November 2018 IF / EF Chat ALL WELCOME

(Deb Erber) #427

So sorry will do so. Not sure how to blur words so will just leave food out next time. My apologies. The post can be deleted if you like.

(Brennan) #428

Wouldn’t worry about it on this thread, nobodies really here anymore anyway. To blur, hit the “gear” shaped icon next to the emoji on the top of the text box.

there’s a wand option titled blur spoilers

(Deb Erber) #429

Thanks for the assist and feedback. food


yeah I am doing omeod at the moment, 2nd “day” doing it, pretty excited to see if it is a thing for me going forward, omad was great for a month :slight_smile: had my first home baked cookies on the “first” day


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maybe the bread? when you are having heaps of fat, you got to be careful about any carbs it is the sugar fat combo that you need to be careful about… plus omad is a good strategy going forward…

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it was just a friendly reminder, and I don’t see why it should be such a big deal to blur the food mentions. We have this rule here since we started those threads for months and months. No need to get angry or impolite…

Thank you :blush::blush:

(Allie) #434

No need to speak in that way. You may not have an issue with food being mentioned but this thread is specifically for people who are fasting and many are struggling with food addiction / unhealthy triggers and that’s why the rule exists. It’s basic consideration for others.

(Brennan) #435

This is a fasting thread for everybody not just warriors. Please don’t confuse your situation with everyone else’s. People just learning to fast can be easily derailed by discussions of super delicious keto food.

Welcome to the forum!

("Slipping up ≠ giving up. Don't let one mistake ruin your weekend" - juice, 2019) #436

Made all the more amusing by the fact that it’s NOVEMBER’S thread…

(Brennan) #437

Check his profile, he’s new here lol :wink:

("Slipping up ≠ giving up. Don't let one mistake ruin your weekend" - juice, 2019) #438

I know, he’s been posting screeds about not-eating to two-year-old posts elsewhere :slight_smile: