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It is December already, if you live left of the date line. So here is our new monthly chat thread.

Hope everyone is doing well today and preparing for the year end feasting days.

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November 2018 IF / EF Chat ALL WELCOME

Just finished a pair of 48s this past week. Did well, lost a bunch, gained some back rehydrating. Will refeed a bit this weekend then will launch a 3-5 day Sunday night.

Unsure whether I’ll allow HWC or not. By the way, how do you all feel about a few sips of pickle juice on water fasts?

Am between 202-204 and hoping to dip below that magical 200 by next Friday.

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On my fasts I do water, black coffee, plain tea and an electrolyte drink twice a day. Imma blur this next part for ya - juice of 1 lime, 2 Tbsp ACV, 1/2 tsp real salt, 1/4 tsp cream of tartar (Potassium bitartrate) a little stevia and sparkling water. Gotta keep them electrolytes in ya!


I think it’s fine - basically salt water (as long as the pickles aren’t sweetened, which I’m assuming you would have noticed/mentioned). Though if autophagy is your goal, who knows…

I once had some sauerkraut liquid during a fast and I swear it was the best thing I had ever tasted in my life.


I’m so happy right now. I recently did my monthly EF (85 hours) and generally I have a really hard time coming out of them, have several days of panicky eating that can easily spin into longer stretches of chaotic eating. Not always terrible but sort of unsettled and slightly out of control.

I’m now two days out from my fast and I’m feasting but no panic at all. I’m doing TMAD, finishing by about 2pm, and I feel great. It’s the first time that I feel like I’m re-feeding my body in the same basic spirit in which I was fasting (a sense of respect for the both the rest and the nourishment) , and it’s so great! This is my 7th monthly fast in a row, and probably my 10th or so ever. I was beginning to think that panicky eat post-fast was just par for the course.

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New video out with Megan Ramos, especially great for women but useful for all.

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After the big keto meal I posted about elsewhere on this forum, I naturally slipped into a fast. I fasted for 48 hours then broke the fast with a planned cheat meal. Feast, fast, feast.

ETA: back to strict keto tomorrow


Just broke 120 hr. tonight, so plan on waiting until week after this one. Plus, my Anniversary is a week from tomorrow, so know we will be going out to dinner. So will just peek in from time to time until week after next. :slight_smile:

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Happy Anniversary to both of you.

Great fasting. Enjoy the feasting.


Thank you ma’am. :slight_smile:

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Hi all, and thank you for the new thread.

I felt really weak while exercising today. I find that one problem leads to another; in fact, this evening I ate too much of an “in moderation” item. I’m going to shorten my fasts from 44 hours to 38 hours. I figure if I eat something before my workout instead of waiting until after, I’m more likely to stay on track.


After ending my 48-hour fast yesterday I consumed only 17 total carbs and then today with in-laws over I again consumed very little carb (less than 15) but went way over with protein (grilled steak and grilled shrimp) and added Splenda to coffee and tea. Will be following those results closely. Starting up a new 48-73 on Sunday afternoon.

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Morning all, I just hit my 36 hours, My stomach is making sounds like a blocked drain.

I’m going to keep going till lunch time today, then quietly may go longer (I’m getting heat from my parents about it) - thinking a nice long walk could be on the cards, but definitely no hard cardio or weights. Weather is also crap, so maybe indoors is best.

Happy December all :wink:

(Alex ) #14


I’m done at 43 hours this time, longer than the last Thurs-Sat fast… Was starting to feel a little bit off, mostly due to the cold though (family are decorating and the heating needed to be off)

Breaking the fast with some Bouillon / Stock, Coconut OIl & Butter… almost 1pm now, I can feel warm energy returning back to my body.

Was going to have a Bulletproof Coffee, but I’ve already had LOADS of caffeine today.

I think next Thursday, I’ll aim for a full 48 hours, and then see what I can do on top of that for the weeks coming. I’m out for a meal next Thursday evening anyway, so no doubt will want to be controlling food all around that meal!

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Finished at 118 hours last night a new record for me. Day four and five were amazing, definitely going to have to do that again. I’m going to feast through the weekend try an OMAD (24+5) for three days and maybe a 48 to end the week.

(Alex ) #16

immense! can’t imagine doing double what I just did, and then some!!

(Brennan) #17

@Alex_PN From what I’ve heard after day 3 it’s all the same, you’re over the hump and you can maintain a fast with less effort after that. Fasting brain is a lot of fun, I was super productive at work especially in day 5! Also after day 4 i had the most amazing sleep I’ve had in years and woke up with so much energy.

I stopped because I’ve got blood tests to follow up on my cholesterol on Monday and I want those numbers down so my doctor with shut up about the statins.

You do start to miss food a bit, but I’ve probably got 30+ lbs if fat to chew through yet so I don’t actually get hungry. If you’re fat adapted I recommend you try it after a bit of feasting.

The fast I do includes water (typically with salt), black coffee (salted coffee also good), plain tea, and an electrolyte drink twice a day (lime juice, ACV, salt, cream of tartar {Potassium bitartrate} and stevia) and that works well for me.

(Alex ) #18

yeah, the salted coffee is a thing, I’ve been literally grinding some rock salt into my coffee, even the instant coffee, works surprisingly well, and no headaches!

I almost felt a slight disappointed to end my fast today… but I have no need to be forcing anything, and am really looking forward to polishing off a massive bowl of chicken thighs tonight!

(Brennan) #19

*it’s polite in a fasting thread to blur references to food so as not to tempt other fasters.

I find I can fast to whatever day I decide at the onset, if I say three days then my brain/body wants to end it at three days. If I say five I cruise right through day three no problem, probably psychosomatic.

Also always listen to your body and don’t ignore real hunger only cravings.

(Alex ) #20

you see, I’ve blurred now, and whole new context has arrived :slight_smile: