So very me. I did it not only cause of the cash I paid for that crap, but it killed me to think I was ‘going all in’ and it was scary to give it all up! So we got that double mind crazy happening LOL

I will start on Monday…how many times I said that :frowning:


I know Dr Berry caught a lot of flack for this, but I am so behind one of his comments.

One temptation is to hold onto this stuff for a ‘treat’ - like you said, you are mostly committed, but you’re holding the door open because it’s scary - so there’s that 3% of you that thinks, “Well, I might want something ‘nice’ on my birthday / Christmas / New Year etc.”

Problem is, whenever you have a low moment, your old brain kicks in and goes back to thinking, “You can have a food treat to cheer you up,” - and if it’s in the cupboard, it’s all too easy to succumb.

Dr Berry basically said, “You’re not a dog; you don’t need treats.”

But it’s fair to say that treats are fun - but they don’t have to be food! I have been - successfully - treating myself in other ways when I feel low. It takes a bit of a brain shift, but I have had to learn to accept that non-keto/carnivore food is not a reward - it’s the opposite of a reward.


Great post S! I love Ken B!

but for me was keep carbs and substitute meals in my life ‘at all costs’ and it only worked against my body and brain.

THOSE who can do it, more power to them cause I wish I was one of them and darn I tried thru the years to be them…but I am not.

big WAHOO moment was my do me and what it takes for me and forget all the forum chat that worked for them.

It is hard. No joke this ALL is a hard mental and physical road to sow for all of us…but I hit the line of ‘do me, done deal’ and one one draws that line in the sand they won’t cross cause they know the other side is failure it makes sense for many of us, but you gotta commit to ourselves and not listen to what it will ever take for others.

again hard darn road forward but I choose me and my life forward and when I finally did just that, I won it all! There will be no backward movement for me ever on what I learned about ALL ME in this eating lifestyle I found suits me so well. Going back is not an option especially since it was so hard to learn all about me :wink:

Yea I dropped all ‘treat on this event’ or that ‘holiday season food’ and just said…what every maintainer long term who make it just that…said DO NOT eat off plan ever. Your eating to your goals brought you here, there is no treats, or rewards, or time off, or pretending you can ‘go back’ and those who are long term will never do any of that…yea I read and learn from others LOL and very very very very few can have a little but that will never be me, and more power to those who ‘found the plan that works best for them to a T’ and cool, but it is like a siren calling me back to destruction so I choose never to go there and won’t now.

(Karen) #104

What a great way to look at it… trashing it in your body vs trashing it in he bin! I will remember that because I am that person, or was that person before turning carni, that would say I will eat whats in the cupboard and then not buy it in again!

Fortunately these days the only thing I do that with these days is cheddar cheese lol

(Karen) #105

Another good day. Sian and I picked Ben up and went for a nice walk around Colwick Park. It is a smallish water centre based park and nature reserve and we did a 4 mile walk. Must admit I felt a bit woozy at 9ne point while we were walking but like I say it maybe something I have to get used to seeing as the stroke was in the balance control area of my brain! Didnt stop though, just carried on walking and talking. Sian and I had great catchup though I think I did the majority of the talking, something she may have to get used to while I am off work and don’t have so many people to offload my chat to lol.

Ben looked happy all the way round which was nice as he looked a bit disappointed we weren’t going to another bus rally … he has had 3 on the trot and we don’t want him thinking its every time we go out.

We stopped off at a greasy cafe on way back to his home. The girls running it were so friendly and the food was really nice. We will def stop there again if going to Colwick Park.

So my brunch at 1pm was a small cheese omelette. The waitress asked if I was sure I didn’t want something with it as it didn’t look much lol, but it was just right size for me and quite tasty.

Returned home and got a pork shoulder into the oven with a couple of mackeral that the fishmonger topped tailed and gutted for me. Usually do it myself but its a messy job and then my bin smells so I thought better his bin smells than mine lol.

Had a bit of cheddar too.

(Linda ) #106

That’s how I gave up smoking i had a full pack I left sealed and went cold turkey knowing it was still there didnt tempt me,aftera few weeks just gave them away…

(Robin) #107

Wow… that’s awesome. I would not have been able to resist. Awesome Willpower, Azi!

(Karen) #108

The pork shoulder came out a treat and I couldn’t resist tucking in to s smallish amount. Crackling was crispy and delicious as and meat tender. Will enjoy that over next couple of days. Also had some corned beef trimmings. In the vacuum pack they didn’t look very appealing but were actually a whole lot nicer than the canned I usually buy.

(Daisy) #109

I’m trying really hard to get in tune with my hunger. For breakfast I had some eggs sprinkled with bacon. For lunch I had lobster claws and ribeye. I was feeling a bit peckish this evening but looked at cold beef in the fridge. It didn’t sound good so I know I’m not actually hungry. image image image image image


Staying on plan. More blood tests and doctor’s visit today for my aching joints, fatigue and quite bad mental fogginess. Good news is that all the tests that need to be negative are negative (I even went through testing a barrage of STD’s and everything there was negative AS THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE, but it was for completeness.)

Fasting blood glucose before breakfast = 5.3 (96) and blood ketones 0.2mmol/L.

It reminds me to note that my latest HbA1c result was 6.0. That puts me into a pre-diabetic state. It’s interesting that I have been unwell for 2.5 months, so I can imagine my blood glucose average must be up over that time. But the other thing is that I have been quite good and staying on plan, with a focus on beef as a protein. Previous low iron storage levels have normalised - there was iron uptake interference from heavy magnesium supplementation despite being carnivore. Eased back on the magnesium. Another reason for HbA1c in a prediabetic level is longer lived red blood cells on the carnivore diet. But my GP would not entertain that idea.

Visited the butcher today and got some nice looking lamb shanks to roast and two big rib-eyes (and some chicken frames for nurse Billie the Labrador).

Breakfasts are settled in as omelettes = 3 eggs and cheese (cheddar or Jarlsberg). They are NoFUN breakfasts = No Food Until Noon = Intermittent eating. But, if I am hungry I will eat not to a time schedule, as is the intuitive eating carnivore way. Interesting though, it seems a body can be trained and once a habit is set then there is no hunger until noon or a bit after. 2MAD = 2 meals a day. Evening meal has been scotch fillet steak or baked beef ribs. Sometimes with a cheese like a brie or halloumi.

Some interesting notes are that I need to sleep a lot at the moment. Daily 2 hour naps and 9 hour sleeps at night. If I am too active when I feel well, I crash out more deeply. I am taking anti-inflammatory medications as advised by the doctor. If I have coffee and add MCT oil (non carnivore) to get a dietary blood ketone boost I feel much better, especially if I time the medications correctly and add in a hot shower as a form of massage and muscle release. There seems to be some better response with nutritional ketosis as a goal. Often on ZC carnivore I am not in nutritional ketosis despite the carb restriction. I can see what y’all thinking. That it may be time to revisit a carnivore therapy way of eating; the Paleo-Ketogenic Diet (PKD). I’m going to revisit some old notes as we had some PKD testers back in 2019 I think it was?


This food channel has come back to life:

His and hers plates:


sounds like a fine day at the park for you guys but don’t be pushing yourself too darn much :slight_smile: a little woozy could mean something so you take it easy K :slight_smile:

I did was weirdo flipping around when I was heading into year 3 of zc, in that I kinda lost me a bit. Not sure if I was ravenous, when to eat, how much to eat, it was a strange time, like the body was resetting in some way and I lost my normal routine feeling on zc…but I just bobbed and weaved thru it and all stabilized again. But even on zc we are going to have strange issues and more just like any old person on any old plan in a way so…you hang in there.

Your food pics are cool…that lobster, OMG KD I am drooling over it. I keep going back and staring at them :sunny:

tackle PKD? wow. You know if you feel better going into a ketovore menu then maybe you should experiment a tiny bit with going back into keto plan land. There isn’t anything wrong with that if what you eat makes you feel alot better and tiptoeing back into some other foods that truly suit your body to help you is not a bad thing. We all have our place and our individual medical issues and more and some foods might work better for you? I am not sure FB, you got some real experimenting to do but darn, that fatigue and mental fogginess and aching sure sounds like some type of virus set into you but your testing is showing good results. I know it is irking you wondering what is going down here :slight_smile:
Sending good vibes ya start to get over this or find some solution.
But you got food options for sure. PKD is a toughie in my personal opinion but if you wanna try it and tackle it, go for it and we will rah rah ya on! Sorry this is all going down for you!

----------------------SO I HAD to fight my azz off eating a bunch of crap yesterday. I was heading straight into a carb binge point blank. Whew…I survived tho. I tell ya people, some days are hard as hell, ain’t no joke about it. My mom is visiting and her and kiddo wanted a real deal meal cooked for dinner so I started cooking this and that and ‘tasting this and that’ and ‘nibbling from this and that’ then took more of a bigger forkful of this and that and believe me, I was heading for ALL in and saying screw it, I am eating this stuff LOL My mom said to me when I was sampling, yea sampling, right…sneaking in bites of this and that while cooking…she said OH you are eating some other stuff other than meat now, good. My brain thought good? Is this good? There is nothing good about any of this :slight_smile: Her comment shut me down point blank and fast. She woke me up out of some carby nibble insanity road I was going down as I was cooking. Whew…I stopped all nibbles and shut the crazy down and thought, damn I got away ok on that, thank heavens mom mentioned that or I was all in with eating crap.

got a bloaty gut. some heartburn etc. Nothing bad, just feel a tad icky.

but darn if some days just nail ya to the stinkin’ wall and yesterday almost got me!

today I got an arsenal of stuff to meet any of my needs today.
bacon, taylor ham, burgers, steaks, shrimp and more all ready to eat when wanted.

I don’t even want to be around food anymore. I despise cooking truly. OH well, I got thru it and am in a good head zone this morning :slight_smile: so win win thru it all to me, ZC forward and never look back! Luckily I never ‘got the carb binge going’ so I feel like I got thru in an easy form of a crazy azz day :wink:

(Karen) #113

@Fangs, can empathise with you on those carby feelings coming through… while I had the landscapers doing the back I was buying them loads of different bikkies to have with their brew and have loads leftover. Saturday evening I went in the pantry and the ginger nuts were calling and I never get cravings since turning to this woe but I def got the urge to open the packet. I backed out of the pantry and went to fridge and had a bit if cheese instead. Yesterday I took those flippin biscuits and another packet, different type, to Ben’s home and gave them to the staff. The woozy I reckon is going to be part of me for a long time to come I will just work through it.

I was up fairly early this morning and the weather was mild and fine so I went out first thing and stuck a primer coat of paint on the shed roof panel and under the shed roof eaves. The sun came out and it got nice and warm. Then went in for a brew and watch my fav morning programme. When that finished just after midday I decided to play with my new sanders and because there was no wind I sanded the shed door and the remaining dead ivy off the walls and put a coat of primer on the shed door. Oh a nice feeling of accomplishment! Then popped next door to sit in their yard, have a brew and pooch sit till my neighbour came home.

Brunch was cold roast pork and last of crackling.

Dinner was corned beef from the vacuum pack which is so nice and I have just had a bit of cheese.

Probably eat a bit more pork before bed.

Bed is always nice and early but I have been playing solitaire on my phone and find I drop off quite quickly when I stop playing. Still wake a few times through the night but the sleep in between seems quite solid. Endless dreams though lol.

(Michael) #114

Missed yesterday’s meals, so started yesterday with Buffalo filet mignon with Buffalo tongue.

I then ate the rest of my pork belly and added beef kidney. I have a few more beef kidneys left, but they will be coming out of my regular meals - just cannot seem to like them after the first time.

