OctCarniFest :)


It is October and wow SOP Sept seemed to go so fast for me.

Another month to live our carnivore lifestyle and get healthier.

Any small goals or actions you want to concentrate on for this month?
Or just cruise along in fine form on carnivore and just chill thru the month and feel great doing it? Either one, let’s rock out October on the carnivore plan in full force!!


I’m going to continue my no alcohol experiment.

I also recently stopped eating almost exclusively beef (August, maybe?) - so I’m going to continue eating more of a range of meats.

I’ve been weightlifting for about 5 months now - so completing October will make that 6.


Oh my, it’s already October… Well I have the proper momentum, not much changes right now :smiley:
Unusually, I planned a day. I am very prone to mess with my own plans but at least I see if I have a chance to eat enough today. I do my workout and I ate so little yesterday (but it keeps me satiated, it seems. I love this satiation bliss :smiley: fat-adaptation already took the edge of my old hunger ages ago and I loved that but it’s loads better).

I don’t expect I will eat much from my remaining lean pork but it’s still my meat, Alvaro goes back to his non-meat things (the carnivore cheesy baked whipped egg white thing I don’t like. my whipped egg whites get their fair share of yolks and no cheese or spice or salt, that’s how my sponge cake muffins are born) so I will figure out something. Pairing up with fatty cheeses and today I put it into scrambled eggs with fatty things so hopefully it will be fine. Oh I am sure it will.
I still have soup and quark.

This is the time when we talk about goals…?
I just want a better month than the previous one (on all level, life too, actually). No experiments in mind, I decided it’s not even a good idea to lower my egg consumption, artifically, I mean, not what naturally happens on OMAD. Oh yep I try to keep my OMAD when it’s comfortable.
I just can’t start with meat and expect that I will be happy with my eggs (but if I don’t eat them, I do miss them later). Starting with eggs and continuing with the more interesting meat is better. So I eat 2-3 eggs and then my meat (sometimes together), the latter is around a pound (usually more) when it’s one of my favs and I am not even bored with it, less when it’s too lean or organs are involved too heavily… I need all this and more for a decent OMAD meal.

I just want this current chill continue. It’s very comfortable for me now. And October will be a somewhat exciting month, my first mutton of the year… And we have a rabbit too. Lean meat with a subtle flavor but I still like it as a stew :slight_smile: I just stay away from the breast, that’s just like chicken breast, so not for me. I eat the bony parts and the legs will be nicely shared between us. I wonder if Alvaro will play with his half young small rabbit for 3 days (multiple meals a day) as before… I try to join him later as it’s a tad frustrating not to have any rabbit when he still have “plenty”. While I am perfectly fine with waiting. This helps with avoiding off eating when something interesting, seasonal comes up that lasts for a while.

I have run out my tiny alcohol so so No Booze October and I suppose, November for me but it’s pretty normal in my life :slight_smile:
(I could do a No Booze December if I wanted but I don’t. I like some spicy wine in December and Alvaro gets a basket from the workplace with wine :smiley:
But my Decembers tend to be so carby anyway, well that’s my goal for it, NOT eating more carbs than what is enjoyable for me. And that’s… Not much. I mean, I don’t get unwell until I eat very much but I don’t gain anything, I am more and more pleased with my normal food. That’s why I have them as my normal food, I don’t feel I sacrifice anything. I just need to train out those “but it’s there and it’s holiday season and relax and anyway, it was so long…” thoughts from me. If I don’t enjoy it and it only does negative things to me, it’s stupid and not what a good hedonist does. It should be automatic not to be like that but well, habits and my inner hedonist may be the one who runs the business but I have others as well and not all are smart.)

