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Love this!!!

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There is a steamed egg pudding that steak and butter gal makes its eggs and water …eggs and broth …its like a thick set custard… might give you another way to use eggs


Wow, Karen, that is quite the adventure. Those are symptoms of shock on top of the primary problem. The hypothermia and dizziness leading to nausea is probably secondary to the heart arrhythmia, especially if your heart was in fibrillation. I recognise that strong urge to go to the loo. It is part of the shock response.

That hospital story makes me feel sick. They do that where they keep you awake all through a night. It took me back to similar hospital experiences where I couldn’t wait to get home to get some rest. And the food. I would not eat the hospital food. My Sicilian mother-in-law turned up in my case with roast meats and some roasted root vegetables. But hunger was not a big deal in hospital, it’s easy not to eat. Fasting generates nutritional ketosis in fat adapted low carb eaters and those naturally produced blood ketones are excellent fuel for brain tissue. Ahh, I see @Azi was on to that as well.

Cerebellar stroke. My goodness. Glad you are feeling better and that the medical profession did what they are good at with diagnosis and treatment of the emergency.

The whole episode sounds quite frightening. Have the medical minds worked out how the stroke originated? My thoughts go to COVID AstraZeneca vaccination, but clots can be thrown into circulation from a heart murmur, if to the brain, from the left side of the heart. I hope the medical detectives clear up the root cause. Your general good health has helped you through it seems very much. The higher cholesterol after trauma is not surprising as the body requires the cholesterol for cellular and tissue healing, so it has been mobilised into circulation. That LDL test might only be a concern if it shows up on repeat tests. I hope they don’t put you on a statin based on one snapshot test result. Wishing you the best in a speedy and full recovery.

My feeling for recovery would be to support the body in healing. So it may need some extra nutrition in the form of bone broths and organ meats in the mix. But also, I imagine your stair runs may be curtailed for awhile? That physical activity would have been a natural generator of autophagy, which would speed up recovery from an injury. It might mean looking at intermittent feeding or some similar strategy to enhance autophagy while resting.


Oh I know egg pudding, I learn it some months ago in one of these threads, I do it sometimes when I have soup… Nice indeed. I would get bored of it if I made it often but I don’t do that. But it’s still too simple eggy now, I rather make new sponge cakes tomorrow. I can’t get bored of those. But I can make zillion different things from eggs, they are wonderfully versatile.
I have been eating several eggs very nearly every day since very many years. Even on my days when I dislike eggs and must be creative. I can handle eating eggs very well at this point.


So great for you Azi…when we hit that sweet spot of pure nutrition our bodies sure show us…glad you are doing so well!! Rock on!

super glad you are going home today. now you rest up, read up on your meds and your after care and recovery etc. and just keep doing all you can for yourself to heal in great form!!! SO happy your spirits are up and you get to go home to a very nice new shiny garden too :slight_smile: enjoy it all!

@FrankoBear, hope your weekend is going to be great for you!

--------------SO simple day
got a monster ribeye steak defrosting
I got bulk burgers defrosting which I will cook them all up. I need me some backup fridge meat in there LOL

simple food day, simple chillax kinda Sat for me. No fuss no muss

have great carnivore meals today everyone! I know I will


Eggs and smoked salmon after 1pm. Coffee at a cafe this morning and catching up with friends. A few aches and pains.

Had a rib eye defrosting (just like Fangs). But went to a 2-hour yoga session with Mrs. Bear. It was a challenge with the aches and pains. But they had sound therapy through the whole thing which was nice - clanging bowls and gongs. And they had massage people to give at least 3 massages through the session while I was holding a pose. Then at the end there was acupuncture. For the liver meridian, apparently.

I hadn’t been to yoga for awhile and it was nice to stretch and twist around on the floor. But now I have a headache and feel a bit nauseous. So, I’ll just have a cup of bone broth. I’m not hungry at all.

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I hope you find out what’s going on at your doctor appointment and that it is something easily cured.

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@Karen18 wow, didn’t read here for a while, now I’m kind of sorry I didn’t. Anyway happy you can go home, hope this never happens to you again.

Food is not on my mind lately, its like no more then refuelling.
Althou I must say, ones at the dinner table I enjoy the meat a lot.

I’m in a hotel in Salalah Oman for the moment.
They serve bbq by the pool every evening. This is defenately a good place for carnivores.

Beef lamb and chicken

Tomorrow I may go to this place were they have camel meat on the menu.

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Very interesting and yes I have been put on Statins which I wasn’t really happy about. I am interested to know what the blood test revealed that I had a while back … it was a general health check up and they didn’t get back to me with the results. I assumed it was, as always has been, no news is good news. We’ll see when I pop to Doctors for my sick note.

