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Question: do you think you look like you gained 10 pounds?


i can’t really tell, but my pants don’t fit anymore. i’m just more annoyed at the lack of mobility (i can barely tie my shoes without straining because my belly is in the way)


OMAD. Baked fatty beef ribs.

What would you do with the rendered fat from the pan?


Tracked. Not accurate at all due to eating fatty meat (LOTS of it. even I say that) but not super far from reality.

So… Eating some soup with 2 eggs… And some little pieces of meat… Yeah I got quite full (oh I wanted more food 1 hour later but I have a good base for the next day), it should have hinted at the amount…

It seems I ate 850g/1.89 pound/30oz pork chuck for lunch. Among others but it was a meat-heavy lunch. I didn’t even lift… Or anything.

So, new personal record. That’s why I track, I get interesting numbers and potentially can shock people with it…
Should I dare track my macros? Knowing that some of the fat is in the pan…?

So, ~1900 kcal for lunch. And I want pancakes so my dinner probably won’t be small. I didn’t think I needed a high-cal day again but whatever. I follow my urges.

I anxiously added all the pancake standard set (maybe I won’t need them all) but my macros aren’t extreme. 215g protein, 200g fat, nothing I didn’t before (I did 220 protein 280g fat once if I remember correctly. I am extremely bad with numbers but it doesn’t involve my records). I won’t held back then but I will make sure I want the food.
My carbs intake is normal too, not extremely low due to the eggs and dairy but it’s perfectly fine in my world.

But oh. My. Good. 850g pork for lunch… :scream: It’s unusual.

I expect a less meaty day tomorrow. But soup meat is truly different… It feels less somehow.

I will run out of mascarpone soon and then I avoid added fat and low-protein dairy alike like crazy… It’s not like I need it (beyond a tiny little sour cream here and there. that’s lovely. still not needed but it’s my precious). Unless my meat is leaner.

(Linda ) #65

Yep I gained about the same but then I’ll drop about 4 and go up and down those 4 lol and yes I could see it in the end but my clothes still fitted me …but I’ve noticed lately I’m leaning out again so I weigh occassionally now so it doesn’t affect me …im sticking to carnivore and trusting eventually my body will say ok I can work on weight now. Because remember some of that weight might be bone mass and or lost muscle mass…

Answer to this you can try eating a leaner day…you’ll eat more food least i do and cycle them exercise is great Dr C says don’t do it to lose weight though… do it for your mental state so something you enjoy that releases a ton off stress…
Its like weighing my butter only because my mind knows adding fats to drinks prob not something I should be doing so tomorrow im gonna try just the egg see if its still takes out the bitterness out I don’t need the greasy added Ness I’m hoping lol…

(Linda ) #66

Save it and cook lean meats in it…put it out for wild life…if I get too much pour ut into an old egg carton freeze then toss away…


depends, old days I stored it for? who knows cause in the end it ‘was pure grease’ to me personally and was not an added I required to the fat I got from my next meal so, mostly I ditched it.

there is that fat one wants when one wants it and use as needed and then we flip and don’t require that extra.

So where ya at? It is ok to ditch fatty grease and enjoy only the food.
It is ok to wanna use that later if ya want but for me, each and every meal gave me all I required.

So it boils down maybe to a mind game…use it all. At all costs? Feel bad dumping it? NAH…do what works best for you at all times.

I still store a SMALL amt of bacon grease from the old days I kept SO much my eyeballs gagged seeing it cause I used it as flavoring added to my meat I cooked or tried making baconnaise which I became not afan :wink: vs using butter but now, bacon grease is a small item in my life and ya know what, no harm in my life came from dumping most of it now LOL

Just do what you require and what you wanna maybe us it for, any decision you make suits you in the end!


Butter in coffee: I actually don’t like fatty coffees, well only fat added coffees, I always liked the milk in it, later the cream… Egg is nice but not perfect so when I don’t have cream or something that I consider a never very good but still somewhat working substitute, I use eggs and butter. 1-2g only and once a day at most. So I don’t worry about that, even I use more added fat on some days (my ideal days have zero but with my pancake passion, I often have some).
I never liked lots of fat in my coffee and only butter is yuck. Still better than black unless the coffee is really nice or I am in the mood for it but I don’t really like it.

Overeating meat… I am surely not someone who can say smart things about this but I still have thought, unfortunately.
Well. I don’t really overeat meat. I overeat fat or the non-meat items I have but meat itself? But see my previous comment, well, maybe I leveled up and now I actually could overeat meat. I still don’t think it could ever be a real problem on carnivore for me, heavy days are normal and I never consider them overeating, my average is still nothing like that.
But I have experience with eating too much and even very low-carb can’t safe me for sure. But we have our problem items, some are meat. If I chose my food very unwell and maybe my timing would be off too, I probably could pull off overeating every day without feeling too full. Today it was soup meat (or my body wanted a strong day, who knows?), sometimes it was chicken (not satiating alone, for me), fatty processed meat can be special too, I couldn’t eat normal meat but can eat a little processed meat that brings zillion fat…
But if I overeat, usually something not-meat is involved in bigger amounts.

I can imagine someone has a range where they can stop. They can eat the right amount but they don’t get the stop sign at the right moment, they can overeat regularly. It’s very unfortunate.

If I eat too much, I usually start to avoid/minimize my non-meat things, maybe not my eggs but I make sure I don’t go overboard with it either (good, needed, satiating but not as satiating as meat, no stop signs like when eating meat… and in some form it’s quite tempting so some simple satiation can’t stop me). I am careful with my fatty processed meat too. And I don’t eat too many times either.
It worked for me this far (or not because I kept eating less satiating items but the method is great).

Oh and I am more careful with the very fatty cuts too if I want to go lower with my food intake. But it’s not my main problem when I eat too much, fat satiates me quite fine and I need lots of fat. With too lean meat I just add extra fat as I crave it and that’s less satiating so just mess things up. But a leaner but not too lean cut may be a good idea.

I consider exercise basic if I want to lose fat though I don’t do it for fat-loss and I never experienced its helpfulness so it doesn’t matter. It helps my SO tremendously, though (high-carber but it doesn’t matter regarding this). He needs it to control his weight but if he eats too much, he gains fat, exercise or not, of course. We who can eat a lot have it hard sometimes. I still feel lucky, extreme low-carb makes things better and I never ate as little as anywhere close to carnivore. The difference isn’t huge but every little help matters and I feel better and I eat in a more mentally healthy way as far as I can tell. Just sometimes very much. But as I have lower-meat days, I suppose I need the high-meat ones. And as my meat is never very lean, it means much fat. But nothing like I did on high-carb, surely…


remember carnivore we can’t put ‘overeat’ ever in the context that all one must eat is what one requires for future healing and change.

So don’t think backward old dieting thoughts of portion control and more we all walked thru.

You are carnivore changing S and grab it and go forward, it is a good thing.

Do not get in your way, eat everyday as you can and want, just let it happen on this plan and you will find more changes and truths that suit you!!

there is no average overeating what you need at all times on your eating carnivore plan, this is ALL about you and you are doing good!

don’t throw a ‘eating plants and other junk lc menu’ into what you require now being off that stuff…whole new journey into a whole new realm and I tell ya, it is a good place to be :wink:

you are mentally working it out for you as in I do best on…I find I need now…this is the way forward til I might change and that is carnivore and you are walking that path for sure.

(Linda ) #70

Ok well almost no food picture today lol i almost forgot…
So since Shinita gives us tracking and i weighed my butter i thought well let’s keep going and weigh the steak i weighed it cooked cos i grill my meat and never eat the pan fat… here was me think I’m kind of hungry so I cooked up 2 steaks

These two steaks after being cooked weighed in at 664 grams…
But i only ate one if them eyes bigger than stomach today so that brings it down to 326grams… so about 11.5 ounces…


Overeating IS a problem on all woe, carnivore doesn’t make overeating right or enjoyable to have. So my attitude stays the same. I try to eat as little as I comfortably can especially added fats and dairy so sometimes I will be successful. (Only my first carni trials were different, I actually had to eat as much as I could squeeze into myself occasionally. But it’s over. I start to scare poor Alvaro, I eat so much. He doesn’t understand how things go in my life, I know so the occasional high-cal day doesn’t bother me and even my 4000+ kcal carby days couldn’t scare me in the past. I am not easily scared, you see.
I know that longer term carnivore-ish always makes my macros quite fine unless I totally mess up my food choices or timing. So I don’t worry, my main goal is avoiding carbs as much as I comfortably can, I automatically minimize my added fat intake already, I don’t even think about eating much sour cream or cream anymore… It will be okay. Winter is coming and without fruits I have a waaaaay easier time. Especially after December.)