I get stronger and it’s cool :smiley: I want to gain muscles. I don’t know how with OMAD and my diminishing meals but my body isn’t one that lets me going to low. And it will be different when I grab some fattier meat anyway :wink:
I want to lose fat too but I am not greedy, I don’t want the two things at the same time, I am not quite sure that has a decent chance anyway… Maybe. I make my body motivated to gain muscles, I don’t eat super little, sometimes I eat much and I surely have plenty of reserves… Oh whatever. It doesn’t matter what I want, I just do what I can and hope for the best. And my muscle gaining goes at a snail’s pace anyway, with me being a 45 years old female :slight_smile: But I have so little that I still have a huge room for improvement! :slight_smile:


Ocsober :+1:

I agree about the muscles - it’s something I am really focused on at the moment. It seems to be going pretty well, I think.

Are you doing a set routine?


I was quite sober on my 8ml vodkas :smiley: Really, I don’t know why I drank :smiley:
I will mostly keep my booze for my eggnog ice cream, it was so great when I was in the very beginning and it was December and I made it with Stroh80 rum (I can’t even drink it, too strong but wonderful flavors, good for desserts and a bottle last for years even with my SO’s love towards a subtly rum flavored dessert) and no sweetener at all and it was sweet enough! Barely but it was :slight_smile:
I decided beers aren’t worth it a few months ago so maybe I will taste some fancy ones when Alvaro buys some, it won’t happen than 1-2 times a year and he will drink the majority of the 0.33l bottle…

But enough about booze.

I do full body workout twice a week. I just don’t regenerate enough to do 3 or more like I can’t just go and do it at once and the workout often takes 2 days… Better than not doing it at all but I am working on it.
I choose my exercises and stick to them until I can. My first chest exercise got hard on my elbows after some weight and now I use the most common exercise for it… I had problems with my triceps exercises as they only worked with tiny weights too but now I use skull crusher.
My problem is that sometimes putting down the bar in the end is problematic but it’s so hard to have Alvaro around and willing to help. He gets bored. He comes once and that’s it.
I built a very massive and pretty enough press bench but I can’t make a bar holder thing for it. But I handled it this far, ruined the sensitive floor a few times :smiley: Well okay last time I was below the bar until Alvaro arrived but I am not so weak normally.
My weights are still small, I don’t worry about injury (even the floor is protected now).

I didn’t actually want to write these… So yep, I have 1 fixed exercise for everything now, except legs as I hate legs exercises and I run and walk and cycle anyway, it’s more than enough for now. And I use 2 exercises for biceps because it’s my favorite muscle with favorite exercises and I don’t care it’s small muscle and doesn’t need more than the others. I use some extra for my shoulders but it’s not 3 sets and it’s for the other heads which may not get enough care with the most common shoulder press exercise.

I wait a bit long between sets as I feel the need for that. But it got shorter lately, yay. I may forget about my workout as I totally do it while being in the kitchen and I have some extremely serious kitchen addiction but I am working on it.

But now I feel it’s a psychology session, I talk about all my personal flaws regarding workouts…

So. Shoulders, biceps, triceps, chest, back, I do these, one (2 for biceps, one + tiny extra for shoulders) exercise each, 3 sets, I like half pyramids as only that makes sense to me. If I can do 12-10-8 repetitions, I raise weights.
I have 3 one hand bars (one for the back exercise so I don’t need to change the weights all the time. just once per session as I use the small bars for chest and biceps alike), 1 big ones (no French but I should be okay without it) and enough weights. Two 5 kg weights (my biggest, I am weak) just collected dust since years (the other two 5 kgs are used for my back exercise) but now I wonder about using the long bar for my chest presses… But how could I put down the thing… We will see.


fab post about what you want and how you want changes!
Rock them out!!

Super cool on the weightlifting, I bet you feel wonderful after your session filled with confidence, helping your body and just a great endorphin rush thru it all…keep up the great work thru this month!!

Enjoy those extra range of meats.
For me I want more seafood but darn prices truly are curtailing that for me right now, but darn, I know in my carnivore life I will have my crab as I see fit at some point :slight_smile:

@Shinita your goal is a better month and you will do just that!! That is a great change, just add little changes and always go forward toward whatever ‘better is for you’ and you will do fine!! More power to you!

Get your paws on some good mutton, enjoy that great meat!

---------for me it is just watch my body and watch my big ques from doing just that. Eat lean days when lean is wanted and focus on fattier eating days when wanted.

But I have to say my crab is almost an annoyance to me. I want it so badly that at some point I will have to pay up and go for ‘all you can eat crab legs’ and get my fill. Darn it…lol…as much as I love my other like shrimp and more, when crab calls my name darn it I want it, so yea, focus is on getting my needed fill of it and put that desire to rest for a while and other than that, live life great and easy on carnivore and shop great sales and markdowns to keep me in good meat for the days to come.

We are such a great darn group, I love chatting with all you guys :sunny:


I stayed on plan every day since i started, two months now. I lost 7.5 lbs in september, and I shaved 75% off my blodpreassure medisindose, my BP is normal, so I think I can skip the medisin completely in a week or so.

Ive uninstalled fasting-apps, and food-trackers, but im not ready to let go of the scale yet. Ive lost 23 lbs so far, but have 45 lbs more to loose, and Ive allowed myself to hope I will get there. But at the same time I am so scared that it wont happen, that it will just stop. Its painful hoping, and being scared to hope.

So I just keep eating the meat, and, yes, looking at the scale each morning. Currently ive been at the same weight for 14 days, so I am in my own kind of mental hell. Ive not posted here, becouse how can I whine about the scale when Ive lost so much already?

But, there is one thing Im doing now, that I could never do before in my life, Im staying on plan, no bingeing, and I believe I can live this, ive managed for two months seemingly in control of myself around food, a miracle. So for my october, I will stay carnivore, completely SOP.

I had egg-omelet with bacon and feta for breakfast, then ribeye and a little greek yoghurt for second meal.


I am the same weight since November :smiley: and before I stalled for 8 years :smiley: I am a very very experienced “staller” :wink:
Okay I really wanna go back to 69kg at least, it’s much for me (a bit less than last time, I am sure I got a tiny bit muscles :D) but I am 75 now and I was 69 for several years, on/off low-carb and on/off keto… There were fluctuations like I went down to 62 when I quit keto first (fat adaptation bonus magic, sadly it was one time but now I have Carnivore Satiation Bliss, even better) and sometimes I went up to 70-71, maybe 72… And then the sudden stress gain. I am wonderful at not feeling big stress even if my life isn’t good but the accident was too much. My accidents never caused much problem but Alvaro’s more serious one…

Oh we will see but I am hopeful.

I just ate. I felt hungry after Alv had lunch, it was surprising after my lower-cal days, I did… 3 OMAD days in row? Yay! So today I have TMAD, probably. I had a light lunch, some pork, some scrambled eggs, some sponge cake with that buttery stuff on it and a pancake with quark. Tiny Camembert too. I realized the butter spread isn’t just a bit too sweet but a bit too solid and too buttery/fatty :smiley: So I added sour cream to it and obviously some egg yolk too, it’s me, I do this, adding yolks to everything. I like it better that way. I will make my own spread soon!

Not sooo satiated but I will be okay. My next meal will come soon anyway, in 1-2 hours. I avoid eating too late, it’s rarely good to me. And late night is the time when I just get chaotic food wise. Maybe not in deep Carnivore Satiation Bliss (I like this expression, hopefully you too as I will use it in the future too I imagine) but I take no chances, I burned too many times.

OMAD is still more convenient but it’s not realistic for me to do it every day.

I will bring some photo tomorrow, I focused on eating today. My sponge cakes are quite pretty now. For only egg sponge cake muffins, they somewhat deflated fluffs with a rustic top.


Carnivore Satiation Bliss (I like this expression, hopefully you too as I will use it in the future too I imagine

I like it, its the new feeling on my repertoare, which I call «nourished».