I they also found I have too many white blood cells. Also the wall of my heart has thickened which they say is from having high BP for so many years and they want to sort that out. I have some follow up out patient cardiology to come. My heart rhythm was erattic and the stroke consultant has said he wants a specific test done at cardiology. Echo, 24 hour tape and arrhythmia.

The astra zenith jabs were a while back, I have had both jabs so I think if that was going to be the cause it would have happened sooner. I guess my booster will not be astra zenith now I have had stroke!

Very fortunate that the hospital is a large training hospital so there are always first class consultants on hand.

Thank you for your interesting input … especially about the cholesterol. I have never had high cholesterol, if anything it has always been on the low side.

I finally got out and home at 11pm last night and got straight into bed … ahhhhhh … total peace and quiet, it was loverly.

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Hi and don’t be sorry … sometimes there are so many posts that I can’t get through them all and I miss things too. Since it occurred on Tuesday my appetite has very much dwindled. Even today, (daughter brought me home at 11pm last night) I have not had much of an appetite. I have literally had to force myself to eat all week as I know food helps the healing process and even today I have force fed myself. Fortunately my daughter is supportive of my woe and brought me in cooked lamb, beef and also various packs of sliced meats and hard boiled eggs. She’s a good’n.

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So happy to hear your home and resting.
And hopefully will be able to recover fairly quickly.

Todays food for me was my beef rib with 4.5 slices of bacon…

2nd meal was ground beef.

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Nice to see your post. You sure do get around. I’m very impressed!


So happy you are home, and in your comfy zone! Bless your daughter! What a dear one she is!!

I will keep you in my prayers, and hope you continue to improve and heal!


Trying to continue on with carnivore, and will resurrect the liquid chicken latter tomorrow morning. Haven’t had it in awhile, but I believe it may help me get through these ridiculous 7-5 shifts at work. Today at 7:15am, I unloaded the largest truck in our store’s history. Me and one other mgr. Us two gals hauled a$$! It was awesome. I think they over did it a little on the TP and papertowel there at the DC, but, whatever. They REALLY over did it on the Christmas candy. But, whatever. All balanced out with a good supply of glucose test strips! :crazy_face:

So,tomorrow,same shift.Might try to squeak out a little earlier than 5. Monday is an 8-5, then two days off. I’m pretty tired - not from work so much, but Rufus has been waking me up in the middle of the night to go wee, and then I can’t fall back asleep. Tonight, I was so exhausted, I was in bed before 8pm and now I’m wide awake. Mad cycle!

Took a bit of a tumble off the ladder picking apples, which has not helped things. The inversion table has improved the lower back situation tremendously. Upper back and shoulders are still a mess.

Been enjoying beef, fresh turkey, and chicken mostly. Eggs and butter too. Laid off the cheese quite a bit. Cleaning up all the odds and ins that I’ve indulged in recently. Stress eating is bad - no ifs ands or butts - , and that’s all Imma gonna say about that.

So, back to the basics. Take care all. Love, support and encourage one another always. That’s what gets me through…and you all are THE BEST!!!


We connect through writing down our thoughts and experiences in these threads. But it is like catching up with friends and team mates. We are working at a task, each of ourselves, but sharing in common. It’s nice.


I’m going to jot down an observation. I feel better today. Last week on Monday I checked my morning fasting blood glucose and blood ketones when I was feeling bad enough to go and risk a doctor. Glucose was 5.9mmol/L (106) and ketones were absent 0.0 mmol/L. My n=1 response with staying on carnivore plan is usually a fasting blood glucose at 5.7 - 5.8mmol/L (102 - 104) and a trace of ketones at 0.1mmol/L. Carnivore plan is not so ketogenic for me.

So I increased my dietary animal fats this past week. It enabled the yoga session self-test, and I have felt less sore in my joints. The result in doing this is that I get easier access to fats and subsequent ketones, than the battle against the metabolic resistance of trying to draw down body fat. I’m chasing ketones from dietary fats for their anti-inflammatory effect and to clear some brain fog. Like I said, I feel better at the moment having made this adjustment. Fasting blood glucose was 5.5mmol/L (99) this 12 noon and a return of some blood ketones at 0.2 mmol/L.

Just as an aside, if anybody is reading this far, if I was in the situation of recovering from a brain injury, such as a stroke, I would be adding medium chain triglycerides (MCT oil) to my dietary plan for recovery to supply direct fuel to healing brain and also to provide the liver directly with triglycerides to create increased blood ketones to reduce any ongoing inflammation. But that is just what I would do (I also wouldn’t take the statin, it’s actually not helpful).

In another twist, Mrs. Bear, was researching on my symptoms and found a close match with nutritional hyperparathyroidism that results in osteoporosis. It is a possible consequence of a carnivore eating plan that does not include bone broths for minerals, or has an imbalance in electrolytes, that is not enough salt. The people who follow a “bioenergetic eating” model (carb fuelled point at this risk of carnivore eating - I don’t find their WOE very convincing but they claim to successfully treat people who failed on carnivore WOE). It would be strange. I do not stint on dairy in my plan and I do drink bone broths and eat sardines or mackerel that provide calcium in the teeny fish skeletons. But I will ask the doctor for an xray of my ankle and we can look at what is going on there, and maybe head to a DEXA scan, if warranted.

