(Robin) #221

@Fangs, Ah, I am so sorry you are even dipping your toes into those waters. It’s an excruciating time of life for us daughters. Be kind to yourself. Enjoy the laughs when they come. You got this, too!

(Robin) #222

Yeah… chicken is great until it’s not.

(Robin) #223

I’m with you… starting to become accustomed to one big carni meal a day. Never would have imagined. Now, I get all excited about it! Look at that Pile O’ Meat!!! Yum!

(Linda ) #224

Went to the store last night to get sparkling water, of course anytime I’m near a store I have to check the meat department and they had lamb hocks and lamb breast I’d never heard of that before I guess its lamb ribs??

Anyway I bought some as well as lamb hocks and the had more picanha so grabbed another two as well.

When we bought this house the previous owner had installed one new window and had 8 others in the basement to be installed and that left the big lounge window still needing to be purchased …so we spoke to a builder who lives about 4 houses away and he arrived this morning to install the 8 windows that were in the basement…and we ordered the one for the living room which cost more to buy that than to install the 8 haha…oh well then the house will have all new windows… but 8 weeks to get it lol…

So food was late today didn’t eat til around noon and had to try the lamb breast really fatty but yummy but it’s now almost 4pm and I’m still stuffed so maybe a one meal day today…

(Daisy) #225

I way overate today. My hunger is just super rampant the last few weeks. For breakfast I ate 2 eggs, just over half of this giant raw steak and bone broth jello. For lunch/dinner, I really wasn’t feeling the rest of the raw steak. So i grabbed a t-bone out of the freezer and threw it in the air fryer for 11 minutes at 450. Then I ate the rest of the raw steak :joy:
image image image image image

(Michael) #226

I am certainly vested in my health and spending time learning, experimenting and searching for the right things to help.

I probably have called at least 30 places by phone and sent a few emails to find where to go. Now that I have knowledge of which places carry which items, it is not that bad. But yes, it took a while to find a good butcher that can get grass fed beef parts and more than just liver. I still have to go to a few places, so I tend to buy a few at a time once I get them. At this stage, they call me as often as I them, once something arrives that they have ordered for me.


NoFUN. :egg::egg::egg::egg::egg::bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon::coffee::coffee::coffee:

(Vic) #228


yesterday was tuna/mayo, a small cheeseburger patty, 5 slices salami

hunger is low. tummy is off a tad. Just getting thru the days.

I do have a steak for sometime today. Hope I want it :slight_smile:

All carnivore good. Month is winding down so everyone keep on ZC and rock out the month in fine form.

(Karen) #230

@VirginiaEdie I was put on 2 new meds during my hospital stay and after all the follow up appts they may alter my BP meds if my BP doesn’t come down lower.

Up nice and early and did 50 stair runs, no pull ups tho. Had a nice phone call from a work colleague and it was good to catch up.

Brunch bacon and eggs again.

Outside this afternoon to get on with the extension wall painting. Just got the apex to finish off as I couldn’t reach it on my ladder. Spent a good few hours doing it this afternoon.

Dinner was chicken n cheese and I have a sirloin steak defrost and will cook that shortly… determined to eat some beef to keep the energy levels up.

(Robin) #231

@Karen18 I often tell myself, “All you can do is all you can do.” And this certainly applies to you right now. You have a big cheering section here and we’re rooting for you. Keep at it. You got this.

(Vic) #232

(Robin) #233

@Carnivoor Mystery bowls! No clue what’s in them.

(Linda ) #234

My hunger came back last night at 9.30 so ate the left over lamb didn’t go to bed til after 1 so had plenty time for it to settle…but that made for even later first meal today it was after one before I ate my steak but the weather turned colder last night down in the 20s … so I hoping today I ate enough to last me we will see…I cooked up 1.6lbs of rib eye and ate it…


Ahhh, it’s so good! They seem to have stopped doing it at my local grocery store, but I always enjoyed it.


I really did a honest attempt at EF… I lasted 26 hours, oh well :slight_smile: I am not displeased. I had my OMAD just before 10pm, 6 eggs (my scrambled eggs phase continues :D), tiny leftover fried pork shoulders, tiny leftover fried chicken liver (I only ate fried stuff today, it seems), some pig farm sausage with my eggs and a coffee with a tiny low-fat cream (as I have that in tiny amounts, cream for coffee in tiny boxes, they are all 8-10% fat here but the fat part isn’t important in my coffee). It was so, so nice.
I am not very satiated but fine enough.

Hopefully tomorrow will be okay without proper meat as well, I don’t want to make a big roast right before the weekend veal dish. I checked, half a kilo only, so tiny! We eat it on Saturday and I make my big roast on Sunday. I don’t know how to make sure to have proper meat every day… I will put some of my roast into the freezer in smallish boxes, that’s sure. Maybe I shouldn’t worry about right times for my big roasts, it lasts for long and I have a freezer… But after my fried pork and on my potential longer fast it didn’t seem the best idea. I prefer having a meaty day using my fresh roast after my lowish-meat days. It’s logical that way. My optimization isn’t so pleasant all the time but I can’t turn it off. At least I start to learn that I can’t function without much normal meat for long. Just because I have various processed meat items and spreads and maybe fish and/or liver too along with some meat soup… It’s not necessarily enough. I start to get bored with processed meat anyway. I am only fine because I do OMAD and adore eggs now. I need breaks from pork but just for a day (or more if I have ruminant meat like now :)).

But I decided Sunday is a perfect day for a big roast and a mostly meaty OMAD. It would help a lot with doing OMAD on Sunday… Pork or ruminant meat is the best at long term satiation for me and it’s not hard to eat a lot of it :wink:
A really big roast if I want it to last until Thursday, I can manage the 2 other days and it’s a perfect sized break.

Sorry, just thinking too much here. Writing always helped me to think but I just don’t write all by myself.

It’s sooo good I don’t need to blur out food items here. I am a lot in the fasting threads nowadays.

(Daisy) #237

Beautiful simple beefy day. Breakfast was eggs and sirloin and bone broth jello. Lunch:dinner was the rest of the sirloin. image image image image

(Linda ) #238

That looks so good how is your hunger doing? I’ve found going fatty helps me reset then i can back off a bit on fat go sirloin or a roast beef but I can’t go to real lean for too many meals or it puts me into binge like eating I cant do chicken as a meal but I’ll have to try it as a,side… its an awful sensation,I never had a binging issue til I started this low fat cycling…I noticed on One of Dr Cywes videos others are experiencing similar situations not sure what the answer is other than if it starts to turn to a higher fat meal…
But I thought I’d check in to see how your doing…

(Daisy) #239

It seems to be settling down a little. I think a lot of it is more mental than physical and I still really need to learn to distinguish them better!!! I haven’t eaten lean really since the middle of September when I got covid. But it’s still not normal. I’ll get there!!! Thank you so much for asking! :purple_heart:


yea I experience this. I also know I got only up to 3 days tops before I must hit fatty dense meat meal too before I go ape :slight_smile: This is what we learn about ourselves and it is a good thing to know. I naturally fell into light leaner eating days just thru this lifestyle but like you, it is an easy fix and we should eat when we get that twinge before we truly feel it coming on strong. I don’t think there is an answer as it being bad or has to be fixed, I see it as a very natural progression for each of us…but when we ‘force leaner days’ on demand because we might want to try to lose some lbs. and want to experiment on us a bit, then we could be putting ourselves up into a bad zone. Key to any changes on Carni is slow and easy!

------------so today will be tuna and burgers, maybe some pork.

had a nice 12 oz NY Strip yesterday. then some salami later.

food isn’t a focus right now, which I always do like :slight_smile: but it is more thru stressful days taking away my appetite so when I deal with some stuff in the ol’ noggin…I bet I have a very big eating day coming at me :wink: