Are insects allowed on a carnivore diet? Or only meat?

Best quote of the day, anyone?
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Insects are part of the animalia kingdom, so I would think so.

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Happy Thanksgiving to those of us who celebrate it prime rib is the main course and picanha as first course with mushroomsauce.

I made hubby keto pecan pieces favso he is happy

(Robin) #305

Yum, can’t beat prime rib. Happy Thaksgiving!

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(Karen) #307

50 stair runs this morning and brunch at 1045hs. Think it was early because I was cold and when I’m cold I’m hungry. Heating doesn’t go on till 1st Dec so only a few more days to go. Temperature is dropping fast though! Feeling it more so as we have been blessed with such a mild November.

Brunch was 1 large beef burger and 3 rashers of bacon.

Dinner was rump steak and 4 rashers of bacon followed by cheese and some goats cheese and a bit of French cheese too lol.

Popped to my daughters later this afternoon, first car drive since my stroke on 12th Oct. Havent missed driving that much but think I will be glad I’m driving now the colder days are setting in.

(Robin) #308

It seems to me that you are doing remarkable for having had a stroke so recently.

(Karen) #309

Thank you I feel very fortunate xx


I am horrified; it’s bloody freezing! It’s literally been 0C here this morning.

Is the heating controlled elsewhere, or is it just a rule you have? I have to admit, I never follow date rules (our office is dictated by a date). I always set mine by temperature; if it’s cold enough to kick in, it’s cold enough for it to be on.


I second being amazed how well you have come thru all this :slight_smile: So happy you are doing so well K!

@Azi, prime rib, no one can ever go wrong iwth that, bet it was YUM!

yes insects are fine. just don’t eat anything covered in chocolate LOL

----------So here is my all you can eat crab legs. The sirloin steak on top was chewy, not a fan but those peel/eat shrimp were out of this world delish. Yes, I had a second plate of crab and shrimp. I did try a bite of the turkey they offered, not a fan, so bland ya know. People were eating like vultures, and I was one of them HAHA Wiping out the stuffing, the marshmellow yams, all the carb sides were just attacked. Not me. I was up and done getting my plates so fast not getting into that crowd of carb lovers LOL


raining now. rain guy said should move out by noon. Hope so :slight_smile:

Carnivore strong guys…our month is winding down, we holiday celebrators got thru a holiday in fine form and the ol’ Xmas season is coming at us.

(Edith) #312

Reminds me of when my daughters had concussions. The same thing would happen. I’m glad to hear you can notice improvement. That must be heartening, especially since it’s only been a month.


OMAD today. 400g mix of roast beef and roast lamb. 2 x drowoers soft biltong sausage. A bit too spicy. Driving to and from the city for meetings. Listening to low carb podcasts. 12 hours driving this week.

@Karen18 Specialist advice was to have a revisit in January. Take painkillers, if joints hurt. Do the complementary stuff (like keto), if I think it helps. Get another vaccine but have some cortisone on hand for any flare up for 0 to 14 days after. Even though I organised special (notifiable to the government) serology blood tests that show I have virus antibodies/ immunity. It did come down to matching symptoms to medications with a slight acknowledgment of lifestyle measures.

(Edith) #314

That’s pretty good. I really didn’t think doctors knew anything about oxalates.

Have they or you heard about other people having reactions to the vaccine similar to you? I hadn’t heard of that, but I am slightly conspiratorial in my thinking where the vaccines are concerned. I got it and I’m glad, because I didn’t want to be the vector of death for my elderly, decrepit parents, but I don’t think “they” are completely forthcoming with all the possible side effects.

(Karen) #315

@Septimius lol I am a bit of a rigid bugger when it comes to holding out… I managed to Dec 1st last year and it got colder sooner than this year. I know once I turn the heating on then it will be on till spring! I live alone so I have no one but myself to worry about being cold or being wrapped in layer upon layer with a hot water bottle and blanket and I am always warm in bed in fact I am still covers on covers off throughout the night lol. We may have snow tomorrow its been forecast.

@Fangs that plate of surf n turf looks so yummy, just my kind of food! Mmmmm. Delish!

Only one little stair run this morning as I decided to get my bath and sort out ready to go meet my work colleagues for a cuppa. I was quite anxious about it and felt out of my comfort zone but was picked up and taken there and it was really nice. Bit over whelming as they were all so concerned but I just about managed to keep my emotions under wraps.

Returned home on the bus and got a bit of fresh air which was good. The cafe was a bit noisy and my head was getting the gross!

Brunch about 1pm was beef burger and bacon and some cheese.

Daughter then picked me up and took me to hospital to get the 24hr tape fitted. Cant see me sleeping well with it on … the monitor is clipped to my pants lol.

Dinner was rump steak and cheddar.


As long as you’re ok! You’re hardier than I am.

I’m ok outside in a t-shirt and stuff for short periods of time, but working from home and being sat in the same place all day…it’s as if the cold seeps into the bricks. It’s more the damp, I think.

It’s dipped below zero here tonight, but it’s forecasting -10C over the weekend. Pop it on if it does the same where you are.


December: Merry Carnivorous

My latest GP doctor tried to talk about diet and aiming for some weight loss. Hooray! He thought of discussing dietary ideas for treatments. He is a young, skinny doc. He asked if I had heard about the 5:2 diet, and that it seemed to work. UK readers will probably know what it is, do the US?

@VirginiaEdie the rheumatologist said that polyarthritis and other immune reactions, like psoriasis, were something he has seen regularly in relation to the Pfizer COVID vaccine but it may be because of numbers of people getting vaccinated rather than direct causality. He has also treated people with polyarthritis following other historical vaccines. He recognises that the cases concentrate in numbers, and can seem “ common” in his practice, because he is a specialist- i.e. people seek him out when they get the reaction. In the lack of scientific papers directly related to COVID and polyarthritis his observations is that most patients with the correlation have concurrent chronic disease conditions like obesity or diabetes.

(Linda ) #318

Food looks great Fangs yum… today it’s left over prime rib and butter for both meals today. Keeping it simple… im going to try beef and butter up til Christmas see if I can tighten things up again and hopefully lose some weight…

(Daisy) #319

@FrankoBear I’m glad to hear you’re getting some answers and that they are acknowledging the link to the vaccine!! Hopefully you can see some improvements on the horizon.

@VirginiaEdie I completely agree with your astonishment of people adding sugar to everything! I went to my brothers house for thanksgiving yesterday and his partner decided to tell me AFTER DINNER (knowing FULL well how I eat) that she put a can of soda in her turkey…

Today I had 2.5 meals. Meal 1 was raw steak, 3 deviled eggs, and bone broth jello. Meal 2 was raw steak and 3 more deviled eggs. Then I was still hungry later and had the last 3 deviled eggs and the last of the jar of bone broth jello.

I did eat a little off plan yesterday at my brothers. I had my mom’s sweet potato soufflé and of course the turkey. Plus I had made a keto cookie (hazelnuts turned into hazelnut butter, pecans, unsweetened cocoa, coconut, vanilla, and Lily’s pumpkin spice chips). I ate a few of those.

In the past, I would have spiraled after eating those 2 things. Today, I feel a little hungrier than normal, and I will deal with breakouts for a few days, but I have no desire to eat every non-carnivore food in sight. This level of healing is completely amazing to me! Obviously I am returning to a strict carnivore diet immediately today, but I can’t even begin to express how amazing it is to not have that spiral going on inside my head!

image image image image

(Linda ) #320

5 :2 isn’t that 5 days normal eating two days restricted eating?. Much the same idea as with this psmf does ? Except that’s based on sad foods…

Maybe try Dr Berries BBBE (Beef, butter,bacon,egg,)challenge… but its actually any ruminant meats…

(Karen) #321

Yes its a controlled diet on 2/7 non consecutive days calories are restricted to about 800 or 25% of what your set calories are for the other 5. Goes against what we’ve learnt as carnivore but could be adapted I suppose. A bit like the fatty/lean days i would say.
Its a Dr Mosely.

@Septimius where in the big wide world are you? Our weather seems to be similar. 3° today rainy some snow amongst the rain, feeling like -3°. Nottingham, UK x got to think about dragging myself out of bed! Urgh!