OctCarniFest :)

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I get so much from the feed back from you guys too…one thing I did at the very start of carnivore was ask Dr C about listening to the veteran carnivores…(meaning. this thread up and the likes of Kelly hogan and amber ohern.) and his answer was yes listen to them they prob know more than me on somethings :slight_smile: but I love following all of you with your different approaches it gives me options if somethings not working…

Great job on the weights force I’ve added pool time.

Today started with 2 skinless chicken thighs on egg white wraps and I threw my bottom round roast in oveb long and slow they say…so I started it early lol


@Azi, ohhh that roast pic is heaven!

---------today is simple
NY Strip steak first eat of the day

then I feel I want something different. wings came to mind, of course I could hound down tons of crab legs but that ain’t happening so NOW my mind is on a big ol’ rack of ribs from my fav BBQ place.

Yea, will start convincing hubby he wants BBQ too and get him to do a take away and bring me home a full on rack of ribs for me. now I am thinking yummy

zc going very well and holding and just being in fine form.


Yes, 100% agreement! There’s some amazing content out there from the long term carnivores - I’m very grateful that so many have so graciously given their time to explain their experiences on podcasts and on YouTube etc, because as you’ve said, you can learn such a lot from their different approaches.

And in this thread too - it’s so great to hear from so many different people who are all at different stages. You can see us all having the same concerns, and it’s great to be able to share information that we’ve heard or experienced over time.


I will be a bit scarce now. Alvaro made mutton goulash. It’s not super carby so I stay keto but it’s quite far from my most relaxed carnivore-ish. But it’s probably very very good. I think it’s one of the best meat dishes I know except it’s way carbier than a stew. If we make both. We don’t do the excessive use of vegetables I saw in all recipes…
I am very satiated and have my leftover soup meat and whatnot so I probably will just taste it today. I think I will eat it in moderation, my body surely won’t have any problem with it.

City shopping after too little sleep and me, not a good combination but at least I tested how epically I mess things when I almost do my worst but had a high-cal day before with night eating of some fatty pork from a soup (I wasn’t satiated and it bothered me so ate after midnight). Not so very much. I was too full for that and anyway, Alvaro’s Mom cooked meat soup and chicken. But I added my extras. I didn’t feel so great yesterday due to various reasons (I never should eat at night, when I will learn that? but I wasn’t satiated…) but today it’s near perfectness again with super good satiation. I expect a nice OMAD day. And I really desire it to be carnivore but I have no idea if I can pull it off with this super tempting dish we almost never have. It’s ruminant, to begin with, exotic already but mutton, didn’t have it since several months and this dish I always postponed due to my carnivore plans but I couldn’t anymore…

I try not to come back until I am properly back on track again. (Do we all know I will fail? Except my naive optimist inner self? But I will try, I promise!) And I do my absolute best to avoid off days for a while. It shouldn’t be hard just circumstances. GOULASH :heart_eyes:. And the rare mutton one at that! No way I skip this.


I don’t say it was disappointing as my body really wants carnivore now and it’s easier that way but the dish isn’t so wonderful. The mutton from the farm last year was zillion times better. This meat isn’t even enough fatty, maybe that’s my problem. Oh well, Alvaro is ready to eat most of it. It’s ruminant meat that I surely won’t eat in the next month again so I will eat some but he doesn’t even want me to eat more meat (in ratio) than my share. He’s a problematic one sometimes. Oh well, I have pork but won’t make a roast while we have this, I have plenty of “not proper meat” to eat, processed stuff, liver… Even dairy. It was a city shopping before a long time without such a thing and I bought “everything”. Not all last for very long. Maybe I shouldn’t do this next time… But at least we bought no milk and we have a big amount of properly fatty pork :smiley: So, eggs, maybe a tiny dairy and some processed stuff tomorrow (I don’t think I will be very hungry) and liver or pork roast afterwards.

I had TMAD today but I only ate dinner because I didn’t want to get hunger at midnight again. I wasn’t hungry. My OMAD days were way better so I will go for them. I ate at 4pm first, on a weekend day when I get hungry way earlier normally! How I could change this quickly I have no idea but it’s great.
I strongly feel I need a somewhat strict carni day for tomorrow. Probably lowish-cal too but I stopped tracking, I couldn’t with my soup anyway. Sometimes my body wants me to leave it alone but not completely, it still want food every day just a bit less for a while. I think. Hard to tell without tracking, my guessing is horrible.


