds of animal foods ya know but in the end, all us carnivores will hit to ‘the exact stuff’ we love and our food registry will get very small, as I bet you know too as you changed kinda thru how you eat and how your food preferences jump around a bit.

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I have posted the link to this video in another carnivore thread, on vitamin requirements, but here it is again. Have a look to see what some 10+ year carnivores recommend.


Cute dinner at 5pm. About 7 eggs (more yolks than whites), 336g meat, some cheese and others but that part is little as always. Some added fat today.
We accidentally bought low-fat butter last time. If it’s not very obviously written on it, we may miss it, it seems. I keep forgetting about the existence of such abominations… It’s not so bad in its watery fat way, I can eat it alone but it’s not butter, doesn’t work in that role. Oh well, we survive this.

The problem with our still new microwave is worse and even that isn’t so bad right now. I “need” it many times a day but there are ways around that. When I was a kid, we had no microwave… It’s still comfortable.

So, I ate my basic energy need for dinner as usual. Not active day, my sleep was bothered. Finished the workout I started yesterday, walked and even run a tiny bit. I keep seeing deers in the hilltop :slight_smile:

I hope I won’t get hungry at night, 1800 kcal should keep me satiated for a long time, I think I ate satiating items, mostly… (But it would be nice to eat big meals one day… :smiley: Will I ever be cured from these feelings?)


thanks, good vid.
but how do we know for example only eating chicken breast for 10+ years doesn’t have the same effect as eating only rib-eyes? are all animals just nutritionally inferior to cows/beef? if so, how is that measured/how do we know that? or some beef parts of the cow vs. other parts?

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To be fair, I have only been in ketosis for three and a half years, with two of those years eating strictly carnivore. I also do not perform very thorough research on the biomechanics of ingesting different types and parts of all animals. I just use the elimination diet technique. I perform n=1 tests by eliminating certain foods, reintroducing them on at a time after at least three weeks of elimination, noting the reaction if any, eliminating them again, and checking for any reaction when reintroduced a second time.

I don’t think all animals have less nutrition than beef. For instance, the ruminants group, to which cattle belong, probably have similar nutrients, depending on where they were raised/grazed. But I have not checked all the nutritional data. You can check the nutritional data online, or use an app like chronometer, which really breaks down the micronutrients in various foods. I tend to mix in poultry to my diet, for a change of pace and cost savings. The two types of animal products that make me personally feel best are ruminant meat, like beef and venison, and cold water fatty fish, like salmon and tuna.

I assume there are human cultures that have thrived for millions of years by eating fish and game. But I don’t have any data or studies to back that up. Just anecdotal, from experiences with other cultures who are less removed from that way of life than my western culture.

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So today I started with I th half a lamb rack then I’ve since had two lots of jumbo shrimp, and two slices of bacon.

Tomorrow morning 9 M I have a phone appointment with Dr C will be interesting to hear his comments…


Sounds right to me, not like I know much about these things…

I live on eggs, pork and some other stuff myself. Almost zero fish and ruminant meat. I plan to change it in the future and now I don’t do carnivore, just sometimes but my extras aren’t so much and I doubt those help much with nutrition… If something, they add carbs and create some level of mess… But we will see. I am brave and optimistic. I had no problem (except what too much carbs do to me but I felt quite healthy) on my vegetarian woe as I went from high-carb to keto, I feel better now, my food sounds better for me if I look at it with my tiny knowledge about nutrition (I try but Chemistry isn’t my thing at all and it’s often so mysterious, I can’t find definite answers… and I eat in a special way, even if there would be info about some very different style, that’s not my case)… My body seems to be okay enough with what I am doing but of course I don’t see if there is something wrong inside, just not noticeable for a long time… But the human body is quite resilient… But I don’t want merely survive…
Oh well, I try to do my best and let’s hope it will be enough.

But I am interested in the answers too. If they exists…
I eat organ meat galore myself. I like liver again, I fried another 500g today but only ate maybe 70g of it. It gets old eventually but I will have some nice liver bites here and there in the next days. And I ate over 300g yesterday… But I don’t like the other organs. Pig heart was fun a few times but I won’t eat it often. I probably will buy pig liver from the farm and do something with it. Alvaro is against it despite his Mom likes it and surely did it many times and we ate it… I like beef liver too and it’s cheap enough just not very available. I just hope grabbing some ruminant parts here and there helps something (it surely helps with variety) but it’s very little at this point.

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Well you get up in the morning and never know what life has in store for you!
Yesterday I got up usual time for day off, 7.20am and did stair runs…
Felt fine no problems just normal. Went downstairs and to back of garden to get hedgehog bowl and brought that inside to wash. Took my washing down and was standing at the table folding it and came over all unnecessary ! Dizzy, sweating profusely, it was literally dripping off me. Sat down and it eased slightly but I knew it didn’t feel right. Webt upstairs another the folded clothes and thought I would have a lay down but the dizziness got worse and I had to get to the loo fast! Retching and you know what at the same time though not exactly diarrhoea but it was softish. Thought damn I have left my phone on kitchen table so dragged myself in to bedroom to call my neighbour to come round which she did and straight away I need her to help me back into bathroom! She was so worried she called an ambulance and also my daughter who turned up just before the paramedics. I was blue lighted in to our local hospital with hypothermia high blood pressure and an erratic heartbeat!!! Where the f***k did that come from???
So I have spent all yesterday in hospital and had ct scan bloods ecg and there were thoughts it might be a bleed on the brain,an infection, a stroke or a heart attack! Results were all clear.
I was in resus from about 10 till 6.30, I starting feeling okay about 3.30pm) then moved on the trolley to the main A&E and lay on that trolley till 3 30am when I finally went upstairs to a ward. Had to give all my details to the young man on the ward so didn’t get my head down till 4.30am to then be woken by the doctor at 5.30am to go through all the same questions and assessments then back to sleep till 6.30 when I popped to the toilet Nd then slept till 7.30! I now feel very groggy through lack of sleep. I have to have a mri scan which will either be today or tomorrow which means possibly another night here. Registrar visited and thought he heard a heart murder, been seen by cardiology team who think my heart is sound and couldn’t hear any murmer but is going to do further investigations in out patients and I have to see stroke team also. I just want to go home. To top it all TV were here filming in resus so I may end up on the box!!

My daughter brought in lots of meaty products and cheese because she knows i can be stubborn and won’t eat the hospital food and she didn’t want me not to eat. She knows me so well lol she is an absolute star. Was only able to eat a small chicken drum and a pig in blanket and it wasn’t a piglet lol.

Tad bit embarrassing having the paramedics and my neighbour see me with my pants down on the toilet but hey ho it is what it is. Though I wouldn’t let my son-inlaw see me, that would have been just too much lol

So today I have had a cheese salad minus the salad, I spread some butter on the cheese which was nice. Spoke to my daughter on the phone and she said there was aload more sliced meat, pork loin slices, beef, chicken and ham slices and then I found a whole block of cheese at the bottom of the cool bag lol :laughing: so ate a couple of ham and pork slices too. Feel full now.

She looks after me. Of course everyone shocked that I took a funny turn but thankfully I am fit enough to recover quickly. Be good if the mri scan co es back clear too and that this whole episode remains just a blip mystery in life!



holy moly that sounds so darn scary. Ambulance, with possibly being on some rescue show for tv…that is off the chain thru it all for you!!

First thing comes to mind is the heart with dizzy and sweating like that, but if you had bathroom issues like that, it swings me more toward food poisoning type thing or some type of bad food bacteria issue. Cause the heart and sweating can easily go with that issue also.

Must have been torture for the day you went thru for sure. Nice thing is it sounds like ‘you got it out of your system’ in some fashion but still hoping all your tests come back ok and you don’t have long issues of any kind.

If you are eating again that is always a godo sign :slight_smile: I always say, if I eat and feel crappy I ain’t dying LOL but if I go off my feed and feel horrible, then we got a problem :slight_smile: Just something I always say to myself so I am thrilled to read you are eating good and it sounds like your daughter came to your rescue…love that!

Wishing you the best and give an update when you can and let us know you are doing ok K!

-----------------------SO I woke up with a darn allergy headache. Did a ton of mowing and hitting weedy areas like down around 2 of my barns. Whatever weeds are nailing me are doing a good darn job. Eyes just tearing like crazy and nose clogged up. The usual for me.

few otc meds and hope the day gets better, it should, again, in my usual beat the mowing allergy form LOL

got a pack of those thin cut Tbone steaks…last pack from freezer to finish then I am only stocked with the thick cut Tbones…which are so much better. But will eat those thin ones and for second meal I got my eyes just on some sautee’d chicken or something like that. Now I got my mind on wanting chicken wings. I haven’t done a good mess of chicken wings in, maybe, years. Used to eat a boatload of them but got off them and now I seem to want some back. Might hit store for some chicken wings to cook, I don’t know, might not, depends on how bad I want them actually, might not be worth driving to get them :wink: But I have chicken breast in the house which I am fine with but will see if I swing to wanting wings bad enough to go get them.

Carnivore on strong everyone…the holidays are coming, we need ourselves in good fine stout shape to weather thru those times but I also have no doubt the carnivores here are very strong and committed so lets finish off OctCarniFest in great form!!


How scary the whole thing sound. Like Fangs I hope this is all related to some stomac-upset, and nothing more seriouse. It is good you raised your daughter well! Hope we get a positive update before long.


How is everything @FrankoBear, any results in yet? I hope youre not working, so you can rest?


Oh my… @Karen18, get fully well as soon as possible! Your daughter is a dear!

I got hungry early again so I had a smallish lunch. Eggs, liver (very little, it seems I had enough of it), a little this and that but no proper meat yet, I only have 200g pork chuck now and it’s more than enough considering I like eggs now and eat a bunch of stuff.
I do a stricter day, almost none of my usual extras in this more relaxed month (I ate some fermented veggies but they often feel just right with my meat and I love sour stuff. it would have been even less liver without that) and no dairy except a little cream in my coffee… When I get rid of coffee, I don’t know, that would make life a bit simpler. Oh and I don’t drink calories now (except the tiny cream) and only use the bare minimum added fat (the liver had 1-2 grams and that’s it, I used pork belly for my scrambled eggs, it didn’t even released fat but my brand new pan doesn’t stick).

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Oh my gosh how totally awful nothing worse than being dizzy… diahrea and headache i dont like but dizziness and the possibility of passing out really scary…I hope they find something and it’s a nothing issue cos not knowing is hard…
What a great thing for your daughter to come to your rescue with food thats awesome.

Hope you can report to us later with some good news… wishing you a speedy recovery and to be out and at home in a short time frame :heart::heart:


are you guys due to light out and hit a meat store at all soon or getting your paws on some other good meats? just wondering, cause I always wish every carnivore can get their hands on what they need for good eats all the time :slight_smile: Any outings planned yet?

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Time to change my eating up again lol…I had my phone visit with Dr Cywes and told him I hate these low fat days because I’m so hungry they lead me to almost grazing…

So starting today it’s 1x fatty meal 1x low fat meat…see if I can do better and not be grazing…

So today started off with 1/2 lamb rack 2nd meal I might go for ground turkey.