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Love the conversation! I understand what you all are saying with the eating and the year of no progress. I am coming on 2 years now of carnivore and am no thinner than when I started. In fact, I had gained a lot of weight while on it. I’ve literally tried every version of carnivore. I was losing weight for a minute on the high protein/psmf experiment but then I stopped losing and I think that’s why I experienced a lot of the insatiable appetite again. So now I am just eating mostly beef and eggs to satiation and just stopping caring about losing weight. If it’s meant to be it will be but I’m tired of the constant battle. I have 2 freezers full of beef and chickens in my back yard, so that is what I’m going with. I will do the occasional seafood/chicken/lamb as I’m working through the freezer. But it’s mostly beef.

Today was big eating day. a burger block and bone broth for breakfast. Lunch was a small t-bone and eggs. Then when I went to fix my family dinner, I decided I was still hungry, so I had a small ribeye with the fat from my kids’ ribeyes. I’m completely obsessed with cooking my steaks in the air fryer. The tbone was frozen, the ribeye was thawed. Both came out perfectly!
image image image image image image image image

(Michael) #82

Third try was the charm as got some good tasting spleen after removing the skin and arteries. Tasted like mild liver today and was actually pleasant. Lots of the 7 pound pork belly to finish today as well.

(Vic) #83

Back home.

Blood, Horse and chicken for dinner.

(Karen) #84

@KetoKoala its awful that we have body shaming whichever way we are as it is the cause of so many issues throughout ones life. I think my mum just said the kids were teasing to make me feel better but ot didn’t, I can remember thinking why can’t I just be like all the rest. When I said to my gran I wanted proper legs like my friend instead of stick thin legs that long socks wouldn’t stay up on, kept slipping down to my ankles lol and she would say Yasmins like a cart horse but you are a racing horse! That didn’t help either. They always said one day … well that one day couldn’t come fast enough!

You know when we had sports day one year at my secondary school I won the 800m race, I was so happy but instead of cheers from the kids watching all I got was laughed at because my long socks were round my ankles and my skinny twig legs were very much the butt of their jokes.

Yes, since I got to grips with my weight I am happy with my legs albeit they are still a tad slim but I can handle that and I am not so worried about no boobs because if I can wear clothes without a bra and if I wear something that needs a bra I can wear a padded one if necessary. I can remember doing modern jive dancing and a guy I was dancing with said , mmm nice boobs and I replied yes, pity there not mine! He just didn’t know what to say lol​:rofl::rofl::slight_smile: I had the chicken fillets in my bra :wink::rofl::rofl:

@Shinita I like your thinking … and you seem happy and have a good family that love you whatever, they see and love you for who you are and there is a valuable lessen to be learnt there that if we can learn to ‘not worry or care’ what our image is then perhaps no one else will!

@robintemplin, my son is 36 and Autistic and in 24/7 residential care. Your son sounds great and so good that someone gave him the opportunity to work and earn some money. My son, Ben, isn’t able to work, he has big issues with communication. My daughter and I take him for day trips every 3 weeks or so and a holiday away once a year. He enjoys being out with us because we don’t have to enforce restrictions on him quite like the carers do, we just let him do his own thing and give him as much freedom as we can x


Simple day, simple food

NY Strip steak
some country pork ribs

Woke up hungry. Need the heavy hitters today to make me happy.
I am drooling over the 2 meals I listed above but even hungry, honestly I can’t ever think of eating this early, so when first meal comes, oh yea I am gonna jump on it and feel great!


if i accidentally left cooked ground beef out for 3 days, how do i know if it’s still safe to eat? if it doesn’t smell or taste weird can i just eat it?

(Robin) #87

Let us know.:wink:


here we go. will let you know within 24 hours


Eventually I will read back but I wanted to talk about my day a tiny bit… Finally a good day! Well I ate a lot again (and could a bit more…) but it’s that kind of week, it seems.

@Karen18: Maybe I have my optimistic self still? Wow. I am the opposite of happy, actually, I don’t even call my existence living with a reason but I don’t give up and have plans.
But I have a loving family indeed :slight_smile:

@daigo1: Oh my, it seems a bit much… I would eat it but I ate worse without consequences… Sometimes people panic after a few hours… But meat has that time on room temperature on a longer feast! 3 days is where I can’t say much, it’s not little but it’s meat, probably the circumstances and the personal factors decide… Good sign that it seems okay but I don’t know how sensitive people are… I would eat it. Throwing out beef that smells and tastes okay, me, the healthy one? No way. I always trusted my senses and it worked.

