(Edith) #282

Ha, ha! Love this!

(Daisy) #283

Ive been trying to avoid dairy, but last night I was really craving Buffalo chicken dip, so I pulled a bowl out of the freezer and enjoyed with pork rinds. It kept me up all night sick to my stomach!! Then for the last week I have been super craving a bacon cheeseburger. Finally made one this morning with a couple eggs. For lunch/dinner, I had 4 small ribeyes :joy::joy: I had 2, then a couple hours later was still very hungry, so I just made the other 2.
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(Karen) #284

Did very little yesterday. 20 Stair runs only. Pottered about doing not very much, glued a bluetit back on a small birdbath I bought as t arrived broken. Been meaning to glue it back on since I got it, won’t embarrass myself by saying how long ago that was. Sometimes I get into the I can’t be bothered zone!
One of my worse buys lol it looked so much better in the catalogue! Hey ho it has water in and is now looking very lonely, small and insignificant in the garden :laughing: was going to fix the guttering but didn’t… it was just so cold and my fingers were hurting from the cold over past few days and from all the stippling.

Yesterday I ate quite a bit.
Brunch was chicken n melted cheese
Dinner was large sirliin steak followed by some pork, cheese, chicken broth x 2 cups, more pork, more cheese!


I am off on vacation for 4 days to the beach. I am bringing laptop so I will check in when I can.

Everyone hold firm and carnivore thru the holiday time and eat up all that great meat/seafood, fish and fowl you want :slight_smile:

Chat up later and everyone have a great Tday if celebrating it!!!

(Karen) #286

Safe journey take care and have a great time x

(Daisy) #287

Have a great time @Fangs!!

Today I had a ribeye and some eggs for breakfast (and bone broth jello) and 2 ribeyes for lunch/dinner. The ribeyes were from last year’s cow, the eggs were from my backyard chickens and the bone broth was made by me from leftover bones that I’ve eaten off. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: days like today make me feel especially good about the way I eat!
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(Michael) #288

Finished the beef tongue for my first meal today. Second meal was the first prep which made me a bit queasy. Ended up tasting great though. Here we go, after clean

Second clean

After 75 minute pressure cook

Fried in butter and bacon fat and served with my safety net of bacon and eggs. Did not need safety net, was good enough to eat stand-alone

(Linda ) #289

Have a safe trip fangs…

went shopping today but we don’t have a sams club where we bought the house closest is 2 hours away so it made for a day outing took the dogs too so it was a day out for us,all…went to a BBQ restaurant should have gone to a steak house instead ordered a combo the best part was smoked sausage except it came drowned in sauce… scraped what I could off but obvious not enough cos within 15 20 mins I had a head ache…so when we got back home cooked up a steak and ate that…

(Karen) #290

@Azi AWW Linda that sounds awful…long way to go to get a headache! Hope the steak made it better.

I seem to be a day behind again.

Yesterday did 30 stair runs and then got myself ready to go to the doctors surgery for my booster jab. The lovely nurse asked me among other things had I recently had any other vaccines so I told her no but I had wanted the flu jab but heard they had run out of them… the other nurse at the computer turned to me and held up a vile and said last one do you want it ! Yes please! So I was jabbed in both arms… she said ooooo you won’t be able to lift your arms up tomorrow lol. Well to tell you the truth they are fine, slight bruiseed if I rub them!

Brunch was cheese omelette and 2 rashers bacon on the side, at the cafe with Raymond after my jabs about 1230pm.

Dinner, cold pork, cheese and more cheese and more pork and a cup of chicken stock.

My car finally got fitted with new battery and starts now yay, the auto guy turned up at 7.30pm to fit it! Well I suppose I wasn’t planning to go anywhere accept bed!

Very dark this morning, my daughter called me about half n hour ago just to say good morning and woke me up from a dream. It was nice to hear her voice but odd cos she doesn’t usually call first thing! Didnt bother me being woken it was 7.42am after all and she only woke me from a strange dream lol

No big plans for today, weather is on the turn from ultra mild for this time of year to cold wet snow sleet you name it by the weekend! My main task before all that arrived was the painting of the shed and extension and I have done that.
Better get out of bed and gets some steak out of freezer for today.


I wrote most of this yesterday but always forgot to bring the CF card from the camera upstairs…


BRILLIANT!!! Alvaro thinks so as well, of course I shared this, he is here anyway. The quick Covid test was negative, we are waiting for the result of the CPR test.

He totally lost his problems with meat on most days, he eats the pork shoulder roast together with me now. I cut off the visible fat from his pieces but it’s pork shoulders, not exactly lean anywhere! Of course he does high-fat all the time, he just loves lean meat and dislikes meat with visible fat, it’s so great we still can eat the same cuts!
He likes the gravy from a bag too but he needs a lot of it (well yeah, it’s gravy, it’s not used like chili sauce :D). While he is perfectly fine with zero (he uses raw and often fermented vegetables anyway). So we both think this gravy is interesting, very okay, we just don’t need it at all. But it was a small bag, it will run out in no time.
I only need some sauce for lean meats (I avoid them or feed them to Alvaro or maybe ground them and mix with eggs… so I rarely reach the “I need sauce” level), a fatty roast is perfectly fine alone.