So change in eating…forgot it was Sunday and my fav bbq joint was closed SO real fast my mind said go get a smoked beef brisket from down the road at my little store smokehouse.


but they only cooked small ones, this guy is only 2 lbs. but beautiful fat cap on it. I ate 1/2 and I let the family attack the rest of it and of course they ‘had sides’ etc with their part so…but wow, so delish and I loved every bite.

second meal I couldn’t do the NY Strip steak so that is for today but instead I was a smidge hungry on meal 2 and cooked up 2 small cheeseburger patties…had to throw out the last 2 bites tho :slight_smile: which is rare for me but when ya had enough, then enough it is.

Steak today
thinking shrimp or chicken for later food
got a tin of sardines on my mind too

Whatever I eat it will be simple as usual and make me smile eating it

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Strip steak today omg I really enjoy the bites with fat after my lean days I have another for later and I’ll grab jumbo shrimp if need extra food.

I noticed this last week that my rings we looser and I felt lighter so jumped on the scale 3lbs down will it hold idk but it’s a sign that mixing fattier and leaner days could work too lol…


Grats, Linda! I still believe in my carni OMAD plan with only fatty days, I just need to do it for long enough :smiley:

Hi guys, I am not really here just wanted to tell you that my wonderful satiation-until-dinnertime (whatever I loosely call dinnertime) still with me. Yay. So after my low-carb OMAD days I am already sooo looking forward to some longer carni OMAD/TMAD times. I try to survive another day without eggs (Alv says tomorrow will be the last nice day for a while so he runs again and can’t buy eggs. and I am not desperate enough to walk hours for a few or something) and my beloved roasts (what an earth will I eat? probably a little this and that like today but even bresaola isn’t that tempting if I can’t eat it with eggs or meat) and then I will be so back! And then obviously will try some stricter style because it’s just logical to me. I can’t do no dairy with open packages but I may try some meatier, less eggy days. I will have a… IDK, 7 pounds pork chuck roast in 2 days? ALL for me as Alvaro can’t handle more meat for a while and it’s too fatty for him anyway… It will be fabulous! And simpler and it will feel better than this mixed chaos today.
(I probably should try to avoid such unfortunate situations but… I can’t. These happens even with good planning. I could mitigate my losses though… But I am not good at that. It’s a small miracle I lost my “if I fail, let’s fail epically” streak. It wasn’t strong, extremes regarding off eating aren’t hedonistic and I often voice something against that now. Btw there’s a Hungarian saying the same with “If it’s a goose, it’s better be fat!” Nice carnivore saying, isn’t it :wink: But not a healthy attitude.)

It was my cheesiest day since long (50g + whatever the cheesy baked whipped eggwhites had. Part of Alvaro’s breakfast originally but it was in a similar box in the fridge as my even vaguely similar looking sponge cakes so he ate those. he eats his breakfast at his workplace, not at home before 5am, that’s too early for breaking fast even for him. no huge harm was done, he missed the cheesy flavor but both are some carnivore eggy stuff and I could use the extra protein). I still am fine with close to no cheese despite I like the taste just before and I ate some of my favs today.

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I have to say that plenty of us people who are keto have never measured anything. I never have, keto 8 years as of 1/1/22. You do NOT have to measure anything while eating keto.

I never measured: carbs; calories; macros; etc.

I DID measure ketones, glucose, body weight (for a while, until I gave up, a long time ago now), blood metrics. That’s because I’m an engineer. You don’t need to measure these, either.

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Still here, still carni-ing on and still stair running,

2nd week with the landscapers here and they are sooo good. They have been working like trojans even when the heavens opened … which it has been opening virtually every day.

