November 2018 IF / EF Chat ALL WELCOME

(Justin Jordan) #188

Fasting today and (hopefully) tomorrow. If all goes well, I’ll hit something like 68 hours (ended up eating later than usual last night)

(Allie) #189

I’m currently at 49 hours, the longest I’ve gone for a few months. Feeling fine. Hunger comes and goes. I’m avoiding the usual cold feeling by wearing gym leggings under my jeans for extra insulation :joy:


Hi there! Past 80 hours now, ketones at 1.6 this morning at 0530. Feeling good, have been doing some high intensity exercise without trouble. Drank a lot of salt water yesterday so the scales have gone up a bit (but still down from the beginning!). Having coffee with watered-down cream, but have replaced some with herbal tea (a big thing for me!!). How much bone broth/coffee/tea do you drink while fasting (if any!)? Do you have problems with artificial sweeteners like me? I use 1-2 teaspoons of stevia in the evening, but I think it’s making me hungry.


I feel ya! Once I start mindlessly nibbling, I don’t stop. Best to padlock the fridge :wink:


Ive been starting and ending my fasts with broth but just water during


Nice! I started with bone broth, too. And coffee with a small amount of cream. I experienced more hunger on those days. Now just on water/black coffee/herbal tea, with some Himalayan salt and a multivitamin. Will add in some bone broth again when I’m ready to end the fast - it’s ready and waiting in the freezer.

(Allie) #194

I’m feeling torn. I feel fine fasting, but before I knew I was going to fast I took some diced pork heart out of the freezer to defrost and if I don’t use it tonight it’ll be no use, I can’t even cook it for my dog as just the smell of cooking it would make me want to eat it :grimacing: Think maybe I’ll end up eating it tonight then getting back to fasting from tomorrow…

(Alex ) #195

can you not leave the dog to cook it and just head out for a couple of hours?! it’s only opposable thumbs… :wink:

(Allie) #196

I don’t really want my clumsy Rottweiler to burn the house down :joy:


I’ve only ever done water fast myself, but this is how I started doing it from the start. I think I’ve drank a coffee once or twice while fasting, but actually find I prefer just water. Gets me away from all flavorings in general, which I really like. And I find foods taste so much better after I break the fast. :slight_smile:

Presently in at 20 hrs. and been working in my basement all day. :slight_smile:

(Jane) #198

I used fats and sweeteners on my first 2 fasts to ease into it.

Now I just drink water, black coffee and salt. I REALLY miss my sweetened, creamy coffee more than food but it gives me something to look forward to when I am fasting.


Does he have a Dalmatian for a friend? Might be helpful to have a fire dog around… :smile:


Oh Lordy, if I left my golden retriever to cook dinner he’d eat everything in sight. Including the cutlery. :joy:

(Kristin) #201

After cooking lunch for my husband and I today, I began a 48 hour fast. I’m feeling fine right now as I watched my husband heat up the leftover lunch for himself to eat for dinner.


48 hours in. Feeling good and not as sick as I’ve been this week, for sure. Going to keep going, no goal in mind.

(says mix it up! Let chaos reign!) #203

It’s clock-lunchtime, and not eating. We’re on a two-week IF trial skipping clock-breakfast, so this is basically a 1MAD trial for the next three days while my wife is out of the home office at a conference. They apparently have a “dietary” table there, and she can get beef and chicken from it, so she’s all over that like a carb eater on a dozen doughnuts.

I f you weren’t two days in already, I could have said “failing to plan is planning to fail!” But no, you wrecked that.


Haha, we’ll see. Maybe tomorrow I’ll end up eating seventeen doughnuts and washing them down with some French fries and a plate of sugar.

(What The Fast?!) #205

Hi all! I’m 54 hours into a fast. I was planning to go all week (well, Sunday afternoon to Saturday afternoon anyway), but not sure if I’ll make it! I may break halfway through with a single meal and then fast again til saturday. We are headed to Mexico Saturday night and was planning to break before we leave so I don’t risk any digestive upset my first day of vacay. :slight_smile:

My longest fast ever was around 110 hours, so if I go straight through, I’ll beat my record. I’m strength training and doing yoga throughout the fast, with one tough cardio session on Friday morning. I feel okay but definitely hungry!

I’m one of those that doesn’t feel amazing when fasting but keeping up with electrolytes is helping. I take a LOT of salt (probably twice the normal amount) when I fast in order to feel normal. I think it’s a LMHR (lean mass hyper responder) thing.


Coming up 96 hours. Ketones 3.2, weight down again. Had a long, intense workout today! Felt very hungry this evening so I decided to have some pork fat and a rasher of streaky bacon to get through. I think this was a good decision as it perked me up and stopped me from bingeing or reaching for carbs. So, I will keep calm and fast on (despite the wee break).

(What The Fast?!) #207

I have to try and remember this…