Today was NOFUN. 2 x black coffees with cream. Only 1 in the morning, and one with an omelette. The omelette was a ‘royale’, which means whipping cream in with 4 eggs and pink salt, the added protein was mackerel, and 40g mature cheddar. Last night I had about 60g Jarlsberg cheese and 60g liver pate.


when ya read up on it, it is all about hormone imbalance due to tumors and more…of course, I am simplifying it but if you got it a simple bloodwork test from Dr can truly ‘would rule this out fast’ I believe for you and I don’t think your carni way of eating is a bad thing at this point cause when you read the treatment of: Surgery to remove one or more of the parathyroid glands is very successful in treating primary hyperparathyroidism and then you read the what not to eat: Following these nutritional tips may help reduce symptoms of hyperparathyroidism:

  • Eliminate all potential food allergens, including dairy, wheat (gluten), soy, corn, preservatives, and food additives. Your health care provider may want to test for food sensitivities.
  • Eat calcium-rich foods, including beans, almonds, and dark green leafy vegetables (such as spinach and kale).
  • Avoid refined foods, such as white breads, pastas, and sugar.
  • Use healthy cooking oils, such as olive oil or coconut oil.
  • Reduce or eliminate trans-fatty acids, found in commercially-baked goods, such as cookies, crackers, cakes, and donuts. They are also found in French fries, onion rings, processed foods, and margarine.
  • Limit carbonated beverages. They are high in phosphates, which can leach calcium from your bones.
  • Avoid coffee and other stimulants, alcohol, and tobacco.
  • Drink 6 to 8 glasses of filtered water daily.
  • Exercise moderately at least 30 minutes daily, 5 days a week.

when done all you got is some select veggies and meats LOL

You should be hearing if it is Ross River soon? You do have alot of bloodwork happening and when you get results you should know a ton about you at this point :slight_smile: which is a good thing!

---------------------SO for me today is a ribeye steak and a Tbone steak.
have to eat that ribeye from yesterday cause hubby ended up cooking these massive chicken breast and covered them in some melted parm cheese wtih drizzled butter and omg I woofed down 2…yum…just a different good taste I enjoyed.

beef and simple today

For me guys, I almost never put ‘my symptoms’ of something I might have against my carnivore plan. I find when ‘I go off’ I know it is a ‘real deal’ of some crap happening cause I been on this plan a long time, eating clean carnivore, feel great til ‘some small thing gets my azz’, work on that and get over it and keep the carnivore plan alive and well. I truly don’t go looking for carni being a bad thing ever working against me cause just thru ME NOW and my experiences I can never say carni wrecked me in any way. All I do is improve more and more on this plan and if I am that carni plan unicorn that does fab, then I am happy for that LOL

just chatting out some thoughts

for me when I found the greatest thing, this zc eating plan, I never look for ways it might fail, or be bad, or trash me cause I go by my body and I can kinda feel if my food would be wrecking me ya know…like I know the food is the good thing and when I get an ick I can truly not even think carni would be my issue.

again, just me on my thinking here and I how react to stuff in my life and thru my lifestyle etc.

I do want more chicken wings tho. For some reason they are wanting back into my life, might just have to lay in a supply but darn things never go on sale here…huh…but yea a big ol’ pack will do…next time out will buy, cook and enjoy

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I woke up this morning with stiff sore fingers I used to get them before carnivore they come with swollen fingers too …(maybe its the sour cream) but for now I’ll keep it as an observance it could just be the summer slowly leaving and slightly cooler weather.
I’m slowly starting to see results in the changes made to my eating…even with my rings being tight this morning I am down 2lbs already…so this confirms to me the 3 day low fat cycling was wrong plan for me I gained 5 lbs I’d previously lost eating like that…which can’t be good with yoyo effect lol.

The good thing now is this new plan is in place for the next 4 months at least lol… but I really like it so I’ll be hesitant to change too much lol…

I took out a pack of new york strip weight was 1.3lbs so I figured I’ll cook both but nope too much food I took one slice off the 2nd and then shared some with the dogs the rest I’ll eat tomorrow with some bacon.
2nd meal will be left over ground beef from yesterday


Im flying abroad tomorrow, and im stressed about this: will a ziplock bag of cold ribeye slices give me trouble in the security check?

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Several posts back I asked how your salt intake was. It may have gotten lost in the noise. I am finding I need about 2 extra teaspoons a day. Otherwise, I have lots of muscle pain along with the dang heart palpitations. I also just feel like crud when the sodium intake is low.

Something to consider?