OctCarniFest :)


You were a hero. Doing such things aren’t usually smart but they may be the best one can do on a non-ideal woe… Alvaro always need to be strong not to gain fat and he is. Meanwhile I eat whenever I can and fancy something… Keto was okay for maintenance but the carbs still interfered and I wanted food in a not perfectly healthy way, I was so so undisciplined and hardly satiable (one may say I stayed the same as I need lots of food but that’s just normal). I thought yeah, I had overeating decades, of course I would need many years to change and maybe it can never happen. I never had problems with my big meals, no one every “taught” me one shouldn’t eat 2000 kcal in one sitting, the majority being fat, no. I talk about something worse I can’t describe.
But then it turned out that I go even lower with my carbs and use meat, my ultimate satiating item… I suddenly change. It’s so cool. Especially lately. No idea what happened but on many days I am not waiting for the lunch to finally spoil myself with nice food, my hunger doesn’t came so readily… It’s more free and convenient than that. Even if today will be 3MAD :smiley: With probably a 4-5 hour eating window. I get hungry very soon if my meals are quite small and this lunch was that (no idea but 2-3 eggs and a little meat, that’s not much). I strongly prefer OMAD now but the occasional TMAD is nice as well. And 3MAD may work sometimes.


Yes, and even if its 3MAD, I havent spoiled anything, its just more meat, fish, eggs. Ive not given my body an overload of carbs, sending it into emergency mode to deal with correcting blod glucose and all the other damage, even if its 3MAD, my body can go on correcting old damage, not new one. So, I can relax, not worry about a thing, if im hungry I can just eat and feel good, no more guilt and dread!

(Edith) #83

That is the amazing thing I have found on carnivore: as long as I don’t stray, there is no desire for carbs or over-eating for that matter. When my body decides it has eaten enough, it has eaten enough. I didn’t feel the food shut-off quite so strongly on keto.

My little granddaughter loves meat. She still eats some carby food, but my daughter always feeds her protein first. When she is finished eating, she is finished eating. She will slap her hand down on the highchair tray, say, “All done!” and then start throwing the food if it is not removed fast enough. Lol. She cannot be coerced into eating any more food.

That’s what carnivore does for me. :laughing::rofl:


I never ever felt quilt just because I ate even if it was massive overeating and eating without a need… It was still annoying sometimes.

Okay, I couldn’t do 3MAD, after all, I went and finished my meal and day soon. 150g pork today :smiley: And 8 eggs. And I finished the mascarpone. Okay day, I even walked just woke up too late to do my workout so I will do it tomorrow!

Yep, that’s a great thing. If someone knows what it is like to be able to eat almost forever… That may know how big a blessing this is. I did get satiated on high-carb “just fine” (through overeating due to carbs) but it took some supermassive overeating to say nope, I can’t eat anymore, I don’t want food, no matter what. I wasn’t someone who just ate ad libidum regularly, I just say that if some great temptation emerged, I could continue to eat way, way beyond satiation. It had some limits, I never could gain fat on holidays, I actually felt “ew, food” if there was too much food around me (what is with people? make something fancy, exotic or traditional, fine but not 10 times as much as people need!) - but I still ate too much even when not hungry on high-carb. Or on keto, sometimes. But I don’t know if I ate at maintenance levels on keto because of the lowish carb intake or because I was in my more determined state.
But on carnivore I may be super “I don’t care” and “let’s party”, I still can’t overeat day after day. I eat enough and I lose interest. A stronger day may happen but it’s perfectly normal in my life and of course most of us don’t eat the same amount every day.


(Daisy) #85

I am alive. We all are thankfully. My husband had a pretty rough go and in all honesty it was no walk in the park for me either. I blame the dairy I was eating. But we are better. I have been having some other issues lately but don’t know if they’re c-19 related. No food pics as I’m currently doing a season of fasting/prayer. I had a couple cups of bone broth today and a little yesterday with some eggs. I just haven’t felt up to being social lately. But I did want to check in.

(Linda ) #86

Good to hear your doing better …hopefully you’ll be back go your old self again soon…hugs


@Ketodaisy: Thanks for popping in! Get well soon!!!

In the end yesterday was 3MAD at least… :frowning: I can’t handle this, I need OMAD or else I eat late at night. Only big meals satiate me for long enough now.

Finally my mascarpone run out… I decided to buy it only when I happen to be in the city when it’s on sale, 2 times a year should be plenty! I like mascarpone but this “must eat 250g of it in some days” doesn’t suit me. Maybe I should only open a package when I made some dessert for my SO with it. I opened a bag of cream but I won’t consume the whole thing (250ml, it’s very much for one person and it goes bad… IDK, in several days? that’s a short time, I usually just use it here and there in my coffees in tiny amounts).
I still drink zillion coffees but I can’t focus on everything at once…

I dropped tracking again :slight_smile: But I still measure my meat :slight_smile: It probabl;y will be 230g today + whatever the curry has. Alvaro makes curry, a very meat-heavy kind in his world (1kg pork chop minus what I may cut off for myself. just a little) but still faaaar from carnivore (at least it’s curry, not something with potatoes, one should appreciate that when he does the cooking :D) so I just taste it a bit, I suppose. I just can’t NOT to. I am not as disciplined as I will be in November, that is a dedicated carni month just like January. But it’s just some… variety taste, not a fav food I must eat. (That would be problematic as curry forms a nearly inseparable combo with rice - not like I ever could eat much of the latter but still. We almost never make curry so I never learned it to be different.)

But why I talk about something non-carnivore if I don’t even like it?

I make sponge cake muffins today and Alvaro helps consuming the cream. That’s helpful.
I so want a proper tool to whip my eggs and cream, next time we buy one. The hipermarket was bad at it again and we had no time/mood to go to a dedicated store.


That was me too. I knew that situation so well also and it was nasty.
Your doggie pic is adorable!!

HI and I am glad you popped in, I was like one 1 day from coming to look for you :slight_smile: Sorry it is nasty but happy to hear the healing recovery is happening. Sending good vibes to you guys!!

-------------------today is eating the leftover pork country ribs I scored cheap markdown yesterday and cooked. big family pack.

pair up with regular old cheeseburgers again. I think I am on some cheeseburger kick right now LOL

All going smoothly and OctCarniFest is just chuggin’ along!


Alvaro didn’t want all the meat even after I got my 110g out so I got another 90g (he was fine with more but 200g lean pork is more than enough for me). I easily go over a pound of meat today then. And it doesn’t seem much meat at all. Especially that I got hungry SUPER early. For real, way before noon! So I ate some eggs and pork and I am content now.


Really enjoyed reading your posts @Shatz - I recognised a lot of my own journey in what you’re saying (and in what @VirginiaEdie says).

I was explaining this way of eating to a friend last night, and the bit that I can’t get over is how I don’t have to white knuckle anything. I don’t have to grit my teeth when there’s pictures of cake or the offer of chocolates. I don’t have to hope that my brain is 100% on board with saying, “No, I’m ok thanks,” when secretly, deep down, I really really want to indulge.

I just…don’t want it.

And that, for me, has been the greatest thing about carnivore.

Sorry to hear you’ve been so unwell at your house @Ketodaisy - best wishes for you all.

(Edith) #91

Thanks for chiming in and letting us know all is well. :slight_smile:



and the thing is it takes time to achieve this wonderful benefit. I wish people could get this benefit faster but sadly one mostly can’t, it takes time on carnivore and the trial time one puts into it faithfully will give a person so much if they hang with faith in the plan.

longer term carnivores, we all ‘have the same darn’ benefits and achievements and changes on plan cause we all held plan and it did give us that health change we needed :slight_smile: and we can chat about them and ‘we all get’ exactly what you are saying!

We are super nourished. We are so well fed and so content physically that the option to ‘want that sugar’ when ya see it just doesn’t register and as you say, ‘we just don’t want it’ and it is total eating lifestyle freedom to me!

good post S!!


I haven’t kept up well with the news and am typing this out quickly while I can. The pain is pretty bad now. I take paracetamol and ibuprofen to get through work. Main pain in shoulder, elbows and an ankle. Stiffness in hands and forearms. But worse is my thinking has gone fuzzy. I had heart palpitations the other night. Sleep is interrupted as I can’t get comfortable. Doctors are booked up, but I have an appointment on Monday with a GP.

Staying on plan is extremely difficult. I am eating omelette in mornings and beef at night. Old cravings are overpowering. Last night I set out on the 3 hour drive home feeling exhausted. I had eaten some cold baked beef ribs and Brie cheese. Hunger satiated. But I cracked. At the petrol station I couldn’t make it through the junk food labyrinth.

I got back in the car and started the long night drive. This post is starting to sound like a country trucker song. ETA was midnight. I didn’t open the junk food wrapper. At about 2 hours in to the drive I was falling asleep but the joint pain and being sat in a car kept me awake. I opened the junk food snack. I wasn’t hungry. I was tired and sore and had another hour to drive. I took a bite of the snack. It was incredibly sweet and my foggy brain said, “Yes!”

I wound down the window and holding on to the wrapper, flipped the evil thing out onto the dark night highway at 65mph. My inner voice told me I couldn’t have that thing near me. The cold night air was refreshing and I drove on.

(Linda ) #94

That doesn’t sound good I wonder if you should cut back to meat …dump the eggs and cheese for a week maybe its the dairy is getting to your joints as your over working alot and stress must be high. It might have knocked your immune system


OHHHHhhhh FB what in the heck has got hold of you?

You are obviously fighting something. I so want you back to ok and so want this problem to be gone for you!

Glad you got into your Dr. cause you definitely have an issue that might be escalating on you. YOU chat up that Dr alot LOL You get this person to fix you :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Yes as we get sick we get low resistance to everything. Don’t want to interact much. Don’t care what goes down. Don’t put big focus on food, just feed ya anything and leave me alone type feelings. I feel ya on that!!!

but you did great thru it cause we also know, when one gets sick, this is not the time to dump back on sugar! Believe me with the stupid shingles crap I am still trying to get over on my head/forehead and into my eye was truly a reason I wanted to just eat whatever and say the heck with it but my mind said, girl you are sick, why in heavens name would this be the time you flood the body with sugar? ugh and big sigh on it all.

I am sending healing vibes your way.
Sending positive thoughts your Dr will figure this out fast for you.
Sending carnivore thoughts to keep eating as much of the good meats as you can!! Stay nourished, will keep you strong to get thru this stuff.

I am so sorry FB. I truly wish you didn’t have to deal with this.

Sending BIG HUGS YOUR WAY and please keep me up to date and make sure we know you are doing ok!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


So sorry to read of your struggles, FB - I echo what Fangs and Linda have said. I hope your doctor is able to help you to get to the bottom of what’s currently causing this pain.

Huge well done for getting rid of the junk.

I don’t recall if I shared this, but many many months ago - near the start of my carnivore journey - someone gifted me some sweet treats. I gifted away nearly everything I got, but I was tempted by some sweets. I figured it was just a few and it’d be ok if I ate them very sparingly over a very long period of time.

My days, did the sugar demon get hold of me.

Having not had anything like that for a while, they were the most incredibly wonderful tasting things ever - it was like my eyes lit up and my brain went crazy and I’d hit the jackpot.

But it was insidious - I couldn’t keep them in the cupboard. I white knuckled my way through them, restricting myself to X amount per day - but as soon as I thought about them, my brain wouldn’t let the thought go until I’d gone and got some.

It was a great lesson. Never. Ever. Again. Other stuff I can take or leave, but ‘crap’ sweets seem to be a real trigger for me.

But I tell this story because I appreciate how much your foggy brain would’ve been delighted at that taste and I’m impressed that you had the strength to get rid instead of finishing it.

(Linda ) #97

I can’t do sweet sweet it makes me gag lol… interesting how we so different but then often the same on other things…

(Edith) #98

Is there Lyme disease in Australia?

Edit: Your symptoms sound just like Lyme disease.


Not officially. But people have been diagnosed. Dogs do get some weird tick borne blood parasites. It’s possible. I’ll try to remember when I see the doctor.

I have a general blood pathology request form around here somewhere, so I’ll pre-empt the doc saying they want to do some general baselines by going and getting blood drawn and sent before the consultation. It may have inflammatory markers requested in it. That’s how well I’ve trained my GP. They give me a lab request form to use later when I go for general check ups. I list the tests I want like fasting insulin etc.

I think it’s safe to say here that it can be an addiction for some of us.


yea this carnivore raises her hand!

that is fab you can work closely like that with your GP and you do have some control.

I just hate it is wandering around your body like that, joint issues/pain can be from darn near nothing to something so I am super thrilled you are going in!