I like my new oven, it makes so pretty sponge cakes. They didn’t deflate this time. And we have sunny days, yay!!! I love sunshine unless it’s summer but if the temperature is low enough and/or I am in a shadowy forest, summer sunshine is okay too. Winter sunshine is the best, we have lots of that here (not as much as I would like but I can’t complain, really ;)) and I start to feel it’s winter now.

I don’t track but I couldn’t go back to OMAD because when Alvaro is at home, I often end up eating lunch and an early one at that… If not with him, a bit later. Sigh. I so wish to wait until hunger, everything is better that way… Maybe tomorrow.

Alvaro had lunch at 10am today (pork again, we thought about people who can’t eat the same food twice in row)… Maybe I will join him at dinner unless his dinner will be too early for me to have my first (and hopefully only) meal.

Yesterday I ate many eggs again. I tried some new spread with the sponge cakes, it’s pork, liver, meat, fat tissue… The liver gives it so much flavor it barely contains spice so it’s extremely low-carb despite being a store-bought spread! It was okay but I prefer the salmon one :slight_smile:

I have a blurry, sorry, photo of something that is supposed to be the main part of an OMAD for me if I took fat-loss really seriously… Maybe the eggs don’t help enough but it’s a small plate. It sounds a too tiny meal to me even if I could add 2-3 slices of sausage and a spoonful of cream as well.
Oh but it doesn’t matter how something looks. I believe carni OMAD on most days is the best I could do so I will do that. Hopefully I will figure out what is the right amount of food for me. It would be nice to eat vaguely similarly every day. I still will have meatier and eggier days I am sure but the contrast was too much sometimes and it caused problems.


Thanks guys, made it here and it is wonderful. Ocean is fab but darn the colder weather irks me. Usually I pack bathing suit and boogie boards, but this time I packed coat and gloves LOL

food yesterday was 2 sausage/egg/cheese biscuits on the road. No biscuit obviously :slight_smile:

then dragged out for dinner by hubby. I just wanted burgers in the rv but he said he eats burgers all the time working on the road…yea I get it but come on HAHA…but restaurant was wonderful.

fried pork belly for appetizer. yum

then I got pan seared flounder with lump crab meat with bernaise sauce. I always say ALL sauces to the side and smart move I did. You know bernaise sauce is doable if ‘made regular’ but I never ever trust a restaurant ya know and glad I didn’t this time. Put in my fork for a taste of that stuff and the sweet hit me full speed. It was sugar loaded and there ain’t no sugar in bernaise sauce?? but this place of course jacked it up and it was disgusting. This stuff was super sweet so I kicked that little side tub of sauce to the curb and enjoyed my flounder and crab…and hubby got ribs :slight_smile: So I stole one of his but the BBQ sauce on it was semi sweet, I just rubbed it all off and ate up one big rib and it was delish.

So I fared ok at that place :wink: Made it out alive and full LOL

off to metal detect the beach in a bit. waiting for the sun to warm up the area first.

hold strong carnivores!

(Edith) #293

When I first switched to keto and became much more anal about added sugar, I was appalled at how many food items have added sugar just for the heck of it. Is it any wonder people around the world have problems with sugar addiction? Our taste buds have been taught to expect everything to have at least a little sweetness, no matter the food.

I used to buy frozen sweet potato fries because it was easier than having to peel and cut the potatoes myself. Turns out, most of them have added sugar. Why? Aren’t SWEET potatoes sweet enough on their own?

My kids used to love (and probably still do) Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets. ( It’s a fast food place that specializes in chicken.) I tasted them one time after going keto and was shocked at how much sugar was in the breading. I had not noticed before.

And will any of this change? Most likely no, because unless one goes keto and completely gives up sweet things, he or she is not going to realize how their taste buds have been hijacked.

(Karen) #294

Well I did get out of bed this morning and started the day with 50 stair runs. I have pottered during the day clearing out a few jazzy party dresses for ebay .

Brunch about 11am (slightly early for me) sauted chicken. Used up the last of the whole cooked chicken I had bought at weekend.

Dinner was finishing off the roast pork cooked on Sunday and also had a sirloin steak and 2 fried eggs. Got some burgers out but they haven’t defrosted as yet and I am not hungry enough for them anyway. I will eat them tomorrow.


(Edith) #295

Today I saw a bumper sticker that said, “Go Vegan.” I think it was telling me to eat a vegan.

Best quote of the day, anyone?
(Edith) #296

How are you feeling? Do you notice any healing?


Last night was steak, halloumi, and eggs after a sunset walk on the beach. Billie and I were the only ones there, except for a small pod of surfers out on the reef. It was beautiful. Mrs. Bear was teaching Yin yoga in Margaret River a bit further south.

No Food Until Noon is a habit. Days are sunny and starting to get warmer. Breaking fast with bacon and eggs. But today will be salmon and eggs. I was out and about mulching the food forest trees. The activity is good in the fresh air and sunshine but I am building back up to fuller activity capacities.