This morning I chopped up a beef heart and had one piece with more Buffalo tongue. Still lots of tongue to use up, so will be complementing with meals

(Linda ) #115

Yeah the extra fat in pkd carnivore might be better for you at least til you know what your dealing with…a1c Dr C doesn’t like it moving up either but is seeing more of it on longer time carnivores but whe he first started mentioning it he was saying he thought it was from ppl pushing one meal a day in that it was too much for the body to process at one time forcing the body to turn the protein to sugar…I dont know but cycling one meal fatty one leaner had mine drop back … but if I go too much lean even one meal I start getting ravenous…

@Karen18 I hope your woozy essay passes sooner than later…

I think I prob gained more weight since traveling no clue except my jeans felt tighter this morning so well drop back a bit no extra snacking between meals,and see how that goes… (I forgot the scale)

First meal was pork steak about 7.30 this morning 2nd meal was lamb roast at about 2.30

And two coffee with egg…rest of the day will be sparing water or regular water.

(Daisy) #116

Big eating day for me. I wasn’t hungry at all for dinner, but had slow cooked a lamb shank and ox tail for lunch and it wasn’t ready at that point. I wanted to eat them fresh, so ate them for dinner, even though I wasn’t hungry. Fail on the intuitive eating :joy:. Anywho… breakfast was eggs and crispy fried beef roast. Lunch was a strip steak and more eggs. Then the lamb shank and ox tail for dinner. I need to put a little higher focus on water, I’ve been a bit dehydrated lately.
image image image image

(Michael) #117

Second meal today was Buffalo tongue with beef spleen. Rawr.

(Vic) #118

(Edith) #119

So… I would be careful about eating too much organ meat. It is possible to overdose on certain vitamins by eating a lot of organs.

Think about a bison. The amount of organ meat is small compared to the entire bison. If you hunted your own animal, you wouldn’t be eating organ meat every day.

I was listening to a podcast with Dr. Cywes. There was conjecture (I don’t recall if by him or the host) that maybe Paul Saladino developed problems on carnivore because he put too much emphasis on eating organ meat and had developed some vitamin toxicity.


I didn’t know you were on your trip :slight_smile: out to see hubby and your new house? Traveling be sure to drink well. We tend to drink less sometimes when out and about. Keep up the good water, it helps and hope you are having some fun out there!!

---------------SO DROVE mom home after her visit. Kinda long drive and coming home I was hungry of course by then and I scoped out every fast food joint thinking I used to eat this and that and I could buy this or that and sneak some crap…sneak against who? myself? HAHA and then I saw all the little diners we stopped at in the past and thougth wow they had good XYZ…I was SO focused on every bit of food on my drive it was crazy.

finally got home and made a 3/4 lb. cheeesburger patty which filled me up wonderful…I cooked a pack of ‘suspect pork ribs’ and I hated them, they were chunky and like the fat was cut off them, hoping to see some fat on the other side but like none, ugh…and the meat was ‘not a good texture’, can’t describe it but I ate only 2 which I got down me and rest in fridge and I am seriously thinking of throwing those out…for me to ditch meat I have to really be against eating it and I think these ribs are a no go and I feel like I will be extremely careful in future rib type buys…I have trouble finding those good fatty ones. oh well…live and learn

Today is I don’t know. Have to hit little local store up the road, my meat smokehouse store and might buy a brisket done? or maybe a smoked boston butt or if they have any beef tenderloin on a good markdown sale might jump on that but will come home with something I am sure to stick in a pan and fry up :slight_smile:

I ‘feel ZC off’ and I don’t like it. I like my ‘cruise ZC’ where my mind is on no food at all, no cravings are in the picture, no out of focus----right now I am fighting finding that good easy simple focus…but I done this before, walked thru these times and I did well, so I will be ok on this and find my zc zen again! :slight_smile:

some days tho…ugh

Edited to say I put a new shorter type video in ZC Info videos…watch it guys, it is a good one :slight_smile: