OCT 2021 Monthly Group Fast (20th-23rd)


As requested, I am starting up a thread for monthly group fasts.

Here are the guidelines:

3rd Wed. - Saturday each month

*Be kind, helpful, and stay motivated, share your successes and failures. *

Blur out mentioned foods.

Share fasting tips.

If you can’t do these days, do the ones you can but still check in with the group. Sometimes you might need to do Mon-Thurs. just do YOU. Do whatever type of fasting works for YOU

Remember electrolytes are your friend.



Most excellent. Thank you!

(bulkbiker) #3

Love the KCFO acronym… probably for all the wrong reasons!


Yay! Thank you. It’s the same nice chill thing, I like it :smiley:
Sometimes a bit shift (starting it a day earlier or later) suits me better.

I will participate this month, of course. Won’t try too hard but as I already do OMAD, it’s not my minimum expectation from myself (it was in the past though I always aimed for longer fasts). I want 46-48 hours at least.

(Tim Cee) #5

Sign me up.

(Bob M) #6

Is that a 4.5 day fast?

I was going to try a 4.5 day fast next week (Monday to Friday sometime), but we have Columbus Day (Monday) off. Which is odd, since no one else has it off. So, I’m going to try a 3.5 day fast, Tuesday-Friday.

Sorry, I can’t fast over the weekend.


It seems it’s just like the old fast was, everyone does whatever suits them. I never went over 48 hours on these monthly fasts but I was pleased when I could pull that off (I often had to be content with OMAD, that was still stricter than normal so I considered it a tiny win).

I evolved and now weekend days are normal days to me, maybe not completely but I am almost there. But I hardly will last until Saturday and it’s fine. I just want my 48 hour fast back after maybe 1.5 years…?


I’m in. I’ll do 3 days, if that’s ok.


All fasts are ok, welcome @Corals.

(KCKO, KCFO) #10

Welcome @Tim_Cee.

(Butter Withaspoon) #11

Yes why not. I’ll be here for motivation to do longer than usual. Maybe 22 hours clean, or longer with bone broth. I’ll decide closer to the date.

Thanks for setting up the thread! KCFO :laughing:


Yay for all the people whose fasting will motivate me :smiley:

22 hours plan? At least I won’t feel so inferior (oh, not really), the IF/EF thread is always full with people skipping days while I couldn’t pull that off since 1.5 years. But I feel ready to do it again… And in the worst case it will be OMAD and that’s it.


It’s coming closer!

(Bob M) #14

Well, shoot. I have Monday off (Columbus day), and I just had cataract surgery. I’m not allowed to lift anything or exercise until at least Wednesday of next week. My original plan was a 4.5 day fast Monday-Friday sometime, but then I realized I had Monday off. So, 3.5 days. But now I realize my daughter’s birthday is Tuesday next week. At best, then I’m at 2.5 days (Wednesday-Friday)

Hmm… Not sure what I’m going to do. If the Dr. allows me to do so, I could exercise Thursday and Saturday, say, then do 4.5 the next week. Or maybe 36 hours Wednesday, then workout Thursday, then still 4.5 days the next week.

Will update what I decide to do later.

(KCKO, KCFO) #15

Hoping the surgery goes well.

I’ve edited the topic name to relect the Wed, - Sat. dates.

(Butter Withaspoon) #16

It’s all that my body needs, no inferiority at all! :laughing: I’ll know if and when it’s time for a longer fast. It’s important to take your own body into account and not think that longer fasting is always better. It may not be called for


Of course, I totally have that. I wouldn’t even think about a very ;long fast ever, it makes zero sense, I would worry about my muscles (with reason) etc.
But fasting suits me. I can’t live without IF, it’s what I automatically do except on very bad, uncontrolled, overeating, tiresome days. And in the past I had my EF here and there. Yeah, I know high-carb made it way more needed and easier and now that I eat little carbs, usually, I can’t expect the same but still. I am stubborn and 48 hour fasts are so nothing to me with all my fat and liking fasting until I feel the need to refuel. My body really should stop being paranoid about food. It’s just 48 hours, clearly I could handle a week without huge problems (but I don’t want that) if this stupid barrier wouldn’t be present…

Oh well. We will see. But it’s still nice to see more variety and where I am not the only one doing my little fasts. It got old in the IF/EF thread, mostly because I wanted a longer one myself, though :frowning:

(Bob M) #18

My cataract surgery went well. An initial amount of inflammation that went away, 20/20 vision now, a week later.

But I’m not allowed to do body weight training until the beginning of next week. If I fasted next week, that would be about 3 weeks with no body weight training. 1 week is OK, as I can gain strength; 2 weeks might be OK, but I think 3 weeks would mean I’d lose strength.

So, I’m attempting a 36 hour fast today (Wednesday), then I’ll bike and do some lower back exercises tomorrow. (The doctor said aerobics was OK.) 2MAD tomorrow. I may do OMAD on Friday or 2MAD. Bike again Saturday. Will have a week of body weight training, starting Monday, Oct. 18th.

The earliest I can do a 4.5 day fast is the week of the 25th. Hmmm…do one then or wait until Nov. 1st?


Hey Bob, did you get the new bionic lens implants?

(Bob M) #20

No, I got a multi-focal lens. I had the other eye done 7+ years ago (while coming off SAD diet). I then went keto and later started fasting. That may have helped me extend the time for the second eye, though I have no proof of that. The doctor said I was one of the 5% of people who have this time difference between eyes.

He’s estimated he’s done over 11,000 cataract surgeries. Yikes!

For those not familiar with this, a multi-focal lens has two focal points: one far away, and one close up. Normal lenses only have the far away focal point. The close up focal point allows you to see better close up, although you have to move the paper to the point where the focal point is. This is unlike a real lens, which adjusts to where the paper is.

Had to pay extra for the multi-focal lens.