November 2018 IF / EF Chat ALL WELCOME

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Agreed. As I said to someone today, fasting is not bragging rights, it’s a tool. One that works better for some than others.

But like with ketone readings, it’s not an arms race.


Absolutely. And the all-or-nothing attitude won’t help anyone. I’m happy to go with the flow and see what happens - will cut down on the exercise intensity tomorrow as I’ve been doing a lot of HIIT this week.

(Allie) #210

Part of this journey is learning to listen to your body and acknowledge what it needs, you did right.


Presently in at 35 hrs. … Was going back to work today, and the rest of the week, but got the call out for Jury Duty instead. So getting ready to head out and probably end up sitting in the courthouse for some time today.

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Still, you’d be used to that…


Did 24 hours from dinner last night with no real issues, so day one of 1MAD down. Two more 1MAD, then feed Saturday before a 40 hour fast until Monday, I think.[1]

[1] Provisional plan…


Working my way back to a fast before Thanksgiving. I want to feel really ready for the next one. I think I forced it a bit last time and it was not good :persevere:

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Yeah, headspace has to be right…

(Doug) #215

Yes, “in for the long haul” is what we need to be, regardless of how a given fast goes. Only made it to 60 hours myself, then butter called to me, followed by a couple hamburgers. Too little sleep, too many carbs and too much alcohol over the weekend - at least now I’m set back to rights.


Well, spent a few hours in court this morning but wasn’t picked for the Jury, so back home now. But I have had a slight headache since around 4:30am, and overall just not feeling all that well today. Darn sinuses are giving me issues and my neck’s been a little sore all morning. Might be from all the work I did yesterday down in the basement, and breathing in dust, etc. … So the wife is currently making some coffee and throwing in something to eat presently. - Will probably abstain from Fasting for few days and just Fast again before Thanksgiving. Will put me about 41-42 hrs. when it’s done, but will try to get in a 3-5 day Fast before next Thursday.

(Justin Jordan) #217

Yesterday’s fast…wasn’t.

I was legitimately* really hungry, so I had beef, butter and sharp cheddar cheese. So it DID end up being one meal for the day.

Today is cruising along well.

*It’s middlingly hard for me to parse out actual hunger from just wanting to eat, but this sure felt like actual hunger.

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Yes, that exactly. My current pattern is fast when I can, eat when I can’t fast anymore, then fast after the refeeding. And repeat.

(Doug) #219

@collaroygal -

:slightly_smiling_face: Heck yes. I greatly admire your ‘even keel’ and consistency. As imperfect as I am, there have been many times when reading your good words and those of others on this site has kept me afloat, or at the very least really thinking about things.


Thanks everyone. At 108 hours now, feeling a LOT better after having a little feed last night and happy to keep going. I noticed another loss this morning and the highest morning ketones I’ve had (2.3) - guessing that’s from the fatty feed last night? But again, these are just numbers. Had the best sleep in a loooong time. Off dress shopping for a wedding this weekend - I haven’t been dress shopping since I was a much higher weight, so this will be fun! Used to be a NZ/AU 24 or US 20, now I’m wearing NZ/AU 10 or US 6 size clothes. It’s hard to notice how much weight you’ve lost until it translates to sizes, so I’m on a happy buzz this morning.
I was planning on ending my fast on Friday night/Saturday morning because of the wedding, but I don’t drink alcohol and I don’t like cake so I might just fast through and be a sober driver. Lisa

(Allie) #221

I ate last night, the food mentioned previously because it needed using up and I don’t like wasting food. Strangely found that I didn’t actually want it, after 50 hours fasted, which is unusual as normally I end up eating loads when I break a fast. Back on it today.

This time it’s much easier than usual and I’m trying to work out why. The two things I’ve changed since my last EF - cut out caffeine and added an extra magnesium supplement each morning (on top of everything else I already do to get mag in). Who knows what the change is caused by.

(What The Fast?!) #222

So I’m fasting mainly for weight loss and instead of watching my weight daily and letting that determine how I feel about myself that day, I’m trying something new.

I use a digital scale that syncs with my phone, so I’m weighing each morning but covering up the number so I can’t see it. I’ll look at my weight on the final day of the fast, as well as the previous day’s numbers to see the trend line.

I also took “before pictures” for this fast. I’m headed to Mexico on Saturday evening so that’s keeping me motivated. I KNOW that I’m mainly eliminating bloat and water weight right now - at 68.5 hours in, I can definitely see the difference - bloat is totally gone. When I DO break my fast, I’m going to eat simply carnivore in order to not gain back any of the bloat before I get into a swimsuit on Sunday. :blush:

I’m still shooting for 6 days but my self-control is waning so if I need to break it up into 2 extended fasts, I will. (i.e. I will eat a single carnivore meal, probably a big ribeye, and then start the fast again until Saturday.

I’m extremely competitive with myself though, so deep inside, I really want to break my own record. I realize how ridiculous that is…and to @OldDoug and @MRC and @juice’s point earlier - it’s not a race or an endurance test…but man, sometimes it feels like one!


For me once I get past day 3 it’s all a breeze

(What The Fast?!) #224

I’ve heard that, but it hasn’t been the case for me. I’m ravenous on day 4. I generally break between 2 and 4 days. Keeping up with salt is helping for sure. I think working out also makes me hungrier though.

(Allie) #225

Quite shocked. Just tested blood and even though I ate last night so am technically only 24 hours fasted, ketones are higher than blood sugar - 3.8 ketones and 3.5 (63) glucose.


O still take a magnesium pill every morning and cream of tartar and apple cider vinegar (acv) in pink salt water twice a day and throw in an iodine salt water mid day

(What The Fast?!) #227

I do a bit of ACV, black coffee, salt, and potassium.