I always was satiated and fine enough, no matter how I ate (I always ate high protein, high fat and nutritious food and a lot. I surely wouldn’t feel fine starving or on a low-fat diet) but usually hadn’t this looooooooooooooooooong term satiation and it wasn’t this “oh I am so fine, who cares about food”? I always could eat as a kid (and it changed very little when I grew up). Except in the morning but I had to. Bad people said I eat once a day, from morning to bedtime. It wasn’t true but I ate a lot. And I could eat almost anything edible. Wasn’t a choosy kid at all. I ate things the other kids disliked in the nursery school. I ate 2 portions of dishes the other kids liked too. And I was hurt when they refused to give me the 3rd. There was plenty leftover and the others were full :smiley: It made no sense to me. (The portions were tiny and it was a carby dish so satiation effect on me was poor.)
I disliked most green leaves even then but it rarely caused a problem. People don’t eat green leaves often, at least we didn’t.

I am so, so lucky I always had to do kind of extreme things to gain fat slowly. And it was impossible to do it quickly. I was never thin except in my first month, below 2kg. At 2 I was somewhat chubby and it never went away. So I don’t want to go back to some slimness, I want it for the first time. I am almost as fat as at my heaviest as I never could get fattier than borderline obese. 69 actually showed some improvement but 75… Very little.

I forgot Alvaro’s weight but I asked her. He is 68kg. Significantly taller with impressive leg muscles and with some excess fat. My 75 sounds so, so much. Seems much too. I really want to change it but I can’t force it. But if I keep my current method/style, I am positive I can slim down. I am here since ages, I don’t want it to be quick just effortless and enjoyable…

(Linda ) #11

Got my blood wok back i did for DR C… my triglycerides dropped another 10 points, my HDl climbed to 75 where he wants it, my fasting Insulin dropped back down from 8.8 to 7.3, my ac1 dropped back down from 5.3 into the 5.2 range where he wants it…
So be Interesting to see what he has to say…

So he def knows his stuff each time my blood work goes off course he turns it back… seeing him was def one of my best decisions …of course my primary doctor would still have a fit on My ldl and total cholesterol numbers…

So my plan for Oct is to stay the course of what ever it is he suggests …
As much as I’d like to drop the gained weight I’ve had to really stop and put it in perspective…

I did this to get away from being pre diabetic and to fit back in my clothes both of which I have done.
The goal weight would be nice but more of a mental thing i think …who else sees the number on the scale anyway I need to start taking credit for the over 80 pounds I have lost…

Food today I stared with 4 mutton chops and 1 chicken thigh.


I had a (from my viewpoint) small lunch and a very tiny dinner. Still ate around 2000 kcal (good) but I always said it’s very little food, makes a decent meal. Or 2 small ones. When I lost 10-something kg ages ago eating 2000 kcal, I couldn’t imagine (it’s still hard) how women (or men but they do it less often) eat below it when it was the absolute minimum I was able to eat - and I included 1-2 stronger day every week as I had to… Sadly, my energy need is lowish, my decades long overeating skewed things but it could be much worse and lowering carbs made wonders anyway. Not enough for me to slim down but I stopped overeating and on carnivore I am way more free and seemingly disciplined, actually just lost some triggers and my satiation is better, my intake makes more sense.

I ate leftovers from lunch for dinner and my macros are pretty normal.

I feel very very very satiated now.

260g (0.58 pound) meat for today. Fortunately Alvaro helped with the meat in the end. It’s one thing he ate the cheesy eggy thing for lunch but he had dinner too. I grab some fattier meat tomorrow in the city, chop is are soooo not my thing, works in a pinch but if possible, I avoid it.
But as I have so many things to eat now, it was enough. I got unusually many calories (both protein and fat and of course, some carbs) from dairy and I had several eggs as well. This dairy filled time won’t continue for long but I still have milk, quark, butter spread and camembert for tomorrow. The camembert was very nice with the lean meat and we only find this wonderful one in a supermarket chain we almost never visit so we grabbed 2 last time.

