OctCarniFest :)

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Brunch was small sirloin steak and 3 eggs
Picked on the pork and crackling once it was cooked and then again for dinner some more pork and crackling.
…and a bit of cheese.

@Fangs yes I really cannot wait to be able to sit out quietly and reflect on what an absolute pain in the proverbial it was having to de bramble and de ivy every flippin year. I know I will be saying why oh why didn’t I do this sooner lol … just hate parting with money hahaha fence and gate all erected now and starting on the wall tomorrow and I think they will be using the whacker on the hardcore. … all weather permitting of course.

And Raymond is doing well at the moment. Loves that he is back dancing and we are going at it gently and not over doing it even though I know he would love to be going every night lol. I am being a bit choosy now as to which venue I want to go to because before lockdown we would go sometimes 4 times a week and I do all the driving and some venues are quite a distance. Then when you get there its crap with unfriendly people crappy music bad floor… now I just want to dance where I know the floor is danceable and the people are friendly and music good. I don’t mind how far I have to travel to achieve that. .


I fully come back tomorrow. Finally. My body really lost all its patience…

3.3kg pork chuck is defrosting and Alvaro will buy 90 eggs tomorrow. Oh it will be heaven! But partially thanks to OMAD, I survived without meat and eggs, kind of. I ate eggs and meat but little and more processed stuff and dairy than normal, it was an odd combo. My low-meat days usually have several eggs at least!!! My food didn’t taste bad though. Obviously. I can’t eat not pretty okay things…

OMAD is super easy now. Just suddenly it’s the only thing I can do. After so much time wishing for it and getting hungry way too early. But now it’s good. I didn’t even get hungry early on the weekend! I may eat a bit too much on some days but with proper food, it won’t be a problem (and I lift and get stronger anyway so maybe I need the energy). My “this and that” seems to be less satiating and more easy to eat than my normal food. Just a little but still. Okay, the cheese part is way less satiating but I needed them now (or couldn’t avoid as Alvaro accidentally left with my eggs and left cheesy egg whites).

But now I finally ate almost everything I had to eat (the bresaola won’t last for long but that’s easy to eat and it’s not fatty at least. my roast will be fatty enough!) and I get my lovable staples back! I want to eat super simple tomorrow! I plan a big piece of roast for the vast majority of my food.

Rainy days will come. I walked a lot today.


The scale is starting to budge for me again after three weeks. And im happy, confirming to myself how normal these «stops» are, the body is busy doing probably amazing things, and no tweaks, hacks needed. Just eat the meat, never be hungry! And staying true to the plan is probably also very helpful, no sabotage. Then time will do the work for me.


@Karen18, wow that garden is going to be just what you need :slight_smile: I know you are going to have to post a snap of it when done, I now have to see it when finished :slight_smile:

Glad your dance partner is doing better and it is smart if you know the best venues to take him and leave out the cruddy ones. If he is enjoying his dancing but is more limited to the amt of times he can go kinda, then it is best to hit up the good ones! I hear you there :slight_smile:

Fantastic. Carnivore plan is changing you :slight_smile: that is cool. If omad is your thing now than do omad and enjoy!! I found one of the best benefits of carnivore is taking all the angst off our eating…we just eat when we need, don’t when we don’t, but darn we feel great doing just that. Freedom. Freedom from food is what carnivore gave me truly, something I truly like! More power to you S…find you in carnivore and keep on rocking!

Your yummy roast sounds delish!

@Shatz, great post! You are right. There are no stalls truly in carnivore cause the body will release the lbs. as it has to do on a normal timeline…your body is healing hormones, feeding and repairing other systems and such and not focused on hitting up a few lbs gone, but ‘then it does’…my losses got very slow down to 1 lb a month and then sometimes 1 lb every 2 months LOL but in the end, I lost the majority of what I wanted to lose, feel so much better, now I am just letting carnivore slowly drop off the rest plus it is nice we do look leaner/meaner at a higher weight so that darn scale in a way means nothing to us :sunny: Happy you are experiencing carnivore in such a great way!

----------------today is big Tbone steak. Dug out from the bottom of the freezer :wink: Then I got a smaller NY Strip steak to eat for second meal. I woke up not in a food mood ya know where no type of food is calling my name so today is beef it up and just not worry about any of it.

Carnivore On! Our OctCarniFest seems to be doing very well for everyone!


No photo yet but my pork chuck roast is in the oven! Yay! I forgot it has bone (but it was super cheap. let’s count… $1.26/pound? and I make soup with the bones), the actual roasted part is only ~4 pounds, I fried some cubed meat and will freeze that, it’s nice to have something else that roast there, ready to eat. And the bone has a decent amount of meat that is needed for the soup. My hands got so cold, it was half-frozen but it’s easier to cut in this state and anyway, I didn’t want to wait. But I won’t eat it for a long while yet.
So, 4 pounds. 3-4 days. Normally 4 as the amount drops after 1-2 days but with my current changes… Who knows? I still don’t want to eat many eggs.

My mood is good despite the gloomy weather and nowadays I don’t need very much sleep. And I fall asleep easily even if it’s not super late… In the past I had this problem, I got sleepy only when it was too late even for me. So multiple things are better than they were for some reason. I just need more energy. I am no miserable zombie in the mornings but it could be way better. But now I can start my workouts way earlier, that’s useful. It may be mostly mental change but still good.


You’re in some transition phase S, cool, just follow the body and do what you wanna do and don’t overthink any of it :slight_smile: :slight_smile: So happy multiple things are changing for the good for ya!!

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Such good reading this morning everyone’s life is falling into place with eating and getting things done.

@Shatz congrats on weight loss I had multiple times where it was three weeks no loss but the body does better at times when it’s not too fast or otherwise skin doesn’t catch up for awhile and left with sagging skin…

@Karen18 it’s great to hear the progress on your garden hope to see pictures soon so exciting…and also good to hear that your back enjoying your dancing and that your dance partner is as well.

@Shinita great news on your doing so well on your eating and your exercise good to read your supplies are full again.

@daigo1 hope you doing well
@SB no word from you in awhile hope you ok.
@Carnivoor hope you doing ok too
@Ketodaisy hope your family is doing better

Todays Fo

od lamb chops


Cold roast beef.

(Karen) #49

Loving your lamb chops. I have run out of the load I bought a few months ago… one minute you seem to have loads then you find you only have one portion left! I keep looking out for them in the cheap shop but not seen any for a while. Note to self … leave space in the freezer for when I do see them. Really love lamb.

(Karen) #50

I brunch was my slow roasted pork shoulder ( which I am snacking on at the mo lol)

Dinner was a small sirloin steak and 3 fried eggs.

Pics of garden will go up when finished but I suspect it will be an ongoing slow addition of pots and planters from then on lol


I can raise my weights for my back exercise too (and I had backache today)!!! I raised it maybe 5 workouts ago? And it was the same weight for AGES before. I am so enthusiastic and it helps with my spirit, I don’t have those “my muscles could do more reps but my mind rather stops” things so often or severely (it never was sooo bad but sometimes I did give up too early). Probably normal people doesn’t have those but I am a lazy problematic one who doesn’t do hard things if they aren’t even fun.


I already wrote things into the other carni thread about what I ate today. 430g pork chuck for today, I still can’t eat just meat, oh well. Yesterday I ate a smaller meal, today was a bit stronger but both days were quite great macro wise. And today was properly meaty as well.
I ate my only meal at 6:30pm today. Maybe I should do it a bit earlier, it’s hard when I am just fine without eating for long but when I have my meal, I feel I waited too long to properly enjoy it. Or it’s this gloomy day, my brain can’t focus as well as normal.

My hunger is on holiday again, it happens and it causes no problems unless it stays away too long, I like getting hungry sometimes.

1 hour passed and I so, so could eat more but it’s late and I theoretically ate enough. But if it stays like this for a little while (and will be able to get up, I am nearly asleep now), I will eat a little more roast. It’s still warm and nice.

615g meat today then. About 22oz :slight_smile:
I ate a lot today but it’s perfectly normal after lower-meat times with a new pork chuck roast. Yum.



ate the big Tbone yesterday and wanted to eat the little steak but couldn’t…too much…so I am starting my first meal later with the small steak and probably just eat some cheeseburger patties later if wanted, maybe fry some bacon if it doesn’t seem like too much work :slight_smile:

finished food yesterday after eating that big steak with just some nibbles, some tuna, tin of sardines, few bites of leftover pork I had, few slices of salami.

good carnivore days.


My pork roast is on my mind even when I am satiated… :smiley: I have plans with it today too, I sooo want to try to focus on it as much as possible. Super curious about what will happen. So no eggs and mascarpone and quark and whatnot if possible, just meat. I have half a pancake from yesterday, I eat that and I have my zillion coffees with a tad of mascarpone (my cream replacement, almost exactly the same anyway) but that’s it unless I must say I can’t eat more meat while still being hungry. But my tolerance towards meat got better so I think I have chances.

I don’t want to live on meat, it’s just an experiment. But it would be helpful if I could do simple egg and meat only without all those tiny extras adding up and potentially making things worse. They may be useful at bulking as they boost my calories but not now. And I want to learn to eat SIMPLE. Is it such a big wish to have, like, 3-course meals, counting everything even my richer coffees? :smiley:

I made soup but for both of us so it’s not carnivore. But good enough, I suppose, it has the huge bone from my big chuck with lots of meat and I obviously didn’t overdo the vegetables. Let’s hope Alvaro won’t be complaining. The thing has meat, it’s not like a vegetable dish with almost no vegetables (but with eggs! it was great. Alvaro disagreed)…
I use the blur even if there is no specific item but it’s about something not carnivore. Buyt very low-carb especially that Alvaro’s share will contain the carbier stuff (with extra carbs boiled for him) and probably most of the meat will be mine? No idea, I let him eat that if he wish, I have my roast. But with this speed, that won’t last even 3 days… Oh 2kg pork chuck, that was PERFECT! When the meat reached the right state, the fatty liquid beneath was a nice amount, not burnt a bit (it happens too often), not too much (only if I stuff as a big slab into the oven pan as I can. and it takes hours to roast well as cutting them up is impossible in the beginning, I do it after the pieces get smaller and have more room). It’s a bit salty but I don’t eat it alone. It’s delicious!
So I am happy with my food now. I usually have no problems but this one is especially pleasing. I will eat earlier when I can appreciate it better.

I make photos soon.

600g meat, when roasted, isn’t big. At least when it has similar dimensions so it’s not a flat piece. But maybe my ideas are skewed. Well I don’t think it’s the right word, my ideas are just fine but not common, maybe…
It seems I can’t get over the idea that some people consider 4-6oz meat a proper portion, sorry.
I am a bit obsessed now (let’s call it curious… it’s true…) and must figure out what will happen if my meal is pure meat. I will make experiments with leaner (but still beloved by me) meat too, I have a big slab of it in my freezer… It’s the best time for it as I have meat and I don’t really want eggs.
I already know I need a bunch of other stuff after 20oz pork chuck roast as it isn’t calorie dense enough and the protein isn’t so high either (it seems very high protein stops me. I may be still hungry but my body starts very strongly prefer fat*. that’s why I eat similar amounts from meat, fatty or not - chicken is an anomaly, my body acts as it was water or something if it’s alone - and leaner cuts are super lacking, I need quite much very fatty food afterwards. I prefer to avoid that under normal circumstances. Not if I fancy some super fatty, not meaty, not very satiating food. Leaner cuts are great there or else I will eat too much).

(Linda ) #54

Yesterday I was so hungry I took out pork belly and ate 4 strips lol…I think my fatty days may have been a bit lean . Cos it really was truly fatty and I felt so much better after eating it…
Today is back to strip steak so leaner again.
Although I been drinking black coffee I don’t enjoy it as much So today I decided ti try with egg and about half a tablespoon of grass fed butter so much better not bitter at all…so ill try now to see if that will hold me til later for my beef…


@Azi one little zinger here. You watch ‘adding to liquid’ to be a controlling factor against your eating.

One carni rule is eat first, drink coffee or whatever later so if one starts to try to control too much thru some drink, it can backfire so watch this.

Just sayin’ cause that ol’ darn ‘use this trick and this tip and this old dieting baggage’ out there can come into play like bulletproof coffee to stop hunger when one should be thinking real food or one wants fat bombs to snack on when one should just be eating a bigger dinner to never have those fat bombs ya know.

I know you know this…just a reminder :slight_smile: If you ate too lean you see it and feel it and just eat better a bit and let a day go by and let the natural food take you right where you need to be.

