November 2018 IF / EF Chat ALL WELCOME

(Bob M) #390

You know, Dr. Fung says if you make it through days 2 and 3, you should easily be able to go 7 days. I have not found that to be true, though. One time I made it to about 4 days and got so freaking hungry, and suddenly, that it was all I could do to make it until 4.5 days.

I’m on day 3, as is my wife. I’m drinking pickle juice at night for the salt, along with taking in salt and potassium, and using magnesium oil. I’m also taking iodine. This might be making me less cold, though last night I slept with a long, heavy shirt on, which is unheard of.

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #391

That is my experience too, I am fine on days 2/3, but starting the 4th day always ends in me caving and eating something. I am not sure if it has anything to me starting my fasting protocols when I was within 20 lbs. of my goal weight or not. But once I made it past 4.5, I was at goal and I can’t even do 100 hrs. without some added fats. I used Richard’s calculator so I knew I had the stores to tough it out. But I just can’t do longer fasting now, under 90ish hrs. I’m fine.


Is their a difference between drinking salt water and putting it under the tongue?

(Allie) #393

Drinking it is likely to make you throw up, it’s an old method of inducing vomiting. Shouldn’t be an issue if only using tiny amounts though. I actually like salt in coffee now.


I use 1 teaspoon in 1 cup of water and never had any problems.


I don’t find a difference between drinking (a little bit) and putting in under my tongue, but I think I saw a discussion on here recently (last day or so) about this.

(says keto isn't complicated. Sorry, but it just isn't.) #396

Lots of people say day two is the hard one, but for me day one is the difficult one. [wanders off muttering about n=1 or something]

(Allie) #397

Go with it if it works for you, no need to change.


Hi, everyone!
I’m at 65 hours. All good so I really have nothing to update. I just like checking in :slight_smile:

(Laurie) #399

I’m doing 44-hour fasts, e.g., I stop eating at 10 pm Wednesday, resume eating at 6 pm Friday. I exercise in the afternoon, so during Thursday exercise I feel normal, because it’s before my regular eating time and my body doesn’t yet know I’m fasting. On Friday afternoon I still feel fine in general, but when I do challenging exercises I find I’m not really 100%.

I’ve reorganized my exercise schedule so I’m doing lighter exercises and shorter sessions on the second day (Friday). This should work better!

(Bob M) #400

I think all the days are hard. :hushed: I’m on day 3 and thinking to myself, “What am I doing?”

It’s also a mental thing. If you mentally give up, you’re done, regardless of whether your body could go longer.

I’m personally trying to stretch to 4.5 days for the autophagy (assuming it takes that long – I keep reading different periods before it kicks in).

Laurie, 3+ years ago, I could workout a few times a week while fasting 4.5-5.5 days. I can’t do that any longer. I do like to workout after about 36 hours or so (say, eat Sunday, workout Tuesday morning), but if I’m fasting longer than that, I no longer work out. If you can workout at all while fasting that long, that’s pretty good.

(Justin Jordan) #401

That’s been the case for me too, actually. So ADF ends up being relatively difficult


At 72 hrs. and heading down to the basement to work out for a while. :slight_smile: Just been trying to stay busy during this weeks Fast. :slight_smile:


Fasting until Friday morning. So far I’m 68 hours in. This is my second time fasting since being a keto :rofl: It definitely is much easier this time than last!


I’m nearing the 30th hour of a 48-hour fast. But when I wake up tomorrow around 40+ hours I am planning on a cup of coffee with 1tbls of HWC followed by a long dog-walk of 6+ miles. Want to see how extended walks do on an extended fast. I walked 3.5 miles today with no ill effects.

I was going to make this a 72-96 hour fast but just learned we’re having kin overnight Friday and it wouldn’t work out.

So after this 48 I’ll just try to sneak in a 20-22 in there somewhere.

There’s always next week for another EF. And there’s going to be a lot of them between now and Christmas Week.


I’ve been listening to The Complete Guide to Fasting (again). He says all kinds of things about hunger disappearing after Day 1 or Day 2. SO not true for me :tired_face:. I’ve been hungry every day of this fast (off and on, so the thing about hunger coming in waves is true). I’m in ketosis. I have fat to burn. I’m not feeling that bad. So that’s what’s keeping me going. No magical elimination of hunger.


Yeah…sigh. I have to constantly remind myself of “What am I doing?” GOAL…I have a goal…I am achieving my goal…that’s it. I can sulk all I want, but that’s it :joy:

Starting Day 6 today. Definitely winding it down today with broth. Same again tomorrow.

(Alex ) #406

Had a decent week so far with my evening OMADs, not feeling too bad at all actually bar one “hangry experience” earlier this week when I’d worked out, was really cold and then my dad decided to write off the kitchen for a few hours meaning my eating was delayed, I got really narky really quickly!

Scales seem to staying put around the 238/240 mark (220 is goal), but after tonight’s steak/pork dinner it’s my 36 hour fast through till Saturday! So I will be eating big tonight, loads of butter, loads of mayo loads of coconut oil.

Then it’s December!

have to say, generally, the longer I go, the more bouncy I seem to be feeling…


Presently at 86.5 hrs. and feeling great. … Starting to really get those tummy grumbles, but I actually don’t mind this and look forward to it. Really gives me that empty feeling I like. :slight_smile: (Plus, it does seem to lighten up and have less pressure on my Hernia , which is also a good thing) But that’s just a little added bonus.

(Alex ) #408

Wow, 86 hours!!!

How’s the rest of the body holding up in terms of lightheadedness, energy?


Feeling great all over. :slight_smile: I guess I’ve been lucky, but I don’t usually have any issues while fasting, at least nothing I can recall? … I generally can cruise through the work week (5 day), and don’t get any headaches, lightheaded, etc. … It’s been a while, but from time to time would get some leg cramping at night while fasting for 4 or 5 days. But I guess I’m keeping up with my Electrolytes ok, since this hasn’t happen in some time. - I do a Keto-Aide each morning no matter what, and a second one when I get home from work, whenever I’m fasting. This seems to be doing the trick for me. :slight_smile: … I also have a self-proposed limit of 5 day, or 120 hr. Fast, since I started Keto. But this is just something I decided a while back, and generally after 4-5 days, I start missing a good meal. Not from hunger itself, but simply a desire to eat a nice meal :slight_smile: