(Karen) #241

Up early and 50 stair runs plus 6 kipping pull ups.

Straight on to the painting this morning and was out there till after 3! Got the apex painted and the contrast colour on the roof tile rendering on the apex. Had to borrow next doors tall ladder to reach it. I’m not very good with heights but I think all the rope climbing at CrossFit has got me used to being up in the rafters lol.

All is looking very lovely and definitely feeling accomplished.

So first meal of the day was 3.45pm , 2 good sized rump steaks and a smallish fillet beef, cut in to strip and cooked with the rumps. Followed that with a small amount of cold beef, prawns and cheese. That’s me done for the day.

(Robin) #242

All I want for Christmas is some of your get-up-and-go-gumption!

(Doug) #243

:clap: 50…

(Robin) #244

@Karen18… not sure what “kipping” is. But If I were to put a word between 6 and pull ups, it would begin with an F.

(Vic) #245

Gray northsea shrimps, crabmeat and tuna steak

(Vic) #246

Horse meat, red from female stone crabs, local shrimps and a good old chicken egg

(Daisy) #247

Today was a dumpster fire type of day. Everything was off schedule, lots of chaos ensued, but I still ate 2 lovely beefy meals. If I’m being completely honest with myself, I could have survived on just the one meal. But I still have that food fear. “If I don’t go ahead and eat at 4, then what if I get really hungry at 7 and I don’t eat that late!” So I went ahead and ate. I think I really messed myself over with all the lean stuff. I always take things one step too far. The lean itself was great, no issues. But then I took it to the extra step of psmf. I will go back to the lean stuff (maybe with @Fangs in her January challenge??) but I need to learn my boundaries. Anyway… Denver steak, liver, eggs, and bone broth jello for meal 1. Denver steak for meal 2.
image image image image image

(Robin) #248

Mouthwatering slices there, cooked to perfection.


You will be ok KD. I have no doubt on that :slight_smile:

good thing is you see it, you know changes went down and experimented with yourself and just eat and be ok with following your appetite and you will get that even keel again very soon.

One thing we really say that with carnivore on must change menu very very little and very very sparingly. When we push too much we can get off balance.

but hey in January I am doing a very low and slow challenge so yea, jump in and we can figure out our lean days but be extremely careful fitting them into our weeks.



Marking 15 college student end of semester projects per day is advised by my boss. It allows a bit of time to consider what the student has learned and where to guide them next. In each day also dealing with emails, meetings, mentoring two junior lecturers (that are way smarter than me), and enquires, while planning for the next semester after the looming summer break. Living in the future is incredibly unhealthy I think.

The way things worked out was I had 84 projects to mark in 2 days. By the end of 2 days, at the marks extraction deadline I still had 27 to mark. I knew I was heading for tough times back in August. So, I adjusted my teaching to give all the feedback needed during the weeks leading up to the students’ semester end assignment deadlines. Then I hit the wall with pain and inability to think clearly. That disrupted my marking schedule. But having worked hard, which may have created the crash that I could sense coming, I was able to intensely mark at about 30 student projects per day in 16 work hour days this past week. Me at a computer at a desk just breaks for meals and ablutions.

The nighttime cravings have been intense. Like demonic possession. It’s so important not to have any junk food where you live. I have been expending so much mental and thinking energy. Coffee consumption has gone up to 3 cups per day from 2. I have young peoples’ careers, and sometimes their lives, in my hands. These seemingly fragile kids take their own lives in nearby southeast Asian countries if they get poor grades, such is the familial pressure on them. I sense that perfection and achievement culture ill leaking in to our universities now as well. There is no place for failure anymore, no room for mistake making, when mistakes are a better teacher than I will ever be. Student debt, over expectations, students on poor diets unable to learn how to learn. And if they try to get healthy they go vegan because it’s cheaper. I have to do this properly. The admin deadline was two days ago. There’s a strata of middle management waiting in pot planted offices on campus thinking of new slogans and squeezing ‘efficiencies’ that don’t exist from their education commodity. 11 assignments to go. It’s the weekend. The threatening emails still arrive from people in suits that only see students on an income spreadsheet. But I am the only person that can do this work. Actually face the students and craft them an education of worth. I am their, the manager’s, bottleneck. I am the ferryman between them and their pre-summer holidays bonuses and KPIs. I’ve bruised them by being late.