My poor soup meat (and tiny leftover soup) is just waiting for me to eat it… I forgot about it. Boiled meat, not my fav. But it’s food and I may donate the hard (even after cooked for a long time) duck neck to the cats but not my pork! I will have it tomorrow.


Thanks Fangs! Love talking to everyone in this thread - it’s awesome to see everyone’s progress.

It was about 6 months into carnivore before I felt like doing it and it was like a switch going off in my head where it became something I really wanted to do, rather than it being something I felt I had to do.

I think I’ve seen much better progress through eating carnivore than I ever did when I was younger.

Keep going @Shatz - I’ve had those wobbles in the past too, but stay on plan and it’ll work out. It’s tricky when you are using something to track - so many factors can affect weight in a positive way (like bone density) and it can make it hard to see progress objectively in the mirror if you’re focused on a number exclusively. I totally understand the desire to log though - I hope you can keep writing that number down and then getting on with your day without too many worries.

It’s hard not to worry that you’re not doing enough or you’re doing the wrong thing, but please put those thoughts to the back of your mind. For me, carnivore is slower than a traditional weight loss diet - but that’s because it’s not a weight loss diet, it’s a normalisation diet. So many other health things have improved - and I’m not hungry on top of it - that it’s worth the investment of time for me. It might take 2 years, it might take 4, it might take 7 - but then, I didn’t become sick and overweight in 12 months either.

Just keeping going. You’ve got all of us cheering you on.


These are all awesome successes - I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and your direction from Dr C.

(Carnivore for the win) #15

That’s one of my favorite aspects of carnivore compared to keto.


Carnivore didn’t cure my curiosity - but it’s nice to know that I don’t need to track and plan all the time to ensure I don’t overeat carbs. I always had to track on keto and I couldn’t not take breaks from it. But one reason I track a lot nowadays that it’s easier on carnivore where I eat simpler, at least ingredient wise :wink:
(Oh my vegetable soups when I had to use the kitchen scale 16 times… And it was just the soup that did nothing to my hunger. Probably made me hungrier but broth makes appetite too in my case, it’s great to start my meal when I don’t feel like to eat but I need to. I surely woud need it after a long EF when I get disconnected from eating but I don’t do even short EF since carnivore-ish became my default woe. My body simply wants its food every day. Not like it was different in the past but occasionally a fasting day was okay or even ideal.)

With a tiny dinner after a bigger lunch (I had no idea, it seemed small enough to me, I can guess my energy intake as bad as ever), I didn’t get perfectly satiated even hours later. It’s not so bad, I just feel a tad uncomfortable if my satiation is lacking. I prefer my OMAD days.

(Vic) #17


It’s time to get this bear bod bikini ready. Summer is just round the corner.


Yeah, not having to weigh and track every single morsel that goes into your mouth is a huge relief.

I was curious at first, like Shinita - but I soon got out of the habit. If I’m ever curious (usually in discussion on here), I’ll plug in what I ate in the last 24 hours - but I don’t actively track.

Such a burden lifted.


Your post was wonderful to read Shatz! But what you said here is how it all starts :slight_smile: You stay on plan and yes you will get results but like Septimius said in that post, this is a healing eating lifestyle and results will come but on a different timeline than a ‘fast gimicky’ weight loss plan that one can’t live long term and where one is hungry all the time, not sustainable, but with this carnivore plan, it is sustainable long term for those of us who just suit this plan to a T ya know and enjoy all it can give us. Your extra will come off down the line. Longer on plan you will change even more, believe me you got alot more great benefits coming your way :slight_smile: So happy you are doing so well.

You know this is something I needed to hear again for me. I got that darn last about 15-20 lbs I want gone off me, and darn it ain’t budging much but I do lose a little of it from time to time, but I also don’t give myself credit for the 50 smoething I did lose, just like your wonderful 80 you lost. I think we are so hard on us ya know in that we must must must truly celebrate what we did accomplish and then be sure to add in all those great other benefits we are getting from a eating change like carnivore, all the non scale victories. Fab post to read Azi, you are rocking it!