Lots of excitement on Friday. Just after midday the police raided the land behind my garden. I may have mentioned some time ago that a guy had hired the land and put storage containers on it without planning permission. I arranged access when I knew the landscapers were going to do garden and then got an email from the council saying they had given the chap notice to clear the site. Of course I was then anxious about losing access. Well he hasn’t cleared the site yet and the landscapers started a week ago. Then when the police raided the containers they put police tape across the entrance!!! I thought bloody hell what if that tape is still there Monday!!! Anyway about 8pm Friday night the police were back with low loaders taking partially stripped stolen cars away! Someone also reported that there was £500.000 worth of drugs seized but no idea of the truth in that!

Fortunately the tape was removed Saturday morning and access resumed … oh the excitement of it all lol.
And this is a good residential area!!!

Well all the rockeries, tree, ivy, brambles and one side of fencing removed and new fencing and foundation for wall in. Plus they have levelled land and put the hardcore down ready for patios to be laid. A few extras done like the drains and it certainly looks a lot better already. I have been out buying more bits including a couple of stone troughs. Good job I am strong cos they were flippin heavy loading and unloading from the car! All the beef i eat, me thinks.

Neighbours got a 12 week old cross collie/german shepherd last Saturday so all week i was puppy sitting then my daughter and hubby went off to Lake District for a long weekend for their 2nd wedding anniversary so I was kitty sitting too! :laughing::laughing: they came home today.

A visit to the company shop during the week and I bought a couple of very large sirloin steaks which should have been half price but when I checked my receipt when I got home I noticed they hadn’t reduced them. So I took a pic of the packs and with the receipt returned to get refunded and the gave me 2 good sized pork shoulder joints to recompense. That’ll do nicely lol.

Also got to a lovely social dance on Saturday night over near Lincoln, 88 mile round trip but worth it, super fast floor, lovely hosts and friendly crowd. Nice to see them all again. Oh it is so so lovely to be back on the dance floor.

Brunch today a small sirloin steak with a couple of fried eggs.


Dinner another small sirloin steak, followed by 5 slices of beef topside and some roulle soft cheese


It helps me so much when this thread is active, reading about you all.

I saw Dune on cinema with my son on Sunday, I recomend. Almost three hours in the seat, surounded by popcorn and chockolate, but I was fine with my sparkling water. It was a win. And a great help, as im conditioning my addicted brain to be fine with 5 days christmas holiday in spain, with a son who loves candy. :blush:

First meal for today:

Hmm, cant figure out how too flip the picture. @PaulL ?


{Of course I couldn’t resist but I behaved.}

I never understood why people eat in the cinema… I was busy with the movie. I never was the eating while watching tv type either, of course but I stopped watching tv 20 years ago anyway.

Nice first meal :slight_smile: I expect my tomorrow to be quite meaty, I will have fresh pork chuck roast after low-meat days again… And I will try what happens if I just start and continue with meat until I feel like. I have an educated guess but I never did even something similar to this with dinner OMAD and people change anyway… But if I can eat 20oz WAY fattier meat along with eggs and other things, I better measure out 1.5 pounds of it and we will see… (I actually hate the oz thing, everyone should just use SI to begin with but somehow my cute meat pieces love to be a pound quite precisely, I have no problem with that if it’s about meat. but 20oz still sounds good so I use that at least).


wow that was wild reading about the raid next door to you! Go figure right about how criminal activity can be so close and not ever really realilzed LOL

Your garden sounds lovely. I know you can’t wait for that to be done and you will have such a lovely quiet peaceful beautiful place to escape…worth every penny!!

How is your dance partner doing? Hope he is fine!

@ctviggen, sure, I get that alot of keto don’t truly track but I know you guys are turning over labels and checking out carb counts on foods at the store and you guys are mentally adding up carb limit for the day LOL I did that, I learned my carbs in the foods I did include but I still did that head count of my carb limit…truly with carnivore we dump all those thoughts…weeee… I also think some people really do enjoy tracking and it helps them and then ya got the rogue people where tracking actually can put them off an eating lifestyle change.

that is wonderful you are conditioning yourself for social events and out of the normal meal times and all that. Very smart to think about it, get a planning on how you want to roll and when one is hit with situations you aren’t surprised…you are prepped and prepared. Big key thing for me on changing over :slight_smile: Also if you want to ‘try a taste of the area’ a bite is really all one needs to taste it, I found that to be a good compromise when on vacay etc. and hubby is saying omg you have to taste this…most times is a no but at some point a forkful of something to taste is not a bad thing on carnivore ya know. Just don’t hound down 2 meal sized portions of it LOL Glad you are doing so well S!

