OCT 2021 Monthly Group Fast (20th-23rd)

(KCKO, KCFO) #21

Glad it went well for you Bob. I talked with friend who had a trifocal lens done. I had no idea they had advanced so far.

Do whatever schedule works for you. This thread will be here for support and there will be one for next month too.

@Divingtech what is a bionic lens implant? What do they correct? A link to info is fine. just very curious about any new developments, in lens replacements.


Next week I have an inhumane amount of work waiting for me. No time for leisure, including exercise. Therefore, I’ve decided to fast starting on Monday.
It’ll be convenient not to eat, more time to get the work done.

I’ll drink only water. I want to see how my BG reacts.


Sounds very cool.


Just being silly calling lens implant bionic. :wink:


I have annual blood work due and I’m going to have it drawn after my fast. Should be interesting. I’m trying to drive my fasting glucose down.

(KCKO, KCFO) #26

Remember do not fast more than 12-14 hrs. before a blood draw. There is a lot of info on that topic over on Dave’s website at http://www.cholesterolcode.com

(Bob M) #27

@collaroygal I did not know they had trifocals. Interesting.

@Divingtech Try not to fast too much before getting blood drawn. It’s best to have 3-5 days of “normal” eating. While your fasting glucose will go down, HDL goes down, trigs, TC, and LDL go up.

Here’s a test I did in 2016. The first draw on 2/29 was after about 12 hours fasting, the second was 4.5 days later.

The cholesterol code website also has a “cholesterol drop” protocol, but I actually get my “best” results (from the perspective of avoiding a statin lecture) when eating normally. But I have low TC and LDL anyway, so I’m not one of the “hyper-responders” Dave addresses.


Thanks you guys. That’s some interesting information and Dave’s website is intense.

(Tim Cee) #29

I’m thinking to start today for convenience. Yippee!

(Tim Cee) #30

Since keto/if my blood glucose has been so low as to give my doctor concern. Kcko.


I’ve started my fast at about 17h on Sunday.

My aim is to observe my blood glucose and see if anything can get it lower in the mornings.

I thought I’d do 3 days, but I’ll just eat when I feel like.

At the moment, I’m fine. Just a headache.

I’m only drinking water and I’m not exercising.

(KCKO, KCFO) #32

I’ve started my fast at about 17h on Sunday.

Go for it, you do you. Hope both of you have great success.

Happy Fasting! KCFO

(Jane) #33

How low has your blood glucose been?

edited to add: The lowest I have ever measured was 52, but I was on my third day of fasting and my ketones were the highest I’ve ever measured - 7.6. I actually felt pretty good - not shaky at all.

(Tim Cee) #34

67 at the lab. Dr was concerned I might be light headed.

My health concern of interest hypertension. Starting value is 154/91

(Bob M) #35

The lowest I got was a lab value of 62 after 4.5 days of fasting. Was not light headed at all. That was multiple years ago (5?). Had quite high ketones at the same time.

Now, when I fast, I don’t get anywhere near that blood sugar level or ketones.

(Jane) #36

That is low if you aren’t producing ketones, but doctors don’t know that or think it matters. It does.

I know you have been working on lowering your blood pressure - how goes the battle?

(Tim Cee) #37

That is my experience with doctors. I’ve concluded doctors are great for help with infectious diseases or surgery, but I’ll keep my own council on nutrition with scientifically minded people.

Re HBP, it was going down until I got a cold. I went hunting for a week and didn’t fast at all. All things and distractions, it’s back up. I think I need to IF until it’s consistently down. It’s probably going to involve losing weight.


Wednesday afternoon. I’m still fasting. My headache is much worse today.

My BG this morning was high at 96 mg/dL. I expected it to be lower, since I’ve had only water since Sunday evening.

Where’s the glucose coming from?

(Jane) #39

Your liver makes it from your fat and protein stores when you don’t consume any glucose.

I experienced the same thing a couple of years ago on day 3 of a water fast. BG had been in the 60-80 range and then jumped up to the high 90’s.

(Tim Cee) #40

Mrs found something in the fridge about to turn and I ended up eating it so it wasn’t wasted. Back on track today.