OctCarniFest :)

(Edith) #101

How’s your salt? When I tried to remove extra salt from my diet, I had all kinds of strange symptoms that I didn’t put down to low sodium. Once I went back to my salt supplementation, I felt WAYYYYYY better.

(Karen) #102

Work weekend for me so I am once again struggling to catch up on everyone’s posts :roll_eyes:

Up at 4.45am and running those stairs before a nice bath and off to work. Day went well without any incidences.

Brunch chicken n mozzarella cheese Saturday in sauted in mikey and some beef topside slices. Finished off the last 2 of 5 just before leaving to come home.

A bit of cheese followed by a tin of tuna.

(Edith) #103

The supper my husband gave me this evening.


Let’s not talk much about my Saturday… But I realized that pork chop is actually a nice thing in the right dishes :slight_smile: It’s way too lean to make a good roast for me (Alvaro loves that too), I feel it very dry there, still edible if I pair it with some fattier stuff and the fat layer helped too with part but it’s not that enjoyable. Quickly fried in pan was loads better (I still eat something else with it) but in the curry, being all tender and juicy? Totally good. Worse than a fattier cut, I am quite passionate about my chuck but really enjoyable so I ate more curry I planned, now I need to cook something on Monday, poor curry last barely any time, way too low-cal. And it had only 860g lean meat… It won’t survive 24 hours and I didn’t eat so much from it but Alvaro did :smiley: I think he has his meatiest 24 hour this year.
Sometimes I wonder how families cook. We need a big fridge for us two, a cupboard for my eggs and if we fill our biggest pot with food, it may or may not disappear in 2 days. I never could cook enough, I had to start again soon. For food fried in a pan at once (so it wasn’t a huge amount), it was just part of a single course of a single meal. And it’s just 2 mostly normal people. I mean, not huge muscular active ones needing tons of food…

But if I roast some fatty pork, that lasts for a while and it’s so little work! I love that. And it’s my main food with some eggs, not one part of the 5-6 courses (not counting fruit) of a day as for Alvaro.
Not like I don’t complicate things with sponge cakes and pancakes but those are so useful and nice especially on the less meaty days.

I ate so much yesterday, way too big eating window and my appetite so easily replenishes… My energy balance has some tiny effect but not so much. I had sponge cakes with Gouda and head cheese for my last, too late meal, it felt so, so good. It seems I am a bit interested in cheese again. I plan to eat some more today but then I go back to my stricter style, at least regarding dairy… Oh, I STILL have quark :smiley: Oh my.

I left the first part of the next paragraph to hint at my direction but it’s my usual, of course :smiley: It’s October anyway…
Meanwhile my garden has a raging grape season. Alvaro eats them diligently, hopefully he can handle them, they are so many and very tasty, we chose well but I couldn’t eat much last year either so my maximal possible contribution to the huge task is negligible. They are still pretty and I mostly enjoy their foliage anyway. They are all along the house, below the eaves and trying to climb all the trees nearby and the roof too but we stop that.

(Edith) #105

You’ve been doing OMAD, correct? Maybe your body just needed a day with more food, a little break from OMAD.


Nope, definitely not. I was a greedy lil pig (but seriously. I very dislike when something who barely eats say this, well anorexia is serious problem… if I say this, I truly eat too much and unnecessarily. unlike a proper, cute pig that eats like it is supposed to… sorry pigs, you are so much better). And I already had my break previously :frowning: I don’t do OMAD since days :frowning:
I always, always feel less okay when I eat in a big eating window.
I need break from my OMAD days, sure, I should have 2MAD or 3MAD then. Not eating from 10am until midnight. That’s never good. Eating late never bothered my sleep, in the contrary but nowadays I wake up with a little extra weight inside. (The scale shows nothing at all.) But I can’t help it. If I eat early, I will eat again and again and again, probably late too and I probably will seriously overeat as well. And possibly quit keto but I need a bit more for that.

And I definitely NOT need even more food, I eat more than enough on my OMAD days… Well it depends, my calorie intake varies. After multiple carni OMAD days it drops (unless I use really fatty items, maybe) so I need a 2MAD day but it’s hard for me to pull off. I should stick to OMAD where I don’t get hungry every 1-2-3 hours. That’s annoying.

Oh well I will go back to OMAD tomorrow (probably. hopefully. we will see. my body must cooperate but it seems it likes that now). I decided that for today as well but things happened when Alvaro asked for a cake… It’s hard to eat not too early if I ate too much and too late the previous day. A carby day helps tremendously, it triggers a longer fast but I don’t eat that carby nowadays, fortunately…
And if I take a bite… It’s a full-blown meal. Smallish if it’s early but not too small.
Weekend days are trickier, I will be okay tomorrow as I will be alone at home until 3pm so I will feel no urge to eat. Unless I get very hungry but it has about zero chance.

Next time I write about some cute food! Not my personal flaws.


I have this. I get what you are saying. If I start eating earlier I want to eat all day mostly. Not all but most.

I find it becomes some kind of trigger for me and I am not sure if it is physical related to what food does inside my body, or if it becomes some kind of mental game day for me. I never quite got answers to this for myself personally, but I also know that I fall into a very distinct eating window now…I am 10 at the absolute earliest and more like 11-5 range in a day and if I do in that 8/9/10am type eating range, I know I will probably eat more for the day but mostly only if I don’t eat enough when I do an earlier meal.

If I go big, real big on that early early meal it can shut down my eating alot thru the rest of the day, but if I ‘skimp a tad’ and don’t ‘eat all that much’ in that meal cause I hate eating so early but was hungry, yea I can be quite the eater in that day also, which ‘feels like overeating’ to me for no reason, but if I eat only carnivore food in my day I sure never classify myself as overeating ever…but that last part is me in my thinking because if I always eat my carnivore food and hold plan, I never give that thought of overeating to myself.

but I get that feeling you are describing and like I said for me, I am never ‘quite sure’ how it goes down for me on what triggered what to effect me like that. Those days are more rare for me so I never put too much thought into them since I don’t have it as any kind of regular issue ya know.

interesting chat on it.

@VirginiaEdie, absolutely cracking up over your face plate of carnivore…your hubby must have a funny bone in him, love it

just sending you great vibes your day goes well…you rest up your happy little body and just get to your appt and see what happens, but don’t be doing no big work on your homestead today, you rest and eat well…sending good vibes and hugs my friend!

------------so wow my day got wild and wooly as it went down.
got home later than I thought, everyone hounding down pizza and doing great and I was like DAMN but thankfully and thanks guys for talking me into bulk cooking with food in fridge, I heated up my pork ribs cause if I had to cook, to ‘that work’ I think I wouldn’t just said screw it and ate pizza (maybe?) cause it would take alot for me to actually eat that now LOL but I wanted it for sure with them…but my ribs were great then my day got wild and wooly again and everyone got their dinners and their wants and food and I of course help orchestrate it all and then I had nothing. I was like, WTH? so I cheaped out cause I had nothing defrosted? and I was ‘so off in my day’ ya know.

but food ended up as

country pork ribs
few slices taylor ham
tin of sardines

around 11 at night I got SO hungry. I was one step from heating up pizza and saying F this…but I am stronger now ya know. I just said wait til tomorrow and you go carnivore crazy in style :slight_smile: So that helped me.

I got nice steaks defrosting and I come first in my meal today, the family ain’t gonna wrangle me off in my day :slight_smile: Sometimes they just get in the darn way HAHA

So bit tougher day as it went down but I find with years on plan I am way over just caving so that is good.

Soldier on everyone…we got OctCarniFest in full strength

(Linda ) #108


I’ve been eating pretty lean and I noticed yesterday I couldn’t get full for long and it started to feel like grazing I ate all day long…

So today i pchanged that up first meal was pork belly and 5 pieces of bacon…I hade a steak thing I gave the dogs plus they got a slice of bacon I cooked 6

2nd meal will be chicken thighs…

(Karen) #109

Love it lol I often put a smiley face on my plate, it cheers me up not that I need cheering up but living alone sometimes you just have to do these silly things hahaha x

(Karen) #110

Didn’t have to get up quite so early this morning and was so glad as I woke up after about an hour sleep last night and that was me awake for the next 3 hours. Ended up taking my very last sleep pill that I had been hanging on to just in case and eventually dropped off again and slept till my alarm went off. First time I have heard that in a long time as I am usually awake before it goes off. I think I must have felt boosted as I was chatting to everyone today, I never shut up lol hahaha.

Did stair runs before work and then finished my work day at 1345hrs. Popped to see my daughter and take her a little surprise pressie I bought for her this week, the new book by Lance Chaney ‘Drag Queen of Scots’. She was so made up as she loves Ru Pauls Drag Race. I knew she would be pleased as punch and that made me so happy as she has a number of health issues at the mo.

So brunch was chicken mozzarella and butter and when I got home I made a small sirloin steak which was lovely and after I let that go down had 3 fried eggs and some cheese.

Lads are back tomorrow to crack on with garden so i am looking forward to seeing them.


I made porkbelly this morning, and ate my fill. This is the leftovers for whenever I get hungry again.

(Edith) #112



simple day

keeping it very easy peasy

lunch is a steak and dinner is a steak

hope you have a decent day and do ok!!

(Linda ) #114

Bacon and chuck eye steak for first meal i have chicken to cook up for later


Bacon and eggs at 2pm. Reading the bacon packet makes me determined to clean up my carnivore WOE with better food foraging and provenance if I’m going to provide the best nutrition support for treatment and recovery. The eggs were good, local and pasture fed.

Was told by blood collecting nurse that fasting longer than 16 hours is abnormal. :joy: I said, not having coffee for longer than 16 hours is the true abnormality. Had blood collected for a bunch of tests today. Doc reckons it might be a mosquito carried virus infection we can get down where I live called Ross River virus. That’s the top of his differential diagnosis list. But we are testing for a wide range of things including adverse reaction to COVID vacc, heritable immune disease like rheumatoid arthritis, cancer/ multiple myeloma, and he even included Lyme disease serology when we found it on the tests list. Interesting it’s available as a test when it’s not in the country. At the same time I’ll get some metabolic tests done - like fasting insulin. The tests are all free to me when ordered by a doctor due to socialised medicine.

I bought two rib eye steaks. Local grass fed beef on spring pasture. So they are available for next weekend after this work week in the city. I just did the 3 hour commute in rainy weather and am exhausted. Early to bed. No appetite to eat anything more today.

Thanks to everyone in the thread. Thank you for you concern and thoughts. It’s great support here and good vibes. :heart:

(Edith) #116

Thanks for keeping us informed.

I was just telling my husband the other day about how much I would love to meet many of the forum members. After all this time messaging each other, I feel like we would be friends. In a way, I guess we are kind of like Pen Pals, lol.


Oh no, penpals are more distant. I had to have a Russian pen pal as a kid (I was a Hungarian kid and even in a special class and that meant Russian. just because I had all perfect grades at 6 - except P.E., of course but who cares about that?)… Oh it was a very different era and I so didn’t know anything about life…

I think we would chat amiably at least. Everyone seems to be very chill and properly thinking here, far better than the average. That’s what I like in carni threads :smiley: I have very good experiences with carnivores, at least on this forum. The reddit ones were weird sometimes… But that was a few posts here and there, never got known anyone. No off topic or anything that makes things alive and more cosy :smiley:

Hi guys, new week, new start for me!
I got a wee bit hungry, the house is cold and had no mood for fasting… So I had my lunch at 2:30pm. After the first bite I was really interested in refueling, cute hunger, great appetite, yay.
I had fried chicken liver (almost nothing is left from the 500g, Alvaro ate it too. it was the lunch I waited him with, fried chicken liver. he doesn’t expect or need fancy things and it’s only the main meal anyway, he had 2 desserts if we count fruit as one), eggs, the remaining quark and a little pork jowl. Everything felt great.

(Karen) #118

Nice lay in till 7.20am this morning. Stair runs done before the lads arrived to carry on with garden.

Brunch was 2 good sized beef burgers topped with cheese.

Dinner a lovely big sirloin steak and it was deliciously rare followed by cheese and tuna.

(Edith) #119

Well, I think we are pretty distant. Some of us are in Hungary, some in the US, some in Australia, Belgium. I think that counts. :grinning:


I didn’t mean the distance physically :smiley: I couldn’t communicate with my penpals so well partially because sending letters took weeks (and we never was really compatible either)… Not really a chat there. I probably had email pals too but not many, not longer term and that’s still not the same as talking more frequently. Though I had one email pal where we wrote several emails per day…

I wasn’t hungry at all in dinnertime but my lunch didn’t seem OMAD sized so I ate a few bites. I got so, so, so full! Too simple day not to track, I ate probably a bit below my energy need, high protein, high fat, the usual.
360-370g meat (only lean organ and quite fatty processed meat), 5 eggs and 3 yolks (Alvaro will need his fried cheesy egg whites in a few days and I like my yolks) and not much else.

So I had a nice TMAD day.