Yes, I’m back home. These were taken last night. I live 5 minutes inland from this coast. Mrs. Bear is asking me over and over about shopping as she is going down to the village for yoga this morning, “Steak, bacon and eggs? That’s all?” Yep.



Cripes, Now that is a garden make over Karen! I love the cut stone texture terrazzo.

They are just looking at delicious food pics. How do they know how you eat? Rhetoric. Their comment is a bit of a sad indictment of what maybe a lot of people think is non-weirdo eating. But using the word ‘weirdo’ is an indication of their curiosity, otherwise they might have said ‘abnormal’, or similar, to cast you out from the tribe. Weird means you are exotic and interesting. They add the ‘o’ in exclamation, “O, I wish I were weird too.”

(Robin) #264

Lovely lovely lovely. And that shopping list sounds familiar!

(Edith) #265

That looks beautiful! I love the stone used for the patio!


WOW WOW. I thought a smaller makeover than that K! It is wonderful! From jungle to new resort in your garden! That was alot of work and the final painting and more, very spiffy to say the least! I know that is a place you will enjoy so much now vs. a walk in that jungle :slight_smile:

You have got to be thrilled with that project and the worker guys did a wonderful job and that has to be worth every penny for such a great new back garden! Thanks for sharing those pics, you got great progression pictures!

Question…I swear in the floor of that nice tiled area, it looks like there is a trap door, like one of the big tiles has a hinge and handle? Am I just seeing things or is there some type of trap door there? OK, just curious about that HA

that was a mild comment, considering how nasty the internet can be LOL I do love your come back response, and hmmm, you like to hang out with us, and weirdos are your people…hmmm, we are weirdos too then, love it :slight_smile:

I tell ya, the judging and opinions of others is just too much out there, best advice, if you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all right? :slight_smile: and like their opinions matter at all? not HA

You do live in such a great place! I bet it really is hard to leave there for your work, that is the type of lifestyle one needs every minute of the day! Stunning area!!

------------I didn’t eat my Tbone from yesterday so will eat that today and finish up the pork ribs I made yesterday.

I did a big pack of ribs and have leftover. They filled me up good and then I added a tin of sardines and some salami later in the day but the country ribs were so darn good and held me fine.

So simple eating day, nothing much doing. Driving Mom home today after her visit. Omgosh I finally get another level of my stress, when mom gets up on her walker to go to the bathroom I fear a fall. I think every nerve in my body is on edge to the ultimate when she is on the move LOL Last night she went into her bedroom to ‘check her purse’ and who knows why? and I hear THUMP THUMP and fast I check the bathroom, no mom, ? and then think in the bedroom? open the door and there she is standing near the bed with her purse and I said WHAT was that? and she said she fell against the wall and hit her elbow and head and bounced back…never falling, just a fall into the wall and a bounce back. omg! Everything is fine when she is on the couch watching tv and all that LOL, when she goes mobile on that damn walker I freak out. ugh.

ok enough of that, have to deal mentally with it all. I said mom you can’t just stand, you must hold that walker at all times when up because your balance is going off and she says she will…yea right…and I chatted ‘very slowly and easy’ about a nursing home situation and said if you start falling etc you might have to go for assisted living and she said, yea maybe in a year or so? She said if she is lucky she can get the next 3 yrs in the house ok…whew I don’t know…going on 94 soon and that mobility issue is becoming a big one.

So close to Dec and this month ending.

Anyone got any festive fun Dec names for a new carnivore title? throw some out there guys, one will stick HA


@Karen18: Pretty transformation! I like pretty stone things (and order. I can’t make/keep it but I like it).
But I love that I have troublesome plants everywhere (maybe it’s not about ALL the zillion thorny ones… except my raspberries. they aren’t even very thorny… That’s what I thought until I grabbed one seriously and lived with zillion tiny itching thorns and bumps on my fingers for 1-2 weeks!) :smiley: I like green. The trees suddenly dropped most of their leaves (the huge linden tree partially above my terrace but it doesn’t matter, we have wind, it gets everywhere anyway, so that tree is a jerk so it made sure I only will have maybe 3 months without needing to sweep the terrace due to its activities. it always finds something to drop in big quantities, not it’s leaves obviously and they go into all crooks and crevices and my stairs all have their own bunches of linden leaves) so I am collecting most of them and then it will be better.

But not today, it’s super foggy and cold outside. Still no frost. Alvaro even finds some grapes to eat still… But it’s the middle of our last fruit season, actually, medlar. I like that fruit as it isn’t a danger to my keto. I wasn’t very much interested in it last year either, I just enjoy we have it. It’s so fun to pick fresh fruit in December, I am not sure it will happen this year.

I made pork shoulder roast as planned so I shouldn’t have any difficulties eating wise in the next days.
Photo comes later. Not like it’s interesting, just a bunch of roasted pork pieces again… It is a big amount so I had lots of liquid this time so I will have jelly ~

(Karen) #268

@Fangs well I did say it was a big job and yes the landscapers were brilliant and hard grafters. The hingey thingy lol is the drain cover. If you looked at 3rd and 5th photo you can see the drain cover in ist old state. The young lad who laid the patio spent a lot of time making sure the drain cover looked perfect and blended in. The two black handles at either end pop up if you need to remove the cover to service the drain. Clever eh?

Yes after 29 summers desperately trying to keep on top of the weeds brambles and ivy I can say it is now going to be a pleasure sitting out there. I used to hate even stepping outside the back, if I needed to get in the shed it was like an obstacle course trying to get to it!

The patio is indian sandstone rainbow sawn. The colour pops when it has just rained on it. The guys said I could have had it sealed wet look but I like to see both the soft muted colour when its dry and the popping bright colour when it wet. Best of both worlds. I have a beautiful big parasol to attach to the wall in spring, no point putting it up now that winter is about to descend upon us even though it has got a winter storage cover.

Tried out the lanterns today after fixing the hooks for them. These are the charity shop ones that i spray painted all the same colour. Taken them down now till spring to save the battery life. Really enjoying pottering and getting in with the tittivating jobs.

I can tell you @Fangs, parents can be such a worry. We had a stair lift put in for my mum but she broke it with her stick when she couldn’t operate it! Her stairs were so steep and we were sure she would fall down them. The final thing for us was when a friend popped in in the afternoon to see her and she was lying on the bedroom floor unable to get up… it was obvious she had been there since the morning!

@Shinita do you live in an apartment or house. I am guessing from your post that it is an apartment with a balcony? Trees are beautiful but yes the leaves falling can be a pain in the rear! Does it get berries on it too? And of course I bet you get plenty birds nesting which can have its downside with bird poop mess on your balcony too and dawn chorus in the summer.

Slept late this morning. I had a restless night and was a wake for an hour or so about 1am… though the fibit didn’t appear to record that, possibly because I stayed in bed . I had to play solitaire to get the flippin stupid TV advert tunes out if my head!!! Anyway I woke about 7am and when I realised it was Sunday and not Monday I decided to go back to sleep and boy did I go into a deep one … dreamt about my mum and my gran! Nice dreams x got up about 9.15am!!! Was going to just do 10 stair runs but 10 went to 20 then 30 then 40 and I stopped at 50 lol put 2 good sized pork should joints in oven, one for me and a larger one for Sian. Also put the carcass in pan for a stock drink.

Brunch was sauted chicken n melted cheese.

Sian arrived after they had finished cooking and we went for a brisk walk around the nature reserve. We just did the short loop as she had been for a walk early this morning and had then been to CrossFit before getting to me for our walk. I didn’t mind the shorter loop as there was quite a sharp cold wind. I was wrapped up warm though and although I would have liked a longer walk I think it may have been too late in the day for a longer one. I get a bit tired by mid afternoon.

Dinner was … yep pork roast and crackling :slightly_smiling_face:

And it was so good I had some more plus a bit of cheese.

Going to have a cup of chicken stock shortly before bed.


@Karen18: I live in a house “in the middle of nowhere”. I often talk about my plants even here. Why would my linden tee to be a problem if it was only a balcony? I lived in an apartman for 25 years and I hated it all the time. I NEED own trees and other plants!
I have a HUGE terrace, partially covered and a very big linden tree right to it. Bad, bad combination. I often complain about the tree but it’s a majestic tree and I like it :smiley:
I have a few pines, 2 silver birches, a few thujas, maybe 20 fruit trees and many more! My garden is little so there are trees everywhere, I couldn’t plant another one at this point. I even have a few outside of my property as most people here.
Some people have a little pine forest in their garden! Someone has a bamboo groove! :smiley: I like this place, very many times as many trees as people. I almost never see anyone.

I like birds, I feed them in winter :slight_smile: Mostly chickadees, sparrows and woodpeckers come but there are so many more kinds. Their song is never a problem and my 3 layered windows and door is good against bird noises anyway. Except if it’s a tawny owl, that could keep me from sleeping once for hours, I needed music to fall asleep!

I didn’t weigh everything and Alvaro ate from the meat too so I may or may not have eaten 720g pork shoulders today… It wasn’t my only item but it was the main one for sure… I hope I will eat little tomorrow :D. Zero would be best but we will see. I ate so much lately, it should be fine but my body has its own ideas about eating every day. But I will do my proper workout, at least, I was so lazy or weak last week. Alvaro will have a Covid test, he isn’t in top shape but nothing serious. He planned to go to the doctor for a flu vaccine on Monday, well it will be a test now (or something that results in a test elsewhere, last time it went like that).
I am fine and I wish to keep that. Not 100% well but it’s a foggy, cold almost-winter, I have my less than stellar moments, very minimal morning sore throat or a squeeze or two here and there. We will see.
We keep a warmer house now, I start to feel worse…

(Vic) #270

Steak, cheese and scallops for dinner

(Michael) #271

Back eating. Last night was lots of bacon wrapped kidneys and then for main course, bit of beef liver and then tongue, cheeks, eyeball, testicles and some thymus.

Had more of the same/leftovers for breakfast with cheese this morning. Just ate large lunch of salmon and Buffalo steaks. Planning on 3 meals today so will eat again later. Need to get my calories above normal for a few days to make up for fasting.

(Linda ) #272

Yesterday was a strange day started off with steak with bacon and had lamb hocks as 2nd meal…

Then my husband started with the I dont bake anymore its prob cos it’s the holiday season and last year he had keto deserts but here I am in nebraska and although I bought a few kitchen gadgets with me things like baking pans wasn’t included…so I decided if I was gonna make him something it have to be keto at the worst but closer to carnivore so I decided to make him a no bake pie…pie crust was ground pork rinds and butter…with a table spoon of skinny syrup flavour…filling was cream cheese sf cool whip, more syrup and ground lillies choc…yup I had a smallish slice it was super filling and not overly sweet luckily… so no stomach issues and no cravings…told my husband the rest is his I had my taste…so hopefully he is now happy least til Christmas…

So today my food has been steak and more steak.




Alvaro continues eating sugary sweets for every meal (not alone, with his own rice cakes). Why I was worried? I underestimated him. He does it in moderation, though, only as part of his final course. It’s still easy to eat, like, 5 kg candy in a month… It’s a tad scary though. Good we basically never buy candy, just get them as gifts, very rarely and never this much…

I am obviously very very satiated after yesterday, it feels very nice.
I will look at the pork very cautiously from now on as maybe we can’t go shopping for weeks due to Covid. We have plenty of food at home but way less for me if I don’t want to eat carby stuff. I don’t. But as I may need even more meat and eggs if I do (it’s not so simple but I definitely can’t live on carby things), that isn’t a good direction anyway.
But I have so much bodyfat, a few weeks shouldn’t be a problem ever. I will be careful using my modest supplies. Alvaro will start to panic in a few days if he can’t get raw veggies though but we have fermented stuff too. Oh well, someone surely can bring some to us. I can’t do that with meat as I must be there and see and decide. Eggs are easy too…
But I am rooting for it being not Covid :slight_smile: Alvaro feels almost okay and enjoys being home. He sees the positive side of having Covid: he can say he had it and his immune system gets a boost even without the 3rd vaccine. Our… head medical officer in English, maybe? She said everyone should get the third too. Until now it was adviced for more vulnerable people. Elderly, Alvaro with his lack of spleen… But now it’s for everyone. We reached 6 million for the 1st vaccine, it’s pretty much stuck there since long. But many people gets the 3rd and now there will be even more I suppose.
I for one want the Covid (okay, SARS-Cov-2) bounce back from my awesome immune system. That is the best.

I wrote, made it blurred than deleted a lot about Christmas. I am a wee bit torn as I usually make edible and partially decorated Christmas gifts. Some are low-carb, some are impossible to make it that way. I can decorate rocks too but maybe that’s not as good for everyone… Alvaro’s Mom may be okay with some pig farm sausage too and she is the one who gets 2 different low-carb treats and in these times we probably wouldn’t meet the little girl… We will see what I will do and bake. The last Christmases were somewhat stressful as I am not good at making things pretty. But I want to and I can do it with enough tries and effort. Maybe I left it to Alvaro, to figure out some tiny edible gift for his brother. The brother is good at tiny edible gifts, even the odd one (a bunch of cat food) was welcomed :smiley: I don’t know his tastes at all, we don’t see him once a year for 2 hours and he spends that time with his mother, mostly.

I am okay with my old no gifts policy (I am horrible at gifts so I spare the stress) but I made a tiny exception for Christmas, hence the edible gifts. But it’s a bit stressful and some of the gifts get farther and farther from my default woe and that matters.

It’s super easy to give me gifts (art stuff or some fun figurine, I am happy with a cheap but good pencil. if it has dinosaurs or some cute drawings on it, even better). Mom had a hard time to figure it out but one Christmas she gave me a notebook and a pen. That was the best gift she ever gave me, by far. I got my horrible gift sense from her, I think.

I like a peaceful, loving Christmas, that’s the most important. Stress and overeating is a very common horrible thing people do. Gift competition too. I never understood those but suffered from it (except the last one, fortunately). And not in a way that would be logical. I didn’t really overeat on Christmas I think. I typically lost all my appetite due to way too much unnecessary food (made with unnecessary stress). I was starving on my worst Christmas, in a house full with food but I was underfoot and shouldn’t enter the kitchen all day (all the kitchen work was very unnecessary, by the way as Mom went to somewhere else with oh so much and different food for 4 persons, only one with a big appetite)… I spent that Christmas alone, surrounded with a ton of food I didn’t want anymore. (But I probably ate some, of course. I rarely am in a state where I don’t want food for days.) I had an okay childhood, this was very unusual but I never could forget it. THIS is what one mustn’t do, among many others.


I went back and checked older pic and yea I see the drain now.
I think that was very clever and well done to cover that. Hey gotta have maintenance handled :slight_smile:

Your laterns looks fab.

You must now have the fanciest garden in your area! Really fine job on that Karen, I know you should enjoy that wonderful outside space for many years to come!

@Azi, yea those keto husbands! Sounds like you did good by him :slight_smile:

-----------Packing my RV. Leave tomorrow for a fast beach trip. Alot of meat is going with me as usual and my metal detector. Spanish gold here I come…I wish :star_struck: Only gone 4 days so I am covered well. Plus my all you can eat crab leg buffet. When I get that I will picture my plate for you all to drool over HA

today is big Tbone steak. Not sure on second meal, probably burgers.

Need some Dec. carnivore title names…someone throw out a few festive ones and we can grab one and get ready for Dec…our final month of the year…then we all got a NEW Carnivore year for us to do what we want and get results we desire :slight_smile:

(Edith) #276

Rudolph the Red-Meat Ruminant

Holly Jolly Meat Fest

Best quote of the day, anyone?


That is hysterical :slight_smile:

I love it!!!

Thanks VE, ya made me smile big on that one HAHA


This thread is inspiring. I don’t keep strictly carni myself but I do have lots of “meat meals.”


Cool! Heavy meat keto is a plan lifestyle many do well on.

eat up those good meats as it suits you for sure and if you are doing other stuff that works SO well for you but big meat heavy!..then we can christen you a ‘Ketovore’ which is a great thing if it is you :slight_smile:


Most meals I still add onions or mushrooms or something. Or, yesterday, serrano peppers sauteed with garlic.


well that is tiny and more of a condiment so that isn’t even eating off plan in a way IF IT suits you so more power to you.

omg any peppers sends me into heartburn land fast and garlic tastes so sweet I can’t stand it anymore and mushrooms, yes I can easily eat those very well, but now I say why eat a mushroom when I can eat a bigger steak without it HAHA

Sounds like you are doing just fine in my eyes :slight_smile: and hitting what is working well for you!! Best way forward, do you with great results and ya can’t go wrong!