So, about my day.
Very Simple Day! Wow!
I had a super early lunch, I started to eat before noon. 7 eggs in simple forms, scrambled eggs with a tiny pork belly, eggs in purgatory (not carnivore but good enough for me, I don’t put a lot of tomato sauce on top when I get my eggs out like Alvaro - I don’t do not carnivore dishes for myself but I made it for him and I won’t resist such an innocent and great dish) and egg milk. My tap water was cloudy and I rather drink other things but I like my egg milks lately anyway. I only drink water or tea in my fasting window, usually water.

Only 7 eggs and a tiny bit of pork belly and I got satiated for 4 hours! Actually more but I ate together with Alvaro. Pork chuck is so easy to eat… Okay so I don’t have meat aversion again, I just dislike it not fully roasted. It was pretty:

This is a small plate and a small piece of meat, 376g in raw weight, I ate more so I went over a pound as usual. I only ate a little head cheese with it and egg milks after.

According to my not reliable tracking (but it was so easy today, I barely had a few items, not even the usual slice of sausage!), both protein and fat was over 180g. Yeah, first day of the properly roasted pork chuck has this effect, I love eggs too now… I run out of them 2 days ago, then I managed to use up 22 in 24 hours. It’s unusual, even I rarely go over 10 in a day but now Alvaro contributed. He loves eggs in purgatory and ate 3 eggy microwave cakes as well. 5 hours later we were down by 11 again and I didn’t even make some very eggy food*… No wonder I almost panic when I only have 10 eggs, it’s not enough for a day unless I go into some weird egg sparing mode where Alvaro eats none and I do whatever I can with my own meals…

*If I make sponge cakes and don’t want to do it again for a while, that’s about 14 eggs but I often do something else with whipped eggs at those times. Egg stew is 20-30 eggs and it doesn’t even last for long despite I eat little as it’s carby. And we are 2 persons…

(Karen) #90

Still on a high after having such a good day yesterday. I almost feel in charge again. I have done 400/3000 push ups for November so far. Started on 2nd so knew I had a day to catch up but also know that I have some bad days where I won’t be able to so such like a couple of days back. Anyway it is a start feeling my normal. I also make sure I go upstairs to the loo so each time I go upstairs thats when I do another set of 20.

My dance partner popped over to me instead of me going to him, he felt up to it and fancied a walk to the nature reserve for a cuppa. So thats what we did. We were up there a while catching up so I didnt get home till about 2pm so brunch was around 3pm - 2 big beef burgers and 2 fried eggs. Followed by a bit of cheese to take taste away… the burgers were quite bland. I am so noticing not having salt!

I had a bit more cheese later about 6pm but tbh just not hungry today and felt full quite quickly…

Sian and i are taking Ben out walking tomorrow though I have no idea where yet, I tend to leave that to Sian. So glad we are not reliant driving!

(Linda ) #91

Wow so much catching up to do…
@Ketodaisy so glad to see you back, but sorry to hear about the car …I hear you on the weight gain and the hunger if you go to lean like after eating psmf…I struggle with it for that very reason…infact Dr Berries 30day
BBBE (Beef,Butter, Bacon, egg )challenge although not officially on it really set me back into control again. I dont really add butter but I try to stick to the basics beef bacon eggs. I think I like it cos it’s basically 1:1 fat protein ratio…

@Septimius wow i loved your post your right every time we mess around we don’t know the results I’ve seen that with changing things up with Dr C and if I go for a lean meal then have a fattier one the way my body seems to light up when I bite into a piece of fatty meat…kind of interesting to see the bodies responses…
I dont count calories unless it’s just to gage where I’m at…I do see it on alot of carnivore boards but those same ppl seem to be chasing a number on the scale above all else and I don’t want to live that.
@ Shanita I think you have to do what you can live with… like all of us if we push to hard in any direction and we not fully on board with it mentally then it’s probably not sustainable long term…When I first went carnivore I always thought I’d end up somewhere between keto and carnivore…but longer on plan and I realize I’m happy and content here eating meat I don’t need the extra junk…
Yesterday hubby took me out for breafast my meal was supposed to come with fried potatoes so I said no to those , it came with a giant muffin so I said ok to that and got both mine and my husband’s packaged up to take to my new neighbour who is prob mid to late 60s…just as a neighborly jesture…
But prob 30 mins after eating I had to make a dash for closest bathroom so something in the sauce on My meal didn’t sit well haha.
@KETOKOALA hope your feeling better

@FrankoBear didn’t see much from you so hope that means your resting up and doing better…

Well as you can see made it to Nebraska what a long trip with dogs /bird…its alot colder here than Florida esp mornings , then changes to hot afternoons and freezing nights…
Food wise iv tried to stay on plan but there was bound to be something off in sauces or oils cooked in one night I had heartburn from hell so not sure what set that off but pleased it was a one off thing.

Found some meat here I never see in florida it’s sirloin with all the fat cap

So I been eating this,and bacon…I’ll get back to lean meals I guess but I need to get settled in clean the house and paint cos,a smoker lived here …


Couple of bad days and went off plan. The psychology of health when one is unwell gains complexity. Feeling better today. Have regained environmental control by heading back to home in the countryside away from the toxicities of the city.

Scotch fillet and halloumi cheese cooked on the wood fire last night. So delicious.

(Michael) #93

Today was pork belly and liver (half eaten for picture)

Pork belly and heart

With some bacon and eggs to finish the day

(Vic) #94

Liver surrounded by love

(Karen) #95

Best wishes for the next chapter in your life and in your new home. Hope you settle in well. What an upheaval! I live in the same house, which was my first bought house since 1991. I moved around before that whilst in the Army so I can understand to some extent all that moving house business!

Loving your sirloin, I have to rummage through all the meat to find those special fatty ones and I find them too cos most people want the lean ones… haha their loss my gain ,


I wonder on this also. It is a strange issue. I find when off/sick/big stress I want to eat off plan easily but funny thing IT is the time we should hold a healthy plan the most…yet? I don’t know what psycho term for it is, lol? Self sabotage or some type of massive exhaustion of the brain to handle anything we should be doing at that time for us and to help us? I don’t know. Happy you are back on plan and doing great!

-------------------SO SIMPLE day today
NY Strip steak first meal.
dinner, not sure…have to defrost something, thinking a 1lb of pork tenderloin probably. Will be searching freezer in a little bit to get something out.

(Daisy) #97

Forgot to post yesterday. It was a busy day! We had to clean out my old car so they can total it, then I had all my other million Saturday things to do. After cleaning out the car, I had a very large breakfast of 2 New York strip, eggs and bone broth and assumed I probably wouldn’t be hungry again, but alas. I was. So I got out a pack steak from 2020 in my freezer! Air fried it and topped with roasted bone marrow and was delicious!
I have been sleeping so well the previous couple nights. Yesterday evening I had a flavored carbonated water and my sleep was complete garbage. I knew that water affects my blood sugar, but I’m trying to slowly go through what I have. But seeing how badly it affected my sleep, I may just get rid of all of them!
image image image image image image


Yeah, get it down the drain! I gave away a bunch of mine when I gave up, but the rest I poured away. It was a bit emotionally wrenching doing so but when it’s in the house, it’s a temptation you don’t need.

I read a great post the other day on another forum where someone was talking about eating through the junk in their house so they could start a diet without being tempted, and someone else said, “Why process it through your body for it to be trashed? Take out the middle man and dump it in the bin. It’s already been paid for - you’re not losing anything by chucking it, you’re just damaging your body.”

I thought that was quite a helpful sentiment. I know how tempting it is not to waste things, especially if you grew up with food scarcity - but if you’re experiencing a negative reaction, I find it’s best to get rid.

(Daisy) #99

Such a good point!!! I have such a problem with food waste!! But I’m making myself miserable in the process


yea dump it, I had to dump alot and it kills me when I ‘waste money’ back in the day, but darn, if the body is sayin’ no, just move forward and don’t give it another thought.

When my mouth went weirdo on tannins from drinking hot and cold tea I had all these darn tea bags I bought on sale, I asked my friend, ya want them and she is like we don’t do tea so into the landfill they went :slight_smile: and it irked me, but darn I sure knew I didn’t want to drink that stuff HA

forward forward all the way is key for growth in life! Don’t look back cause we know the way forward, focus forward all the time!