I could ate only 2 pancakes fit (I didn’t need food but wanted pancake so my body had to handle it. I felt some need before and when dinnertime came, my satiation changed but I had a stubborn plan, unfortunate thing. another reason to stick to OMAD), now I am totally full. I thought maybe I used the multiplier on the soup meat too but nope, I still ate around 850g pork chuck. Oh, fine.

I totally do that. I always do that. I had a calorie limit of 1564 kcal (just a thing of the tracking site, I pretty much ignored it, it’s too low for me anyway) and I ate 2300 and was hungry so ate more. I am like that. I NEVER did portion control, I never actually dieted, I think… I tried to eat little and when I lowered my carbs, I actually ate little enough and felt way better… Health and well-being was my primary goal all the time though. So I wasn’t miserable when stalled. I just stubbornly wanted to lose. If it’s easy and enjoyable and I don’t need to give up anything I don’t want to.

But if I eat way beyond my needs, that’s unhealthy, burdensome, wasteful overeating and while I don’t think I would gain fat, I surely won’t lose any. I don’t even care if others can pull it off, my body is as stubborn as my mind is and I think I figured out how it works if I continue whatever I did until now (just better. it’s always my plan just things happen).

Maybe I ate a bit much today but I have no regrets and it was still a good day. But I should do it better normally. And I will. I have these days and then I have lower-cal days… But I shouldn’t eat this much dairy, I suppose. It just happened, big shopping, buying stuff and it comes in a big package and with a not very long shelf life and I open something else too… I won’t eat quark for a while when I run out (and possibly let Alvaro eat the rest).

My roast was 160g roasted. IDK about the soup meat but it was 360g raw, surely not way less cooked…?
(My food intake start to be scary if I am left alone with unlimited amount of meat and I like that kind as well. It wasn’t so much but I refused to eat ONLY meat today. As usual.)

(Linda ) #72

Don’t let that you can eat meat scare scare you remember protein is the building blocks of our body and you just upped all your weights so you may need more for a few days… if your able to comfortably eat it you body obviously wanted it…some times I seem to eat way more than other days on meat…like yesterday lol crazy but then today that one small steak and I was full…

I think Kelly hogan was saying st times she ate 3lbs if meat in a day…
I dont think I’ve ever gotten in that much but if I was hungry and could I would…

(Edith) #73

I don’t know what quantity of meat you’re eating. I do think that calories matter to some extent. If one eats more than he or she needs for daily function, activity level, and repair the excess has to go somewhere. Maybe you are eating too much? Maybe? Or maybe you need to eat some leaner cuts of meat, so your body can tap into it’s own fat stores?

Liked discussed on another thread. Some people don’t have clear satiety signals. Could you be one of them?

I’ve recently learned about myself that I can eat until I just don’t want another bite, or I can stop several bites before that and I will still feel satisfied for many hours afterwards. Sometimes that feeling of having had enough takes 10-15 minutes to kick in. Maybe try having a smaller meal. Give yourself 10-15 minutes after eating it to see if you are still hungry. If you are, have some more. If you realized you are satisfied, then be done.


I know protein is. I overeat protein nearly every day… It doesn’t bother me, actually, it’s the only way I can eat and my body likes it enough. And it’s not super high…
But I don’t need 100g extra protein per day just because I use a tad more serious weights :smiley: And my protein is in its normal range anyway.
But yes, at least I do my workouts, I forgot I should do it today but it’s fine tomorrow. But I wasn’t active today, only went out for my tiny uphill run (with walking as I can’t run 300m at once after years deciding I want to learn how to run. but I will improve quicker now, I actually like my tiny runs now!)… But my days are connected, I probably will have a different day tomorrow… So it’s fine.
And my protein seemingly can’t get out of its range. I don’t need to worry about it ever. But I still eat too much fat. I can’t do much about that beyond I already do, hopefully it will be okay eventually.

I’ve read about 3-4 lbs of meat from people, I don’t care, that would be massive overeating in my case. I should eat properly. And I kinda do, not exactly but it will be okay eventually. I am not displeased but it was unexpected. And where was my proper stop sign? I felt I ate a tad too much. Nothing problematic but still. I am used to eating to a more comfortable satiation when I use meat. Odd.

I still don’t know how much meat I would eat if I only ate that and I was hungry, after a 10 hour hiking in the mountains in frost :smiley: I don’t ever do that anymore. I should go for at least a cute 5 hour one or something… Not necessarily in frost. I just said that as once I went hiking in spring and it was frost and I forgot to bring much food… I surely lost fat that day :smiley: (Doesn’t matter, I overate later.) I ate unusually much afterwards but still less than what I used. I just can’t eat a ton in one sitting, no matter what.

I really want to be active sometimes. That’s a good thing.


some info for those who want it

(Linda ) #76

I actually listened to her and Kelly discussing this I def eat a ton more if im eating chicken…
But I noticed yesterday after a few days of lighter eating i needed the extra fat…but this is brilliant info thank you…


today will be simple

burger and steak, probably some good ol’ melty cheese thrown on those burgers too :wink:

all good in zc land. feeling fine, just cruising thru my eating lifestyle and just being :slight_smile:

(Linda ) #78

about 5pm yesterday I ate my 2nd steak.
Todays food is more strip steak yep im boring lol but so good…and today’s coffee just has egg to use as creamer so much better than black…im actually enjoying it not just drinking it


I am just so snug and comfortable today, its a grey rainy quiet day, and ive eaten my two meals (salmon and steakneggs) I feel pleasantly nourished and relaxed. And I realize this is me now, carnivore, im not «holding out until…», im not putting any effort or stress into staying on plan, im not missing anything, and I feel good, this rolls on automatically, and has simplyfied my life.

Then I realized…Im going to be like @Janie, I will be looking back on 1-2-3 years and more, staying on my plan, and becouse of that, my body, energy and life will change for the better. For me, this woe has made it possible for me to stay on plan, Instead of regularely sabotaging my progress, as all my earlier failings with changing woe. But then I would always whiteknuckle it to some extent, becouse my carb-addiction would never let me a break.

I spent this morning reading @Janie s thread from the beginning and it was so inspirational and have been on my mind today, and I just realized, time will roll by, and it will be me reaching my goals, and in the meantime i can focus on other things, like rescueing a cat or something! (My best friend, a portie, is 12 years old, and im thinking how I will survive without her, but with luck I might have her a couple of more years)


I got kind of hungry at night so I ate some more pork… If we count it as that day despite being after midnight (it’s the case for me. until I go to bed, it’s the same day), I reached 1000g pork. Wasn’t sure it could happen but not very surprising, actually, it’s not a HUGE amount of meat, just… Much.

I got hungry early today (3pm). Not very much and not very surprising, it often happens if I eat late before.
I had 2 eggs, 2 pancakes filled with quark and mascarpone with coffee, respectively… And if you think I lost interest in my pork chuck roast, you are very, very wrong. But I ate a small amount this time :wink:

I saw PIGS today!!! Met the woman who sells stuff in their shop too. The shop is closed because they are very busy with other things but they continuously sell fresh meat, we will ask for prices and place an order :smiley: Oh, finally, after decades I will be able to taste proper home-raised pig? Just because they have many and they sell them, it’s technically that to me. But what matters is that it must be great! Yeah I bought a piglet from their before but that was almost just skin and fat, how a little pig can be so very fatty? :smiley: Surely young piglet meat is different anyway. But it was a nice (albeit too fatty :D) piglet.
Their smoked pork is very tasty too but it’s nothing like fresh meat and salt ruins part of the joy anyway except the dry sausages, those aren’t crusted in salt…