There is this one student, for example, he is a he/they transgender student in their early 20s. They have a gay boyfriend and live in an attic apartment in a poor part of the city, literally down by the docks. They work in a cafe and attend university full-time. Their mother is a single mom who never finished high school and insists that their trans son is their daughter. Their final assignment was to create a short film that demonstrated the technical skills they had learned in creating visual effects and animation ( like you see on Netflix or at the movies). They also create a video essay explaining their process and learning discoveries. These students are second years. Most students submit a 2 minute film and a 5 minute video essay. Last night I went to a performance. It was at a different university. This example student’s younger sister was graduating as a music composer for animation, games and film ( think lock-down think how important these young creatives are). There was a live orchestra, conducted by a young lady, the sister who also had an electric guitar strapped across her back, accompanying a 26 minute animated film on a cinema size screen. This student, my student, was the producer for the animation. I sat there immersed in this achievement thinking this is what teaching is all about. That is one young person out of 60 or more I teach each semester as I watch them flow by into adulthood.

After I had an incredible hankering for Thai food. At lunch I had 5 fried eggs in ghee with re-fried meat from two baked beef ribs that were leftovers from dinner with mum the night before. That was 9 hours earlier. I drove home through the Friday night city, past uncountable restaurants and fast food joints. It was a film montage. I got home and cooked up a rump steak with some eggs and cheese. Then sat down and marked two more projects before midnight. My greasy fingers on the keyboard.

Staying on plan is keeping the joint pain down to a dull niggle and by eating some added fat in the form of ghee has been feeding my brain ketones. I can’t keep this pace up. But I can see the end to these required jobs and then I can get back to walking Billie the Labrador at the beach in the sunshine.

(Robin) #251

@FrankoBear I’ve read this four or five times. Each time a bit slower. I’m not able to live up to an adequate response, so I will just say I am incredibly moved by what you do, your determination to not short change these fragile young people in exchange for expedience and numbers. It’s a wonderful and terrible choice to be the bottleneck that probably saves more kids than you know.
It sounds as if it is taking a toll on you. But it also sounds like you don’t regret it and won’t change your pace until you are done. And done well.

Walking on the beach with Billie seems like a fine reward. Thanks for sharing this.




that was a tough post to read…so much work and stress and time limits. Put a damper in our day but in the end, you are helping people’s futures :slight_smile: but at what cost? I tell ya that work/reward type balance with home life and our physical health and more is a very tough balance :slight_smile: Enjoyed reading about your day.

--------------------today is Tbone steak and who knows what else if I want it. Eating is still kinda low, not much interest.

yesterday was a lb. of shrimp, small strip steak, can of tuna

shrimp were delish tho…actually hadn’t had some in a bit.

Carnivore on strong everyone, the month is coming to a close and heading into Dec and OMGOSH…a new ZC year is rolling at us! A new ZC year…wee…


Maybe Daisy’s food is very tempting, maybe I miss meat too much already but probably both :smiley:
A pound of veal for two is such a tease, we have that today. I got out the not as big as I remembered pork shoulders piece from the freezer. It’s fatty at least… 2800g. Maybe 6 pounds? Won’t calculate it. It should be enough for the next week proper meat wise, possibly along with the other, slightly bigger beef piece (neck. I have no idea what cut is the veal but it had pure fat parts and we didn’t cook that. I will do something with it later).
I stopped tracking again, why I must resume it always, it’s so annoying. I automatically go back to it all the time and I don’t want to. Maybe if I will have a stable carnivore OMAD… But it would b e great just eat similarly almost every day if I could do that. Or I may memorize how much chuck and eggs are fine for days with different meat:egg ratios… My meals seem to get simpler and simpler, very slowly.

So today I will have a veal stew using paprika from New Zealand :smiley: I am curious. I send @KetoKoala Hungarian paprika and she sent me this thing. It has an okay color and it’s not total powder like ours.
We wondered what we could possibly do with a single pound of veal… I only had 2 ideas, fried cubes or stew and the latter seemed the better idea. I possibly add sour cream to add volume and calories. Sour cream in stews is a Hungarian thing anyway though I usually see it with chicken.

Alvaro is a bit sick and he worked next to someone with Covid. We will see. Hungary finally got hit super hard with Covid, more than 0.1% of the population gets sick every day according to the numbers. Masks are mandatory in closed public places again. I am so glad I almost never go near people but that has many other benefits. Being physically asocial is quite nice for me. I enjoy not seeing anyone for several days - except Alvaro. I prefer trees and certain animals. But I am somewhat social online except I have no social media because I see zero point in that.

I will read back properly, I like that we have so many different topics in this thread. We are whole humans with many sides and roles and it’s not a thread with a very fixed topic so it makes perfect sense.

(Robin) #255

Hope this was taken today? Gosh, what I would do for a VIEW like that, let alone the ability to BE there.