As we ‘adopt those leaner’ days on purpose to help us, we can sometimes find ourselves in our own way…just from me cause I been there, done that and in the end, darn I had to get out of my own way and it irked me too LOL

So just a chat and things to consider :slight_smile:

(Linda ) #56

Yeah but if I’m hungry ill eat I just can’t see the sense in drinking coffee I don’t enjoy but I’m not one usually to add calories to my drinks so i figure I’m doing I got to at least treat Like it’s a food… i weighed butter it was 6 grams so about quarter of an ounce but because it’s there ill limit it to two max a day rest will be water…and you gotta know I’m thinking while drinking it Dr C would be shaking hi’s head probably Lol…but I do grill all my meat so u don’t add any other fats…


nods That’s what one does when hungry, yes. At least if one is similar to me, they are prone to this. Sounds just right.

I put it into the other carni thread but here, my pork chuck roast leftover before I ate the right 2 little pieces except a few bites. Because I ate a lot of my soup chuck too. And 2 eggs and this and that.

Drinks just boost my calories, never lower them. I can eat a lot of soup and drink liters of coffee, I just eat more. Soup is good at triggering hunger anyway.
But that’s me. Nothing can trick my body not wanting all the protein and fat it needs or expects to have… Almost nothing. There are ways but those aren’t right and I stop even if I do it for a little while out of curiosity.

Coffee withg egg and butter is NOTHING like BPC and fat bombs. Just a nice coffee, I consumer that myself. Carefully as it goes against trying to eat as little fat as I comfortably can (or else I never will lose fat. I didn’t lose anything WITH this for years but now I am better) but it’s just a little egg and butter (preferably cream but then I eat up the bag and won’t lose fat again…) :smiley:

Fat bombs… They were so, so very long ago… I couldn’t afford them, of course but they were nice so I had them sometimes. And ate up all the 16 in no time, obviously, it’s me, I ate much more carbs back then and the fat bombs were tiny.

But I had no meat. With meat, I don’t ever need fat bombs. But coffee, well, it’s hard to get rid off…
And I like my soups. Oh I didn’t tell about it.
It was a nice soup. Not as great as Alvaro’s Mom’s but it’s my second soup in my life that had both meat and vegetables.
But it was good. I stopped eating very much soup early on carnivore (-ish and on/off but it’s tiring to write. but I don’t wanna lie so here) for some reason. Before I could have drunk liters of the pure liquid of a tasty soup every day. But I still like my soups. But if I have eggs and meat with it? The bowl was still full when I ate those :smiley: It was super low vegetable too (especially my bowl) and quite nice but of course, it means that Alvaro complained that it had too little. It didn’t had much no matter how we look at it, sure, I made it, after all… :smiley: But it seems I can’t please us both like this. Sigh. No problem, I can have only a tiiiiny liquid with all the meat and lots of eggs when I make a more vegetable-filled meat soup next time. That won’t be very soon, Alvaro is perfectly capable to make his own plant-based soups with 60+ % vegetable content… I always imagined soups being quite wet…

Did I say the bony (and still generously meaty) pork chuck part is amazing for a soup?

My days are normal now, not very fatty, not too lean. Pork chuck is great like that.


after grilling put that butter on that meat :slight_smile:
so many fab pics of melting butter over a monster hunk of meat and having ‘that saucy type’ extra to your meat ya know.

you are weighing and limiting butter on a scale?

just a heads up in that don’t go too far down that road of you think you have total control over carnivore, I swear Azi that it backfires to no end on ya…thru me and thru other longer term all in carnivores, just eat as you need…but if you want that tiny bit of control, you might not be there just yet on time on plan ‘for you’ to do just that…I did it. I lost so much and then stalled but darn I was happy as a carnivore clam could be til I thought I would ‘carnivore diet’ and I truly had issues doing just that…I went back to just eat. What I wanted when I wanted and everything got better.

Again just chat on this and I know you aren’t no newbie in any way but longer on plan some of us still can let old issues flare, old baggage come at us and ‘for what?’ For me heck I don’t even know LOL but in the end, I went back to let carnivore work for us just eating and what we love and we change again.

I changed big thru year 2 into 3 and end of 3 I flipped again even better and learned tons.

again just a regular old chat on what it takes for each of us :slight_smile:

I get ya tho on what you are doing, just keep that eye out LOL cause I had to keep that eye out also!


i think i am overeating meat, not sure. i don’t really care about weight loss but i stepped on the scale just for funsies and i gained like 10 lbs. and i still have a lot of unhealthy fat everywhere. should i just start exercising more or is there a way to stop overeating meat?


not sure on it all I said and deleted before many read it…let me think on it all before my mouth goes viral