This is very very rare type thing…only people who go insane into one category of animals do problems jump up but of course you are right, one can ‘go there’ but for a normal carnivore, and seeing all that other food that Naghite eats I feel there is a good animal balance in that menu tho.

There was that stint on all the carnivore sites to ‘watch out for Vit A toxicity’ which thru all those carnivores that ate up the liver and other organ meats etc…not one sure developed it LOL and most who ate alot of those foods were laughing at the possibility of going into that overload…so while it ‘is a real deal’ thing I still put it down to absolute extreme rare situation for almost every carnivore.

(Robin) #122

Cruise Control ZC is our happy place. Glad you paid attention to your fickle thoughts. I think we can be triggered by so many emotions and events. Paying attention to our thoughts instead of quieting them with food is a big win!


Uh, oh. Something’s up. There are two rib-eyes in the fridge. But I couldn’t stomach the thought of eating either of them. Have eaten 4 baked chicken legs instead. Headache arriving at platform 1. Can’t stay. Got to take some pills and lie down. Will try again tomorrow.


yea when newer carnivore it took a heck of alot of concentration for me cause I was not ‘there yet’ in any way, but years on plan, oh yes I have my rare moments, but I can literally talk myself off the ledge of insanity cause I got ZC clarity to figure it out now faster :slight_smile: One true benefit I love, I ain’t ‘fooling anyone’ with ‘anything’ and that means ME :wink:

@FrankoBear oh crap, what is doing with ya? damn it all, I wanna fix ya but don’t know how :frowning: I wish you only the best, you will get a handle on it, sometimes the longer BS is what we must do to find the fast little issue that works for us and corrects us…hang in there FB!!!

(Robin) #125

Oh, shoot! Feel better!

(Michael) #126

Thank you for the concern, I am aware of this concept and planning appropriately. I rotate through the organs so that I do not eat too much of any one organ at a time or throughout the week. I also pre-cut and portion all the standard organs (liver/heart/kidney/spleen) so that I have limited amounts at a time and ready to prepare/eat. It can be a bit tricky to always have portioned and/or pre-cooked options that work well together (low fat and high fat pairings), but I am getting more used to it. I cooked a bunch of lamb spleen so far today (will eat one small piece with breakfast and package the rest up for sides) and I am thawing a buffalo heart for tomorrow, which when mostly thawed I will chop up one steak for tomorrow (the most thawed), and package/freeze the rest to have over the next week or so.

(Karen) #127

Industrious day painting again while the weather is good. Rain forecast for next couple of days :roll_eyes: managed to get over halfway along new wall with base paint but I was running out of paint and need another tin. Job for tomorrow if rain not too bad. Pooch sitting in between whe i needed a break.

Daughter took me shopping and then to spa and then to another shop. Quality time :slightly_smiling_face:

Brunch at 1130am cold roast pork.

Dinner at 7.45pm when my daughter dropped me back home, cold roast pork some cheese and couldn’t resist testing the rack of lamb I picked up reduced, cooked it and ended up eating half of it!


Good night’s sleep. Feeling better. Not hungry. Staying on plan.

(Robin) #129

YUM! Yes, please.

(Linda ) #130

Todays,food first meal was iver and bacon 2nd meal was steak and some lamb

(Daisy) #131

@FrankoBear I hope you feel better soon!!!

Today was a very busy, crazy day. Too much to go into! Breakfast was a lamburger :joy::joy:. Lunch and dinner was this raw roast. I ate only a little bit for lunch and thought I’d be ok for the day, but was hungry again around 5. So I ate the majority of the rest of it. I ate too much and I need to get to where I stop eating in the evening. I sleep better when I close my eating window by 3. I just got full very quickly the second meal. Again, I just need to learn my hunger better. I thought I was hungry then, but obviously I should have waited a little longer.

image image image image image

(Michael) #132

First meal today was lamb spleen with Buffalo tongue. Put one spleen in the fridge and packed 6 more away for another week.

Second and last meal was pork, salmon and one more piece of Buffalo tongue


wonderful meal pics on the board

--------simple today
got a NY Strip steak for first meal
second, not sure, might just fry up the rest of the burger meat, easy peasy

all going a bit better, still have some weirdo cravings. But of course being tough and holding tight. I feel like I can get back in the calm zc zone if I just push thru it all :slight_smile:

Carnivore on strong everyone!


3 egg omelette with bacon and cheese. been awhile between bacon hits. Coffee and fresh local cream.

Was able to get outside and the dog took me for a walk.

Dinner was a big rib eye steak and halloumi cheese fried in tallow.

Not quite able to go PKD yet.

Have started a regular schedule of anti-inflammatories rather than dosing when needed. Am likely to be dependent on them for awhile.


@FrankoBear---- What do you think about you FB?
yes you did testing and more but do you have ‘any feelings’ about you at this point…cause when hit with crap alot of us kinda have that feeling of knowing something about ourselves…what kinda conclusions are you making about you thru all this?

just wondering, chatting out scenarios and more might flag up something for you??

I am glad Billie took ya for a walk, you need to get out and move in your wonderful home area! HA

(Edith) #136

I’m curious, have you tried testing to see if you are having massive oxalate dumping? There some are people in the “Trying Low Oxalate” Facebook group that have become absolutely debilitated by the dumping.

(Daisy) #137

I increased my second meal so that I can get out of the habit of eating three meals a day. Meal one was the leftover raw beef, marrow, and eggs. With bone broth jello. Meal 2 was some burger I found in the fridge and some chuck steaks. I go to pick up my new car this evening!!
image image image

(Michael) #138

Cut up a Buffalo heart today

Used all the odd shaped pieces with bone marrow and the remaining Buffalo tongue to complement for breakfast.

(Karen) #139

Another industrious start to the day. It was meant to be raining but was dry so I did finishing touch ups to shed then cleaned all the windows including the frames upvc doors outside including patio doors. For all its a job I have been meaning to get on with for a long time, it didn’t take me too long to do. Then went for a walk to town and picked up another tin of paint for the wall as I had just about run out yesterday. If I had known it would stay dry all day I would have picked it up earlier and finished off the wall. Oh well a job for another day now. Also picked up another bag of free polystyrene for my planters .

Brunch was last of the roast pork and dinner was last of the rack of lamb. Also ate some cheese and ham.

(Robin) #140

We’ll need to see pics of the new car too! Exciting!