---------today is simple chicken and leftover brisket and might eat up some bacon. For some reason bacon is coming into play for me after just not wanting it. Nice thing about bacon, it is always so darn tasty HA

Carnivore on!!

(Edith) #34

I was listening to a Diet Doctor podcast about time restricted eating. Somedays I do it naturally and some days I just eat whenever. (I tend to be hungrier on strength training days.) The podcast was quite interesting and was really only suggesting that 14 hours of fasting a day is enough to be of benefit. I think I am going to give it a try and be consistent with it and see how it goes.


interesting, let us know what goes down for you
I also feel a more ‘natural less fasting timeline’ we do put ourselves on is a better fashion for our bodies when we ‘force life’ ya know in eating but I also know I get a natural eating IF issue of about 18/6 or about there just from eating my plan with no forcing or limits on me…but yes it will be cool to see how it gives your body an advantage or a bad effect…nothing ever wrong with ‘doing a small bit’ when one is way longer on plan and when one has knowledge like you do…newbies to carnivore shouldn’t go here on anything forced. Our healing takes us way above later down the line where we can truly ‘suit to fit us’ a tad and watch and learn real fast on ‘trying some stuff out’ and we can truly see and feel real fast results on our little n-1 we wanna experiment with.

(Linda ) #36

Oh my what a day yesterday turned out to be…i had just finished eating my first strip steak when it dawned on me it was super quiet no dogs trying to get my food…on Investigation they had escaped …so off i walked…couldn’t see them anywhere so returned got the car and still couldn’t find them…on my way back i asked a road work crew had they seen them sure enough they had…
So I took the car home grabbed their leashes and off i went again…I finally found them a mile down the road and walked them home…
After getting them home I’d already walked them at 7am for over 40 mind I realized I’d walked so far in the heat (it’s florida)
It was almost lunch and it was like nothing…
Before I started keto I was struggling to walk around walmart without sitting down lol…
I’ve noticed since doing carnivore I’ve got so much stronger …laying grass, painting, moving planters things I’d never have been able to do on my own…

Food to

day is skinless chicken thighs


Second meal. I am 90% beef, eggs and bacon these days. I have salmon once a week. And a couple of teaspoons of greek yoghurt daily.


MES - Meat Eggs Seafood. Bacon and eggs breakfast. Lamb, beef and green lip mussels for dinner. Mineral water.

Feeling tired from work. Still have aching muscles and joints since mid-August good days and sore days.


@FrankoBear Have you tried bathing with epsom salt? I did this morning couse of aching in legs and hips. Its only happend twise for me on carnivore, after a bath, ive been fine for a month. Hope you have access to a tub within range of friends and family :slight_smile:

@Azi I would love to see a picture of your woofs.


omg the dog rescue find! too wild but darn if you didn’t realize you could go all with such energy and health to make the rescue you required…I love that…you got a fab NSV that is all about vibrancy of life and you worked it out and I bet the dogs had a good time roaming without you HA

@Shatz and wow that is ‘so restrictive’ and so wrong right? but you felt so fine eating carnivore I bet!! Great food pic and you are eating to satiaty and you came into this plan doing just that and you are rocking it!!

your lifestyle could be effecting you more than you know but that is a personal issue to handle in some way you see fit.

I know for us here we hit a wall…real jobs, plus farm in full biz mode and omg we moved every minute of every day but our hearts at some point took that ‘evaulate and change’ in our lives ya know…never saying this is you but overly tired can be alot of issues ya know…so it becomes a personal thought on how to handle of course. When I dropped it all and went all in in change, scary as heck and more but darn to this day I said I changed as I had to or just keep living the lie that never suited me now, which was great then LOL but not me now and again, JUST chat to think about things. We all change in what we require ya know, I never saw it til I saw it LOL

I agree on Epsom salt bath cause darn that stuff is good to me at times but heck I hate getting in and out of the tub, shower gal here HAHA

or just hit that beach soon and get in that ocean!! you and Billie need to hit the waves!