FB is going into summer and great beach times…in Aussie land

for me I am going into darn winter and freezin’ my butt off at the beach now in the ‘south’ in the good ol’ USA LOL

seems so weird I am freezing chatting with someone who is surfing and enjoying the hot weather and I think, I want that HA


Yep it’s so odd for me to chat with @KetoKoala sometimes… We both are dying in summer (I won’t anymore with my AC though that’s not good enough, I still feel the hot weather and barely go out) but now it’s good weather for both of us :smiley: It’s a very warm November here, I always notice I can’t run as I am overdressed. I just can’t remember that I must go out in short sleeves if it’s around noon and there is sunshine and I want to run even a bit!
But winter is coming and it will be the perfect weather for little runs. I hope, at least.

We had NO FROST yet… It’s very, very unusual. We usually has it in the beginning of November, almost always… Very rarely a bit earlier or later but that’s it.
(Hungary had frost, my house and vegetable patch didn’t, on the hilltop. The other part of my property in the valley had it, barely. My most resilient tomato plants are still living and tomatoes immediately dies when frost comes so they are my frost indicators. And Alvaro who leaves for work at 5am.)

We ate the veal. It was surprising. It didn’t really resemble beef. More like pork and chicken and everything else :smiley: It was tender and quite nice, really flavorful, not just a weak beef like I tentatively assumed from hearsay.
So it was good but I could have bought 3 times as much pork shoulders on sale. No regrets, I needed the experience and it is different nutrients wise, it probably does good to me to eat some ruminant meat here and there.

I make sure to have meatier days from now on. Only 1-2 meatier days in a week, that didn’t end so well. I got bored of my precious eggs again. Oh well, I will regenerate while I consume my pork roast I suppose.
But seriously, I go for enough proper meat every day now and see what happens. If I can. Just because I try to do it, it doesn’t mean it happens, my brain works in interesting ways sometimes, under certain circumstances.

(Karen) #259

Thanks for the applaud … it was hard going from a daily 100 stair runs, Crossfit, dancing and when at work running around all day up and down stairs where I could easily notch up a further 50 flights of stairs and walk on average 24,000 steps on a shift to absolute zilch after the stroke last month … I am taking each day as it comes now and today there wasn’t time to stair run before my son in law was popping over to try and jump start my car. It didn’t matter, wow this is new lol we couldn’t jump start it , the battery is definitely dead as a dodo! Job for Monday is to organise a new one.

Had a lovely day with my daughter, we did some shopping and she had so.e errands to do then we had a bite to eat in the local cafe before heading home. No painting today but I am very pleased with what I have done this past week.

So brunch was about 2pm l, a cheese omelette, NO cheapo sausages, I had an extra side of bacon instead and that went down so much better.

Dinner was a bit of cheese, some cold beef slices and then some chicken wings. Needed something hot as the temp has dropped and I was feeling cold. I could feel the difference yesterday when I was painting, my fingers get painful when cold and I knew they would hurt today especially after all that stippling!

So a few before and after pics of the back. Getting there bit by bit and not be long before i start introducing some lush plants and trees. Still got some titivating to do before planting and putting out all bits and pieces I have collected and hoarded in the back room over the past few years!

First pic shows how badly overgrown my garden used to get and this was every flippin year and 2nd pic was when I spent 3 solid weeks during lockdown getting on top of it!


(Daisy) #260

@Karen18 beautiful!!!

Today has been a work day at home. I got up to feed the pig this morning and it was 20 degrees. The hose was frozen so I had to take 4 trips up with water for the animals. But it was a calm cold. No wind. A beautiful sun. Frost glimmering on every inch of the ground. No sound except for the animals reminding me they were ready for breakfast. I could have stayed out there for a long time.
But I came in and fixed a nice breakfast of bacon, sausage and soft scrambled eggs (and toast) for my family. They left 2 sausage links and the equivalent of maybe 1.5 eggs. I was annoyed. So that was my first breakfast along with some bacon. Obviously that wasn’t enough food, so I made 2 more eggs and some sausage, along with a bowl of bone broth jello. Then for lunch/dinner, I made a flat iron steak and some seafood medley in butter.

I got on Instagram this morning and someone had commented that I eat like a weirdo. I was not offended :joy: . image
image image image image

(Robin) #261

Hold on, whilst I pick my jaw off the ground. By photo # 3, I was thinking, “Whoa! I would love that cozy little garden spot.” Photo #5 with only dirt had me doing a triple take!!! Whaaat???
Then it just got ridiculously miraculous as they kept going! SO glad you documented the entire progress. That is truly amazing! And now I can picture you out there puttering about. So impressive, lady!