OctCarniFest :)


I didn’t read back yet (I just hope no one feels worse than before, more like better!), I just wanted to write that I am alive :slight_smile: I had some bad days but I disappeared because I had enough of my internet addiction and took away the wifi card from my computer. It was so great not to have internet on my computer :smiley: I still could search for things and chat with my most important people on the tablets but I always use my computer for forum and youtube and it was fine to be without them for a while.

I was quite unwell in Sunday, I don’t know why. I tried to blame carbs and overeating (due to carbs) as usual but I didn’t eat THAT unwell (I subtly ignored some hints from my body but I had no proper warnings and I didn’t do crazy things and even they never resulted in anything like this) and it doesn’t feel like that, just somewhat similar as my belly/guts were affected… I never felt a serious bellyache in my life and it was quite painful occasionally. The pain came in waves and I spent half of Sunday on the loo hoping it will help and eventually it did. The next day was smaller pain and now I have my 3rd mosly painless day with just a bit off, tender, borderline nauseous belly.

Oh well, I will still try to behave better, it’s not hedonistic enough not to anyway.

And now there is the monthly fast!
My body isn’t cooperative but there is no problem with a stricter OMAD (or TMAD as yesterday I really felt eating twice a good idea)! I do some strict carnivore now, at least in my world. No dairy (except a tiny butter in my not black coffee per meal. it has egg too, of course), just eggs, meat and a tiny added fat and spice/condiment if needed. It goes well!
I have this weird “food is fuel” time now but it’s fine. I still can’t eat just anything, my food must be nice but I have no appetite, just need for food. My OMAD meals must be modest but enough…? I don’t track but took notes (so simple, I barely eat a few items!) and will.

Yesterday I got out my 370g pork chuck roast from the freezer. No hint of my meat aversion anymore, I ate it all (for 2 meals). That’s about 660g meat in raw weight. It was enough with a few eggs (and a bite bresaola). The bresaola isn’t always the same. This pack has thick slices but Alvaro likes them in his scrambled eggs so he eats more than usual from it (but it’s not hard as he usually eats none of it). Yay. I prefer the thin slices, the thick ones are very chewy. Still good.

Today I had only 180g meat as I only have processed stuff - and probably don’t want much after the meaty yesterday. I like eggs again as well. A huge pork slab is defrosting right now, I doubt my body will want fasting tomorrow, as time passes, OMAD can sustain me less and less, usually.

Maybe it’s new and I never wrote but I weighed 74kg on a morning instead of the usual 75. Yay.

Oh and I keep getting stronger :smiley: Especially my triceps is impressive, I could raise 3kg in a few weeks? Whoa.

I keep this “only eggs and meat and tiny added fat, spice and condiments” style for a while :slight_smile: It’s quite easy, I have 7 pounds of pork and a desire for eggs and I gladly let my poor belly to heal and enjoy life for a while :smiley: Alvaro won’t make rabbit stew as we go to our annual cemetery and aunt visit on Monday (and he eats the poor rabbit for 3-4 days, not 2 even if I eat all the lovely bony parts and a leg or two. I easily eat my share for a meal, of course, especially now) and anyway, we have lean enough pork!

I drink very many coffees a day now. I don’t know if it helps, I don’t crave it like when I am sugar poisoned but it still feels good. Tea doesn’t. So I postponed my fight against coffee again. I focus on my carni OMAD (sometimes TMAD).
I am nicely satiated until 4pm and eat a bit later, it works very well.

(Karen) #243

Loverly jubberly x


I am now on a chicken wing kick again

I haven’t eaten them in years cause when I started I ate so many wings and thighs I thought I would sprout wings maybe :wink: and then I dropped them.

Now I want chicken wings. Got a big pack to cook today when I get home from errands.

have a steak for second meal.

all good in carnivore land…hope everyone is ending this Oct on a great note! Nov is coming at us fast.

(Linda ) #245

Yesterday I ended up eating more food I steamed up some cod since I had my lamb in the morning

so this mornings food i finished the lamb with l two slices of bacon and two flanken style ribs. I couldn’t quite finish all the lamb.

I’m not sure what’s later but I’ll figure it out got to go to the store for the dogs anyhow so I might grab me some ground beef.


I eat eggs and leanish pork today :slight_smile: Quickly fried so the meat cubes are nice red. The roast still needs time and it had so, so much water in the pan… Only the big, tall pieces got some red on them.
But the roast is for tomorrow, after the fried stuff I will eat mince today. I won’t put 7 pounds into the pan that is even smaller than possible for my mini oven, it would be too packed and the meat need space :smiley:

I got back my desire towards scrambled eggs, I eat 2-3 eggs like that every day. It’s almost exactly like dumplings with eggs from my past, one of my old favorite dishes. It’s surely more similar to it than the real thing would be now, I am not into flour taste, you know :smiley: (That’s not always there but I probably get more sensitive as time passes.)
I am very pleased with my food right now but it will be nice to go back to carnivore-ish. I will have stews and pickled fish with onions to eat! And an opened pickle jar :slight_smile: Sometimes Alvaro needs it for something, I think he likes it with stew… In my past I could eat a decent sized jar in a day (more exactly, the pickles and all the liquid from the jar… the liquid was my fav. I still like vinegar and various flavors) but well, that was long ago. I am quite fine with my pickled eggs, I made some lately.

And I tracked my last days… No wonder I couldn’t do EF. I need a big last meal for it, among others. I tried to eat as much as I can for my meal on Tuesday but I had belly problems and anyway, big meals and carnivore still don’t mix in my life, not even when I use added fats. It wasn’t even fully carnivore but very close. It was a very nice day with a quite great calorie deficit… And I had a workout… But as I had no proper meat (except a little turkey) and nothing substituted it, my protein was extremely low in my world, around 70g. It’s a wonder I didn’t get hungry later but I ate much fat and low enough carbs so I was nicely satiated for about a day. It was maybe 200g meat. Probably more but no idea how to convert the fried turkey to raw as I forgot to weigh the bones before I fed them to the cats. They appreciated the huge turkey neck vertebrae… By the way, I ate a single turkey neck for 3 days so my meat aversion had to be present.
The next day I ate my leftover pork chuck roast. 660g proper meat and a bit of bresaola… 166g protein and I ate around my energy need I suppose but I had to use 2 meals for it. My body told me I needed two, it was helpful.
Then I had a processed meat and eggs only day again, extremely low energy (~1200 kcal. and masses think it’s the right amount to eat for a woman when trying to lose fat, it sounds horrible. it was the energy content of Alvaro’s breakfast when he wasn’t that anxious about his figure. poor one gains fat very easily), low protein (180g meat and I don’t really want to see much processed meat in the near future)… It still lasted for 20 hours :smiley:

So I had this rollercoaster with meat and protein. It seems if I don’t have proper meat, I auytomatically use the exact same amount of eggs, some extra processed meat and my energy and protein intake plummets. Of course it can’t stay long so I start to eat proper meat and more meals.

But now I have meat heavy times again. I think my meat aversion is over. I surely still will have my less meaty days as I always did that but I don’t seem to eat more than 6-8 eggs for a single meal so I need some protein rich dairy then. Or eggy desserts. Or other tricks. Or I should be able to handle a low-cal day here and there. We will see. I really don’t wonder about things nowadays, I just eat whatever I have and find a good idea. Fancying something helps but I still have a low appetite. Oh I think I am pretty much healed, I find black coffee bad again :smiley:

Oh my lunch. I had scrambled eggs (3 eggs), half pickled egg, a coffee (1 eggs, 1 yolk, a tiny butter) and some fried pork. It’s little food but I will have dinner as well. Pork and eggs, what else, I do egg and meat only now! And I mostly ignore processed meat when I have the proper thing especially after my past week with much more than usual processed meat. I like and probably need them but only in small amounts. I can’t even eat much protein using them.

So all is well now, I seem to find my sweet spot that is carni OMAD with the occasional TMAD. It’s extremely convenient and comfortable! Very enjoyable, perfect satiation for a long time!

(Karen) #247

Isn’t it strange how our tastes change on and off different food. I guess the body keeps telling us what we need. I am usually on and off different cheeses and stopped eggs for a little while but I am eating them again now.

My daughter asked if I needed anything yesterday so I said some eggs maybe? She popped back later with a carrier bag and of course I looked at her as if to say stop buying me food and she said you wanted eggs!!! So out comes 10 eggs a big ribeye steak a big salmon fillet and 4 medium sized lamb chops! I said to her you will tell me if you think I am putting any weight on (given that I have gone from daily massive amounts of exercise to zero) she said she was more worried I would lose weight :astonished:

I showed her my freezer and said does this look like I don’t have any food in the house cos its still stacked with steaks etc and she open my fridge and it was virtually empty lol. I get stuff out when I need it and I know how long it takes to defrost a steak and I can always cook it from frozen if need be!

I love her to bits and she is very thoughtful.

I did 5 flights of stairs this morning… just walking nit running. My dance partner thought that was too much but its 95 less than normal so I think that puts it in to perspective! Whilst getting the garden done I ordered a pull up bar which arrived and the lads put it up for me. Think I may need this more than I thought I would so when I start pottering around the garden I can put 8n a pull up every now and again! Its a forest green bar so blends in well with the environment. :slightly_smiling_face:

So I had the ribeye steak with 2 fried eggs for brunch and dinner I had 2 of the lamb chops and some goats cheese.

