November 2018 IF / EF Chat ALL WELCOME


You can always start eating foods that are higher in salt? Such as Pickles, Olives, Ham, etc.? … I pretty much eat Pickles and Olives with every meal, and find they are good in salt, fat, etc. … But can’t say if they will have the same effect or not? May be the amount taken in, or just the method in which it’s introduced? Not sure?

I actually started Fasting after last night’s Meal, so I’m just about 24 hrs. in presently. But oddly, I had an issue about an hour after dinner, where I had a system cleansing, such as when I break a Fast with the wrong foods? This has never happened before (Meaning before starting a Fast) so not sure what triggered it or how it will effect me on this Fast since I don’t feel like I have much, if anything in me now? … It could have been just too much Butter, or the large amount of Fat that was on the Steak, I don’t know? So will just see how it plays out, and who knows, it may start signaling me to eat earlier than I would like, or may not even come into play? :confused: … Might just become a Fasting N=1.

(Allie) #371

Thanks @collaroygal I’m at 43 hours and feel fine, apart from being so ill. Food is the last thing on my mind at the moment as my throat is so sore.

(Bob M) #372

Yikes! I’ve never heard of someone who does not like the taste of salt. What kind of salt are you using? Have you tried Real Salt or another, non-iodized salt? (Though Real Salt does contain some iodine.)

I’m up to 36 hours so far. Trying pickle juice, small amount No-Salt, and some iodine (think I might be deficient). Trying for 4.5 days.

(Allie) #373

I didn’t used to like the taste of salt either, until I started supplementing it and now it’s fine. In fact coffee now tastes weird without it.

(Alex ) #374

Alex IF update…

I’m back onto my 21-3 OMAD this week, I’m basically doing Monday-Thursday eating window of 5-8pm, then and 36 hour fast Thursday eve through to Saturday lunch, and then Sat/Sun eat any keto food any time up until the end of Sunday within calorie reason.

I’m also doing 30 minutes of exercise every day on this rotation - Home Weights Circuits / Walking / Cycling with a break on the weekend as needed / as weather dictates. I’m getting my exercise in at about 3pm ish so food comes shortly after!

Working very well for me these last few weeks, I feel good, Dropped to 238 lbs from 267 lbs back in September. This is my lowest in quite a while, getting some nice comments from the family!

December is going to be amazing! totally new territory for me.


I’m at 38 hrs. presently, and feeling fine. Actually worked out last night for about an hour and a half, walking for the first 30 minutes or so, and then worked out on the Total Gym for a while. Also plan on doing a bunch of stuff around the house today as well, so will be busy for the most part.


Fasting Day 4 for me today. Last EF took me from a set point in the low 140’s (lbs) to a set point in the low 130’s. Would like to drop that to the low 120’s this month. Planning up to 10 days for this fast. I’ll see how it goes. Longest so far was 7 days and I thought I could have continued. As long as I’m feeling fine and can carry on as normal then “why not?”.

I’ve wanted to eat a couple of times, but I realized I just wanted stress relief. That was interesting. I think it will be a good exercise in finding other outlets (besides yelling at people :laughing:)

(Bob M) #377

I can never make it through the weekend, so longest I’ve done is 5.5 days. Also, my blood pressure starts dropping, and I get dizzy when I stand. We’ll see what happens this time.

I don’t see another time period for this long of a fat until the second week in January for me.

(Jane) #378

Started last night after a glass of red wine. Not going to do a true fast this time since not going for autophagy - just going to not eat solid food - so BPC only.

Just would be convenient not to have to stop and eat while working a plant shutdown. And I really miss my BPC when fasting… food not near as much.

(Allie) #379

I got to 46 hours and suddenly felt very hungry so had some lunch as I trust my body to be honest about what it needs. I think tonight will be another night in bed once I’m home from work and have fed the animals, then hopefully I will start to feel better tomorrow


45 hours in on a fast that just came out of nowhere.

No idea when I’ll stop this one, tempted to have an enormous lunch in a few hours :lion: and then restart for another 48 hours but we’ll see. I have a ton of things to sort out this week and doing this mostly for the clear-headedness.

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #381

I’m playing with ADF protocol this week, fasting today, feasted yesterday, fasted the day before, will be eating tomorrow.

I had fasted for 36 hrs. and dropped 4 lbs, but after one day of eating my normal foods, I put 3 back on, so I think it is time to mix up what I have been doing. While I ate yesterday, I was down a half lb. this morning, so as usual the scale is bonkers and I keep reminding myself no matter what it says I fit in my 6/4 pants, depends on if I heed long underwear or not due to crazy weather right now.

(Jane) #382

Ugh - not going to make it. I have never done OMAD so I think I will try that and just eat dinner for a couple of days.

Fasting is always such an adventure!!!


Stopped at 48hr, wasn’t aiming for it, wasn’t planned, but lined up nicely when I was hungry at a round number.

Had a big lunch and finishing a coffee with heavy cream, then going to fast 36hr. Plan is to cycle 36hr fast, feast one meal, fast again a few times and see how it works.


Curious to hear how that goes. I’ve actually thought of trying that myself. Either 36 hr Fast between a meal day, or maybe even 48? But was thinking to put two good meals in on those meal days.

Presently coming up on 49 hrs. and feeling just fine. … The wife was actually going to Fast with me this week, but said she actually got hungry yesterday, so decided to eat something. Told her that’s always best to listen to what the body says, and that It will also tell you when to Fast once again. :slight_smile:

(says mix it up! Let chaos reign!) #385

Most interested in how this works for you, indeed.


Yeah the timing doesn’t quite work out (i.e. ate at 12pm today, I’d next eat at midnight tomorrow?) but I will work something out along those lines. 6am, 6pm could work and then occasionally break it up with a lunch.


OK, so I’m fasting again since 12pm today through all of tomorrow, then will try this latest experiment on Thursday morning with a lovely large breakfast. I’ll then fast 36 hours through to Friday evening and have a big dinner.

I’m aiming to keep fasts around 24-36 hours now except for occasionally shaking it up with a second (or even third) meal. I’ll follow this pattern for the next few weeks, measure blood glucose more regularly each day, and won’t fast beyond 36 hours.


Hey, all - I’m at 60 hours for my Nov fast. Twice I year I’ll do (or aim for) 7 days, but the other monthly fasts are just 3-5 days. Three days would take me to tonight, but I’m working late anyway so I think I’ll get to at least 4 days this time.
Salt!!! I had salty tea last night before bed (which was actually delicious) and then put a pinch of salt under my tongue when I went to bed, and for maybe the first time ever during a fast, I slept beautifully. :grin: Very happy about that, since rough sleep has been my main challenge with fasting.


Starting Day 5 today. I’ve wanted to quit a couple of times, but I’m so far in at this point that it would be pointless to start over in a couple of days. I did go for a short walk yesterday (in the dark and cold!) followed by a hot bath when I was feeling stressed out. That did the trick! My blood ketones are 1.4 so I know I’m burning fat for energy. As long as I feel fine there is no reason to quit.