Driving to the city tonight for one meeting tomorrow. Cold baked beef ribs are on the menu. I’ll take our rainwater from down here to drink, as city tap water tastes foul. Then back to the countryside home tomorrow afternoon. The driving is risky for cravings and stress.

@VirginiaEdie Edith, I consulted a specialist rheumatologist about my recent polyarthritis (that is manageable while on keto carnivore). They do see oxalate dumping and diagnose it. They recognise ketogenic diet as a tool for lowering inflammation in joints. Their experience with the symptoms of oxalate dumping is that it is more akin to acute gout with joint swelling and reddening and very sharply painful and sensitive. He looked over my blood tests, did a physical examination and diagnosed an immune polyarthritis secondary to the vaccination. But he did say that the immune stimulation from the vaccination likely exacerbated an underlying condition rather than primarily caused the polyarthritis.

(Karen) #298

I feel positive and not noticing the wooziness as much, get groggy still especially if I hae to listen or focus too long on one thing. Thanks for asking xx

(Karen) #299

Were they able to give you any prognosis ? Or any coping strategies?


WOW FB now you got some path that gives you some answers.

Know that eating the way you are and keeping sugar out of your system is key to healing up faster and changing these reactions…don’t go back to any icky eating to make it all worse :slight_smile: you hold the ZC course and wish you the best for a faster healing thru all this!!

-------fast post guys

beach is great but a tad cold, ugh, but ok for metal detecting. alot of trash, no spanish gold just yet :wink:

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all those who do celebrate today.
for me it is all you can eat crab legs and sirloin steak. I will pic my plate, you all will be jealous maybe HAHA

leave Sat to come home and this tiny fast trip is going very fast, too fast :frowning: but enjoying the salt air and more.

I so wish I was FB with living just so close to the beach…ahh, one day, one day, :slight_smile:

Everyone enjoy the day and eat very well, I know I will be!!

Carnivore on strong!


@Fangs: The food sounds nice then :wink: Yeah, never trust restaurants. I don’t remember such things here, I always hated sugary sauces with meat with a passion but it’s not really a thing here. Except mayo. I always disliked mayo but if someone makes it with a ton of sugar, that’s the worst.
I looked up Bernaise sauce and it sounds nice (and it has no sugar)! I would skip most of the butter, of course just like when I made “mayo”. Pretty useless for me so never did it again but it was nice.
I can’t try it today as I already made some… Definitely not gravy but it was based on gravy recipes.

Companies apparenty can’t make dried pineapples without sugar either. The fruit is loaded with sugar and they dry it out so it will be super sugary. It has sugar and little water, it doesn’t need sugar to be sweet or having a long shelf-life… No idea what they add it… Scary.

Sweet potatoes are quite sweet, indeed. Too sweet for me now in bigger amounts (like a whole smaller one), of course :slight_smile: But it was a nice 1-2 years while I ate it occasionally (it became a common thing in Hungary not super long ago and I already did on/off keto back then)… Alvaro isn’t into it so we never eat it now.

I will make some photos soon, it’s 3pm and my satiation starts to deteriorate but I cooked my meal 1.5 hours ago. The main part of my first meal is very similar nowadays: scrambled eggs with some processed meat in it (prosciotto crudo yesterday, pig farm sausage today) and pork shoulder roast. I can’t imagine to get bored of it in the near future, it’s just perfect.

I am very determined to eat carnivore today. In the last days there were circumstances and Alvaro at home, tempting me (not actively just through eating). At least I always start with proper food and a lot of it. And I could test what happens if I eat the worst possible way I can. Nothing noticeable but it’s wasteful to massively overeat every day (I didn’t track but I obviously did that, I only not overeat when I barely eat from my own viewpoint) and my body surely isn’t the happiest but it says nothing (first. later it would scream bloody murder as it should but I couldn’t go that far if I wanted, probably). I think all the meat and my low-carb past balanced out things, I feel pretty good physically. Minus the stubborn backache.
(Sorry I still come here but it helps to mitigate the problems and remind me of what I should do. Compulsions hit hard lately and that’s bad. I want to be free and choose the most hedonistic route for me.)

I still have meat in the freezer but tomorrow we visit a town and do some shopping. Pork shoulders on sale again… Too fatty for my tiny energy need though longer term carnivore probably would help with that. Maybe not enough, I want much meat and many eggs nowadays… Oh well, my next month surely won’t be so great but afterwards things get loads better and easier. Of course I do whatever I can until then too, I just consider it impossible to stay on carnivore for long at a time. After Christmas it will drastically change.

Alvaro still don’t have any idea if he has Covid. It matters little, actually he will go to work on Monday as enough time passed. Oh but it matters, if he is positive, we won’t go to goose watching and shopping. I didn’t even think about much of the possibility… And then they will test me too, probably so I am rooting for it not to be the case. But it’s not a big deal, Alvaro says who had 2 different tests a few days ago, one is nothing, the other was worse but pretty much survivable even for me, it seems.