Hard boiled 6 eggs so will have one shortly.


I couldn’t pull up my heavy behind once… Maybe later. Until then I am happy with getting stronger, I can raise the weight for my back exercises :smiley:
But I need help for my chest presses. It’s way too troublesome with putting almost all my little weight on 2 one-hand bars so I started to use a long one. And I managed to put it down but I had to keep it on my belly, it may burden my left wrist that I broke once and I don’t dare to do as many reps as I could as I get quite tired afterwards and I had problems with a light bar when I did that (14.5 kg? for my triceps exercise, the skull crasher :)). It’s very light but I was spent and I was laying there, the bar on me and waited for Alvaro to come and get it off from me - or me getting some energy to do it myself.
And my chest press bar is 21.5kg… It’s quite easy, I suspect I will raise it soon but I really need help. And he dislikes that, he is bored. Well, when he does his own full workouts, he can be bored too… It’s just for my chest exercise… I wondered about making something for my bench but I don’t think it would be good. The bench was easy, just a few big wood together. (My English is so inadequate…) Very massive, stable and prettily painted.
But maybe I will figure out how to put down the bar myself. I have ideas.

Food wise I got bored of meat again. Just for dinner, I am sure. Having 2 meals may have this problem, I want variety. So I strayed off a bit and ate pancakes. Not carnivore ones. But very much keto, it’s something. I was very hungry and didn’t want normal eggs or meat.
Yep, that’s one reason I do OMAD, to avoid carbs. Or plants. As the pancakes weren’t particularly carby, I am fine with that level.

But I ate much enough and tomorrow will be a nice carni OMAD, it’s almost certain. I will have fried pork, roasted pork and pork mince, I probably make some sausage-like meat patties from it, just with eggs :slight_smile: But with sausage spice. I still like that spice mix and it makes the pork different. No way I will get bored of it that way! But I usually can eat a big amount of roast. This cut is a bit lean but still nice, juicy, not dry like chops, I just can’t really like that thing.
Whatever, I will have a proper day tomorrow. I can make it happen if I want. Today things got added up and I didn’t want to try hard. That’s for November.

(Maybe I just blame the leanness of my meat :smiley: It’s really harder that way as I eat a cute amount and miss the fat and calories. Chuck works so, so, so very nicely… Lean pork with a very low-cal, low-meat previous day… No wonder someone like me with my current circumstances couldn’t do it exactly right. Not like I have regrets, I feel right and everything… But I could have done it better.
And other times I just eat some fattier stuff but it’s an almost no-dairy day and I definitely didn’t want my fatty processed meat items… I analyze things and maybe I will use the knowledge next time!)

(Edith) #249

I would imagine your brain has a lot of healing going on. It probably needs all those nutrients.

(Linda ) #250

I agree with Virginia your in a state of healing and your body needs all the help your giving it to do that…I think you’ll feel it in your clothes if you were piling on weight…
I think the fact your not having balance issues going up and down stairs is awesome you seem to be doing so well…thats so wonderful to hear.

(Vic) #251

A plate full of junkfood.

This is wat junkfood means to me these days.
I’ll eat is if its convenient.

My other daily meal at dinner is pure food. Lamb, chicken, beef and sometimes fish.


Needed a nap again today. But did get out for a sunny day beach walk at 7am with Billie the Labrador, and to the hardware shop to get things. Went into the village centre to the bookshop but started getting a headache. Did get a book, though. Have had 4 eggs and about 280g local free-range bacon. 60g Jarlsberg cheese. 2 cups of coffee separated by about 2 hours. Achy, lazy afternoon. Didn’t get those hardware store chores started. Scotch fillet steak for dinner tonight with Halloumi cheese and a fried egg cooked in butter on the wood fire stove. (Never cook your steak in coconut oil on an electric induction stovetop. )

Breakfast was at 12 noon. Blood glucose with headache and aches and pains flaring was 5.7mmol/L. Fasting blood ketones pre-breakfast 0.2mmol/L.


So thru all this bloodwork and more FB do you have any type of treatment schedule or ?? Any next steps or ??

Sorry you felt off again but hope whatever got ya starts to move along.

Coconut oil…EWWW…when low carb I experimented with that stuff and I have to say it is one of THE nasty tasting oils I ever tried. I was haplpy to ditch that junk from my life :slight_smile:

It was nice to read about how well your daughter is taking care of you and bringing you eggs and meat but here you are, loaded with meats in your fridge!! Too cute!

@Azi, maybe you are in that ‘weird what do I want’ eating phase? I every now and then go thru just flipping all my food wants and needs and it is weird when it goes down. But it became normal for me to go thru that every now and then.

yes, ‘carni junkfood’ LOL but hey meat is meat when ya need it and it fills ya up but it isn’t real food to us is it? but it fits the bill when we gotta eat it tho :wink:

-----------SO I made wings yesterday. OMG so good. I am on a wing fixation right now. Never thought I would be here again, it is wild they came back into my life.

today is NY strip steak and ??
I do have errands to hit on the road, I might stop at grocery and grab a few packs of wings and cook them up or I might just eat a lb. of bacon with my steak and call it a day. Either way it will be ALL carnivore obviously :sunny:

Nov is coming at us all pretty fast now, hold strong on carnivore and into the next month we will go.

ANY names for Nov. someone got to shout out?


Interesting, coconut oil is the only completely tasteless fat I ever met (I don’t really call it oil as it’s almost always solid in my kitchen)… It’s my only valid option when I fry something so I use it in moderation. I really need to get some lard but the pig farm shop stays closed and I wouldn’t ever touch the one in the supermarkets, that’s nasty, eww.
Sometimes I have a tiny lard from my fattiest roasts, that’s good. Butter burns easily and very expensive anyway so I rarely use it.
But I minimize added fats so most of my dishes use none. And sometimes I use pork belly if I make scrambled eggs.

Coconut oil came into our life a decade ago and probably never will leave but we use very little now (oh my early low-carb times when I ate 50g a day… and 150g oily seeds… well I had no meat and I think I avoided lactose too, I needed my fats from somewhere). Alvaro dislikes lard. I prefer lard, I just don’t have it since months… But both are better than the oil of the masses, sunflower oil… (Processed stuff use rapeseed oil too.) And sunflower oil isn’t even so cheap anymore, it’s way closer to coconut oil price wise than before. And lard too as lard and coconut oil has about the same price (just lard is way better). Butter is way more expensive but has very little taste (nice taste but little, proper lard is better - unless I want butter taste and I do want that here and there, it’s just tricky to eat on carnivore. I always ate butter with bread or vegetables. now I put a little into my coffee and eat some alone. but I will make my own butter spread and put it on my sponge cakes).

(Linda ) #255

First meal today I cooked flanken style ribs I cooked 4 but I could only eat two20211023_081709

Later I might cook up some fish for 2nd meal


looking delish

your flanken ribs were my ribeye. when I went into carnivore full on I cooked a big ribeye steak everyday and sucked it down, and your flanken ribs are my ribeye since you love them and do well on them!! Cool

I was one to pair heavy meats with seafood all the time. I love a fatty and lean option too. I wish I SO was a fish person tho…so many great options to eat but I am just not a fishy person darn it

(Linda ) #257

Have you considered making a alfredo sauce and adding shrimp and maybe Cod or something similar


I did about 2 yrs of all in alfredo sauce and always used shrimp or chicken and OMG I lived on it also but NOW I am dropping alfredo mostly cause my desire to that cream and butter and parm cheese is almost nil…but who knows it might ramp up again in year 8-9-11 of carnivore? I have no idea LOL

but yes, I wish I thought of fish in alfredo cause I did love alfredo to no end, but I always put my beloved shrimp, or chicken or scallops in there and never went ‘that fish route’ but darn now I wish I did.

So maybe you got me thinking do it for the future and thanks for that reminder…open for more carnivore to come when I need it!!


today is what I finally picked as done deal in food


(Karen) #260

My daughter took me to CrossFit this morning purely to socialise and ensure I don’t leave it too long before seeing the folks there. She knows how bad I suffer with anxiety so it was good to go and get all the 'how are you feeling? Stuff out the way in prep to eventually go back. So I sat and watched them doing a teams workout feeling quite envious I couldn’t join in. Had a brew and some pooch therapy lol.

Stopped off at The Company Shop on way home and picked up some pork chops and some good burgers with only 3 ingredients… beef, salt nd pepper. There were some gourmet burgers but the list of ingredients was arms length lol so put those back on shelf. Only went in for some cooked chicken and they didn’t have any whole chicks and I didn’t want thighs or drums.
Also got some 100% grass fed beef patties.

Ate the last 2 lamb chops on returning home just after midday. And some cheese and small portion of beef salami. It was okayish.

Dinner will be the salmon fillet. Its a bit on the big side though so not sure I will get through it. May split it in 2.
Just sat for the afternoon and red some bird and garden books.
Yesterdays foody pics and todays pooch therapy!:heart_eyes:


is it safe to eat the burnt bits of meat? i burn a lot of beef because i don’t know how to cook and i feel like it’s a lot of wasted meat so i want to just eat them. it’s only with ground beef though. have never burnt any other meat