November 2018 IF / EF Chat ALL WELCOME

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I think @brenda is busy so I started a thread for the Zornfast.

(Kristin) #230

I ended my fast at 30 hours. I forgot I had dinner plans when I first set a goal of 48 hours. Dinner is done, and I am starting the clock on a new fast. Tomorrow I work, so it will be interesting fasting through an entire shift (12-13 hours). It will be my first. It may be easier to fast while I am at work than on my days off!


Closed the fasting door at just over 72 hours. Ate dinner from Chipotle, was splendid.

I don’t have a good baseline to go on, but I at least feel like doing an EF while I was sick was more than worthwhile. If I think back to when I was last as sick as I was this week, it definitely took me much longer to recover – hard to back without data, though.

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Brenda has started one now -


I’ve fasted because I was sick (upper respiratory tract infections) a couple of time and found it immensely helpful. Got better so quick! I’ve found it to be the best course if I get one of those endless Winter coughs :+1:

(Justin Jordan) #235


Currently at 40.5 hours. I’ve got something slow cooking, so I may just stretch out to when that’s ready.


Day 6. Supposed to be finishing tomorrow for a wedding but I think I’ll just fast straight through. I don’t want to end up making myself feel ill on carbs/alcohol. Lost over a pound a day, interested to know what will be regained when I refeed. Lisa

(Allie) #237

48 hours and pushing through. I’ve just found that yoga during EF gives me heartburn :slightly_frowning_face:

Ketones 5.6 and glucose 3.4 when I tested blood after work.


When fasting do you tend to lose weight everyday? If not how long does it normally take you to lose something?

(Kristin) #239

I was indeed busy at work today. My co-workers all asked me what I was eating for lunch, and I told them I was fasting. That’s not something they hear very often.

I’m more than 24 hours in and will go to sleep early. When I wake I will be at 36 hours. Husband and I are driving out of town to pick up a vehicle from his uncle, so we’ll see how I do on the fast at that point. I’m hoping to make it through until dinner, which will make a 48 hour fast.

(Allie) #240

I seem to lose a pound a day when fasting but it always goes back on within a couple of weeks, though I’m fasting more to give my body a rest than to lose weight.


Starting preThanksgiving fast today. As long as the scale moves I’m going to stick to BPC (no sweetener), bone broth, electrolytes and water, seltzer w/ACV and (for the win) San Pelligrino :palms_up_together:. Easy on the exercise. Last time I went too gung ho. Together with some extra stress the fast was bad.

I need to get back to the mindset that fasting is a break and engage in healing activities. I do not need to “do the most” all the time! As long as I’m feeling good I’ll go for up to 5 days, refill on Weds and be ready for TG on Thurs :poultry_leg:.

(Allie) #242

66 hours and it’s still a breeze. Trying to decide if I’ll break this evening as I have an early vets appt tomorrow, or if I’ll just keep going and see where I end up…

(Kristin) #243

38 hours and stopping. I’m not hungry, but my husband is telling me I’m irritable. Does anyone else find they are more ramped up when fasting?

ETA: I’m not just fasting for fat loss but also for improvement in insulin sensitivity and for autophagy.

(Whitney) #244

Hi everyone! I started my first ever 24+ hour fast on Tuesday, basically on a whim. For whatever reason, I just suddenly felt like it was a really good idea! I’m at 67 hours now and going strong. I feel fine, which kind of surprises me. I had heard from various people on this forum and on podcasts that Days 2 and 3 are the worst/hardest and that adrenaline kicks in beautifully at Days 4 and 5 and beyond. Days 2 and 3 have been fine for me (with ~8-12 ounces of homemade bone broth plus Himalayan pink salt each day)! I’m signed up to run a big 10K race in my city tomorrow morning and I’ve never run more than ~12 hours fasted before, so I’m kind of nervous because 10K is a tough distance for me normally and I will be at 90 (!!!) hours fasted if I keep this going. I was thinking I would end my fast before the race, but now I kind of want to keep going through it. I’d love any advice from people who have been in similar situations. Other than taking some extra electrolytes before and after the big race, does anyone have any words of wisdom for me? I appreciate it!

(Justin Jordan) #245

Fasting today.

I actually got down eating earlier than usual yesterday, so I’m already 19 hours in.

I am debating whether to do an extended fast from Saturday night to Wednesday or Thursday (Wednesday I may have some social obligations, but if not, Thanksgiving) but I have some internal resistance. I’ve done past 72 hours before (as recently as a couple weeks ago) - honestly, I think it’s mostly down to having to explain to my well meaning family that I am not actually going to die if I don’t eat for a while.

(Allie) #246

I just broke at 70 hours as this fast has been so easy, I wanted to end it still feeling good. I’ll eat normally over the weekend then decide what I want to do from Monday.

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OK, so that’s three days of 1MAD done after a week and a half of 18:6. Today is feasting (3 meals! wut?), and from tonight we’re into a fast that is hopefully at least Monday lunch, and maybe through to(wards) Wednesday (my wife is heading off interstate to run some training, so I’m here alone).

(Jane) #248

I’ll be jumping back on next Tuesday evening for a short 36-hr fast right before Thanksgiving. Will start Tue night if all goes according to plan.

KCFO fasters!

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