This is good. Your food is starting to change you even more. Your carnivore time is starting to effect you more and more and you are truly starting to get some results you can put your finger on…you keep eating the good meats :slight_smile: You keep moving forward on the carnivore path!

Yes. I know what you mean on ‘felt like it’ cause your body wanted to just move. Move, had to ‘do something’ and you get that inside you, that energized feeling of I gotta move :slight_smile: and you picked your weightlifting and you are enjoying it too…not forced, just a great outlet for your energy! You want to be a participant of life vim and vigor, instead of feeling you have to go to a gym to be forced to workout to lose lbs and get healthy and not enjoy one bit of it…big difference between the 2 right? :sunny:

@Carnivoor, loving that bacon I see on those burgers and that is one huge friggin’ chicken ya got there on that plate :star_struck:

@FrankoBear, oh you lucky surfer dude you :100: You got the nice summer coming and I now have the COLD coming at me and closed the pool and I feel the chill in the air…and you and Billie are gonna have a wonderful summer on the beach, in the water, and having a great season! Cool!!

How are you doing on plan? Are you getting some better changes or feeling different in any way cause I know you are doing SOP and eating well so wondering how you are feeling overall :slight_smile:

----------wonderful posts to read on the board!!

We all should truly celebrate us and our positive changes. I used to focus solely on my goals not accomplished and it drags one backwards, but thru carnivore mental clarity I have to say I have flipped that out of my life when it comes to my eating lifestyle. I focus on ALL I achieved on it and feel so much happier doing just that!! Of course we all have more we want changed outside our bodies, but I always have to say I feel the health/insides are so much more important for quality of our lives. If we just cut ourselves a darn break on being so hard on ourselves some days ya know :sunglasses:

I am banking up on sale NY Strips in the freezer. Had one and they were tender and good so I believe I got a nice supply of those for now.
I do need to go lower in that darn chest freezer and use up some of the older meats…gotta be viligant on that one. I don’t want to ever not use my freezer stuff in good form, I paid good bucks for it :wink: and I don’t wanna be lax and let that stuff sit and get older. So today is get out to my freezer, do a flip around and pull some other stuff up and use it!! Mostly Tbones down there, hey not a bad issue to have right LOL

I love hiking, backpacking. Before life was all about my horses and riding trails but when I sold my last horse years ago and cut livestock ties on the farm to be ‘all about traveling’ I found I missed being out on trails. So I started hiking when I could. I got out of it…you know when ya just don’t go…but now I feel like since the CHILL is in the air I am going to make the effort. Another reason is my little Papillion dog is getting older and can’t do mountain vertical trails as easily anymore, he used to come up all the mts with me, I feel like if I take him up the waterfall trails and more I might nail him too much and I kinda don’t wanna go without him in a way but now I am just gonna go by myself and take the dog on smaller trail hikes that I know he can handle. I still wanna move, just move and hiking is a great cure for that for me. I think I will start planning my hikes. I will let ya’ll know when the first one goes down and give some pics too. Got a nice 3 mile trail straight up a mountain to a great vista view and I love that trail…great place to start again and get moving in nature! So yea, October for me is hiking again full on and just be out in the world :slight_smile:

Tracking. Never liked it. In fact it deterred me against enjoying an eating plan. I have 0 interest in being fed by an app or anything like that. I just knew I had to go lower and lower and lower in carbs thru my journey and when I hit carnivore, I had nothing to track anyway LOL Stopping the track was one of the best days of my life for sure and heck, I only did it 1/2 azzed anyway :slight_smile: Never got into it. I don’t like ‘being forced’ to do things to get results ya know and tracking was like that for me personally…burden lifted just like Septimius mentioned!

Onward OctCarniFest!