Oat Fiber.... not keto?


OK, so after being so excited about the biscuits I made, an admin in a FB group is telling me that oat fiber is NOT keto. But “Cooking Keto with Kristie,” who has a keto cookbook out that several in that same group seems to LOVE (as do I) is the creator of that recipe and the one who I first heard about oat fiber from… anyways… since oat fiber is just fiber, I don’t see how it could not be considered keto… ? Thoughts? Opinions?

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I just made sugar free zucchini choc chip cookies using oat fiber as one of the ingredients.

Oat Fiber, Per 1 Tablespoon:

Calories 0
Total Fat 0g
Total Carbs 3 g
Dietary Fiber 3 g
Sugars 0
Protein 0

Net carbs, minus fiber: 0g

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Start with

Try your own experiment to see if oat fiber will work for you.


I did! It’s yummy!!

Thanks and I do agree with not getting too anal. I’m going to go read that whole post next because Brenda is a rock star. :smiley:

But I now also understand her (the admin of the group) side of it since she says her family avoids all grains. And since it’s derived from oats…

I will continue to use it myself though.

Thanks all!

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When she says “work for you” she means make sure it doesn’t cause an insulin spike! Yummy doesn’t matter. It’s all about keeping insulin low :slight_smile:


I’m aware. It was a separate sentence.


Just to be clear, it’s early here and I don’t mean to be short. I’m not diabetic, but I am PCOS/insulin resistant. I don’t test my blood (yet), I watch how my body reacts.

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No worries, I do the same thing as you and I have the PCOS/IR as well. Glad to hear oat fiber doesn’t seem to cause a reaction for you!

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Some consider keto to be no grains at all, others consider it as “if it doesn’t kick you out of ketosis” etc.
Depends on the person really. I would say if it isn’t causing any insulin spiking, or inflammation then go ahead and go for it.
If you post it elsewhere you might want to add the caveat that it won’t work for EVERYONE.

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I have pcos and started ovulating and got pregnant on my first round of LCHF/keto. In those days (17 years ago) there were all sorts of low carb recipes using oat fiber and vital wheat gluten and I used these ingredients without a problem.

In years since I’ve learned a lot of reasons why grains in any form are not ideal and I no longer eat them. If I knew then what I know now I probably would have avoided them then, but the bottom line is that I still had success eating them when I didn’t know any better. So if a few treats using these ingredients is ok for you, go for it. It gives you something to tweak down the line if you find you’re not achieving your goals.

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I think many people who are keto are also refining their food choices. For me, that has meant removing all grains. The reasons are personal and in my opinion, people should just try to be informed and make their choices from that stand point.

Oat fiber is a grain but used in small amounts, I also think it can be part of a ketogenic diet. Like most foods, it is about the amounts.

BTW, I think the oat fiber can easily be left off and still produce a very nice bready type food.

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This is why I don’t join any FB groups around health and nutrition.

I bet they were delicious and if they don’t bother you, enjoy.

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I joined one and it makes my brain hurt sometimes. People on facebook are the experts and thats that. and there are far too many trolls. I watched one guy argue with everyone that you dont need dietary fat and that eating 60g of protein per meal is the way to go…

Now some of the recipe posts are interesting and fun to play with.

On the topic of oats - maybe. I think it’s already been said but it may affect you or it may not. Blood tells no lies (but sometimes it keeps secrets a day or 2). I try to stay away from all flours, etc as much as possible, but if Im going to make something delicious like my fathead pizza… it’s well worth the small amounts.


That’s possible too. But I think it’s trading fiber for protein to get that effect. (I made some “bagels” today that used 2 1/2 cups of cheese and 1 cup of almond flour and the taste and texture are pretty similar. Since I’m trying to keep my protein lower, my daughter will probably eat most of these.)

I usually only experiment on weekends and keep things simple during the week. I need to get back to experimenting on fat bombs instead. Clearly, bread was on my mind this weekend.

On another note, I think I need to freeze the uncooked dough so I don’t bake a whole batch at one time. The leftovers are never as good as freshly baked. Wonder if that would work…


I consider this no different that physillium husk fiber, but agree it is a grain. I guess I always thought fiber wasn’t absorbed by the body and pretty harmless.

The good news is that this brand of oat fiber is pretty expensive, so I don’t see myself using it daily (or weekly). :smiley:


Very interesting thread…since I’m waiting for my oat fiber to arrive from Amazon today. And, imagine this, I bought vital wheat gluten (all because of that bread desire!) and also ordered the book Grain Brain! What a nut :stuck_out_tongue:

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I know it’s not “technically” keto, but I swear by carbquick and carbalose flour for times when I neeeeeeeeeddddd bread products. Plus, by the time you work it out, your biscuits are nice and high fat, moderate protein and only 2 net carbs. Win in my book.

Do I normally eat it?


Sometimes you just need to have a biscuit.

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I’ve been experimenting with oat fiber and I love it! I’ve found that I can sub it in a 1/1 ratio for coconut flour because it acts the same in absorption. It also save a few carbs so that’s always a plus in my book. I haven’t tested my blood glucose yet but maybe I’ll do a small experiment this weekend if I get up the nerve to prick myself so many times…oh, I’ll have to make some keto cookies or something to test too. Damn this Keto, always making me work! :laughing:

Sandwich bread

I don’t do any testing to verify I’m in ketosis, so I’m going by what feels best for me and keeps me losing weight. One day it’s possible I’ll get another glucometer that actually works. I will always tweak this WOE to keep my momentum going. I haven’t used the oat fiber recently, but I definitely will because like @katiea said, Sometimes you just need to have a biscuit.

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Where’s the recipe :grin:!